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  1. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Technically that locket isn't a horcrux... I think I'd rather see them as sets than books, at 20 EUR instead of 30, at least the Room of Hidden things in flames, and the Gringotts vault. CoS I'd like a real set at some point. IIRC, Smyth's had had the nanoscale castle for around 300 EUR instead of 400 at one point, but then the virus hit, demand soared, many places were sold out and everyone jacked the prices up. HP things are still selling like hot cakes, so I can't imagine they'll drop the DA set's price anytime soon. And suddenly I find myself wanting one... Bet this would be a good use of the sleeping Ron face from the second task... I think if we get a tent, it will be the Weasley tent from the Forest of Dean and the Quidditch World Championship. (Not really sure how I feel about that, as the lego tents have never been my jam.) For Bill's & Fleur's wedding, except for Kingsley's patronus, I can't really think of any elements (besides a tent) to include. It's mostly just minifigures, so to me that would make more sense to cover it in a CMF set. (Hermione's dress. Finally getting a Bill fig. Affordable adult Fred and George figs...) I have been eagerly awaiting a Polyjuice / Slytherin / COS based AC. Using last year's as a model, give us a green couch, a fireplace and support panels in grey bricks, a couch table, perhaps a chair or a second couch so we can seat the three characters in the scene, a buildable Slytherin crest thing to hang over the fireplace (like in the Moments set), floating cupcakes (on clear poles) to drug Crabbe and Goyle, a cauldron over a fire, and several phials / flasks of polyjuice to quaff, and the six figs are Harry, Ron, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and for Christmas Hermione with extra cat head. So three recycled, and three new ones, which seems in keeping with what they've done so far. @Bugbot20082 Love the idea of including some elements from HBP in a Slug Club AC. Memory cabinet and Pensieve, a decent Snape (please not with the god awful purple vest; go back to the 2010 4842 version if nothing else). From the SC Christmas party, the only missing characters I can come up with are Draco in his black suit, Cormac, Sanguini, Gwenyth Jones, and possibly the Carrow twins... but with the exception of a decent Snape and alternative Draco, I don't really need to see any of those. So I was thinking it might make more sense to give us the set in some years time, when the AT is no longer available, to allow people to close gaps in their collections. The line up might be more appealing then.
  2. Wow, this came out so well. Fantastic job! And I really like what you did by way of landscaping. The flowers are lovely.
  3. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Curious, what do you end up using stickers for then mostly? (Unless it were a printed brick, the "Potassa Carbonate" seems doomed to have been a sticker, and a plain arch, even if a physical brick, still isn't going to give it the same feel for me. But yes, in a perfect world, a printed archway would have been very special.) Oh, I'm also going to put the uniforms with crests to use as Prefect's uniforms. I think that's a nice way to add some variety so the students don't all look the same. So maybe not completely useless? I think it's a reasonable fanwank, as we know they had badges of some sort.
  4. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I agree with you and @YetiZombie that the new Snape minifig is a disappointment. Have to disagree about the Potions and supplies stickers though, because I thought it really captured the movie set design. (Not the stuff on the book portion of the stickers, but the bit that makes up the classroom itself.) That and the re-interpretation of the Charms walls to include spells instead of student names are my two favourite stickers. Does anyone know if the Hufflepuff set even includes a Hufflepuff flag? The Gryffindors get custom crest tiles, the Slytherins and Ravenclaws at least get stickers with the House banners inside the books, but I couldn't see one at all in the Herbology set.
  5. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I know @Surge said there was only one set, and I'm on back order and can't speak to what's actually in the set (for aaaaages), but the advertising for the set clearly shows Neville and Cedric with the headphones cum earmuffs around both of the minifigs' necks, both on the box and in the interior shot. If there was only one set, perhaps they muffed it?
  6. krimimimi

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4750 and 4751 - Modern Remakes

    It's a definite improvement over the original, and I like what you did to improve the tree. How do they stack up in terms of the number of pieces vs. the original designs? I tried to look up other options for your flower piece on the lock, but I can't see what you chose that would need replacing?
  7. krimimimi

    Brickheadz Moaning Myrtle (of Harry Potter)

    Oh hey! I really like her! This really captures the character, and Myrtle is such fun anyway. (And rather neatly, a good deal more relevant to the stories than one might think at first glance, certainly when contrasted with Peeves.) Your inclusion of the toilet made me chuckle, but it was clearly a must, and the clear bricks at the bottom are very effective at conveying her ghostly status. Thanks for sharing your MOC.
  8. krimimimi

    Harry Potter | Memories of Home | LEGO Ideas contest entry

    This was really special! The sense of perspective is beautifully captured. Thank you for sharing it, you can just see how much thought you put into it. While I tend to be a bit of a purist, I thoroughly enjoy watching the decision making process that goes into your "artistic license". (And it *is* artistic.) I like the choice to shift Hagrid's hut closer to the foreground. If any part of the castle has the emotional resonance of "home" it must be where Hagrid is. (I know Sirius is the godfather, but in every way that counts, Hagrid was the unsung family member a godfather should have been.) The frog as the dragon's head made me chuckle, and I *loved* the squid tentacles sticking up from the lake. If the muse ever visits, I'd love to see your take on the winged boar at the gates.
  9. krimimimi

    [MOC] Harry Potter - Journey to Hogwarts

    Have to agree, the perspective on the third panel is very nicely done, and I love how you captured / recreated the font. Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
  10. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    A bunch of you have mentioned only ordering three of the Moments classrooms, because it was enough to meet the GWP threshold. (I ordered all four, because I couldn't bring myself to skip one.) But I'm curious, if you skip / postponed the purchase of a set, which of the four was less of a "gotta have" for you and why? (For example, I was disappointed the Herbology set included no Hufflepuff uniforms and yet another Cedric.)
  11. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have you seen this buildable version of Aunt Marge on Rebrickable? I thought it was very nicely done.
  12. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Narcissa, (Wedding) Bill, Pomfrey, Rita Skeeter (although I can't honestly say I associate her with DH so much, but she's sorely missed), Xenophilius, Kreacher, Scabior, Percy, Tonks, Scrimgeour, Neville, and Bathilda Bagshot, probably in that order.
  13. krimimimi

    The EB Glossary

    Not sure if you're still updating this, but I encountered two that weren't on the list. BAM and HY. @Guyon2002 was so kind as to define them:
  14. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    You're a champ. Thanks, @Guyon2002 (I'm very rarely at a lego store, so I don't often see that.)
  15. krimimimi

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Cheers. Agreed, the current Krum face is a head scratcher. No idea why it was chosen, doesn't look like him at all. I preferred the 2005 version. I'm going to feel stupid for asking just as soon as this gets answered, but what's BAM stand for again? I know it refers to the collectible minifig series, but couldn't work out the abbreviation, and it wasn't in the glossary. Ditto 1HY? TIA. Also does everyone looking at the pix of leaks just have an IG account, or is one of the IG viewers working again? Picuki and gramho both have issues lately. (sorry for the OT)