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  1. I wish I had had that agreement back then. But after collecting Technic flagships and Model Team sets I stared at videos about 7740 and 4558 on youtube for hours and rationalism was gone...
  2. 21: 10 26: 6 41: 4 16: 3 23: 2 1: 1
  3. Arocs is dream set in every way, bravo LEGO! Crawler crane is pretty awesome as well with 4 motorized functions and blue colour. Epic.
  4. Updated collection with 42030 Volvo :
  5. I would like to see the pics as well. I think somebody will leak these in days, as usual. It will be long before we see good quality pics from Nuremberg toy fair (Jan 28 - Feb 2, 2015). If all the romours true - especially about longer pneumatic cylinders and suspension - Mercedes will be an epic set.
  6. Interceptor

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got 42030 and quite like it although a flashing caution light on the top would make it much cooler.
  7. Do we know anything about the price for the crawler crane? I hope it will be bigger and more complex than 8288 and will come in rare colour. Something like this:
  8. Hope for a concrete mixer version. But most likely it will be a dumper or a crane truck.
  9. Interceptor

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I'm more into Technic and Model Team but my train sets are: 7740 Intercity Passenger Train 4558 Metroliner + 4547 Club Car 4564 Fright Rail Runner 4551 Crocodile Engine 2126 Train Cars 10194 Emerald Night 10219 Maersk Train 10233 Horizon Express
  10. Interceptor

    Favorite Technic Sets

    It would be very hard to pick just 5 sets from my collection but here is my list: 8868 8455 8480 8421 8880
  11. Interceptor

    What to do when an Era ends?

    I've jumped into Train theme 3 years ago and collected my favourite trains from 12v, 9v and PF era (7740, 4558, 4564, 4551, 2126, Emerald, Maersk, Horizon). My experience is that it makes sense to stock up out of production train tracks and main electric parts if you want your trains running on their original tracks. I use 12v tracks for 12v trains and 9v train tracks for all my other trains on a separate circle. And old train tracks and old train motors (12v, 9v) are getting more and more expensive on the second hand market. On the other hand I don't think TLC will change PF system in the near future so if you like PF stuff in my opinion there is no need to begin stocking parts up now because these will be available for a long time on moderate prices.
  12. Only 42030 and do not plan to buy more as I collect only the (good) flagships.
  13. Thanks for the additional information PhyBuilder. I also getting really excited about 42038 and 42039 which are for older aged kids. 42039 could be something like McLaren GTR from the 90s, what do you think? Maybe in rare colour like orange or yellow-green? Artic tracked vehicle also sounds really promising as a mid ranged set and this is where I can think of pneumatics... I hope first photos will leak in the near future...
  14. @Richie: good question I thought about the Diesel Multiple Unit German TEE from the 60s.
  15. Hello guys, I'm big fan of LEGO trains and have collected some pieces (7740, 4558, 4551, 4564, Emerald, Maersk, Horizon) during the past few years and eager to see what LEGO brings out in 2015. My preference list is: Mallard The General Crocodile TEE Thatcher Perkins Bullet Train Deltic Rocket
  16. Interceptor

    Model Team Definition

    I also disagree. See my previous post here. Model Team had basically two scales. The serie is definitely intended to be played with (many openable and movable parts beside steering). And Creator is not equal to Model Team.
  17. Interceptor

    1977-1989: Favorite medium-large set

    8860 - remember it from my childhood and the first classic set I purchased in mint condition in 2006 after dark ages, still my second favourite "supercar" behind legendary 8880 8862 - I always wanted it next to my 8868 but only got it several yars later, paradise of functions and new pneumatic system, a true classic 8854 - IMO was the best mobile crane until 8421 has come
  18. Technic flagships, Model Team, Train and (classic) Town.
  19. Interceptor

    Model Team Definition

    Thank you Jim. But regarding the functions: beside the steering there are usually many openable parts on MT models: doors, trunk (5541) hood (5571, 5580, 5591) motorcover (5540, 5542, 5581) adjustable engines (5521, 5581) and I could play with 5591 jet carrier for hours considering the functions packed in the trailer to launch the small jet. Adjustable windscreen wipers, rearview mirrors, moon roofs. Turnable steering wheels (sometimes direct connection to rack and pinion steering). Even Technic Unimog from 2011 lacks some of these...but of course that one has other great functions. Adjustable rear wing on 5561. Suspension imitation on 5580. But thats just perhaps my enthusiasm. My LEGO passion started with 5580 and MT has a special place in my collection. MT and Creator are different lines with different purposes and Creator is not equal to MT by many aspects. Fortunately, because that is why I have no intention to expand my MT collection.
  20. Interceptor

    Model Team Definition

    Very well said Allanp. For me Model Team is superior to the Creator line (not Creator Expert subline) because of lifelike feeling, very high detail and expensive and rare parts (chrome elements) therefore MT has more collectible value. Model Team had basically two scales for vehicles and sets are shown well together (see my collection picture http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=6107518) while Creator line has many scales and different building technic standards. T1 and Mini Cooper from Creator Expert come close to what Model Team was about in the golden age but these sets lack the steering and therefore have major fault IMO (not playable ones).
  21. Interceptor

    41999 problem

    My 8043 motorized excavator had faulty BB right out of the box and I was so angry that my 2.0 edition expensive excavator didn't work well. First I thought that problem came from M motors and I rebuilt it several times but nothing changed. Finally I tried BB change and that was it. LEGO customer service sent me a new one and now everyting is fine. LEGO has one of the best customer services. And PF BB is one of LEGOs worst products according to the feedbacks.
  22. Thank you for the information. I've just ordered mine from the same shop.
  23. Updated collection:
  24. Interceptor

    Is there a better set than 8880?

    Well spoken
  25. Interceptor

    Technic 2H2014 Reviews

    Outstanding video review Sariel (even with minor mistake regarding 8110). I enjoyed every moment of it, thank you.