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  1. Mictur

    (MOC) Popcorn Wagon

    Hi! I would like to present to you my small MOC of the Popcorn Wagon inspired by early 1900s steam powered machines :) The project is now gathering support in Bricklink Designer Program 5. Please consider visiting the project's page for the detailed description and some more photos: bricklink.com Thank you!
  2. I have converted my 21328 Seinfeld set into 'Parisian Bakery'. No additional parts used. Modular construction with fully equipped bakery on the ground floor and small apartment located on the first floor and in the attic. Ground level features a bakery with counter, cash register, small table, opening oven, baguette rack and some treats. On the first floor one can find a living room with a cozy fireplace, an armchair, computer workstation and a ladder to get to the attic. The attic features a table lamp, chest of drawers and a comfortable bed. Hope you enjoy! More info on the project page: rebrickable.com
  3. Mictur

    [MOC] Honolulu architecture skyline

    Thank you all so much! Take care!
  4. Mictur

    [MOC] Modular VW Camper Van

    Haha thank you! :)
  5. Mictur

    [MOC] Honolulu architecture skyline

    Great to hear that! :) Thank you and take care!
  6. Mictur

    [MOC] Modular VW Camper Van

    Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)
  7. Mictur

    [MOC] Honolulu architecture skyline

    Thanks a lot to both of you for your kind words! :)
  8. Hi! I have built the Honolulu architecture style skyline :) Hope you enjoy it. More info and photos on the project page: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-105839/Mictur Photo credit: 7maru / Shutterstock.com
  9. Mictur

    [MOC] Modular VW Camper Van

    Hi! I have converted my old 10220 VW Camper Van into a modular building :) Gym on the ground floor and apartment on the first floor and in the attic. More info on the project page: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-129337/Mictur