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  1. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Good evening, friends! Hope you have been well. Just wanted to share my latest adventures in LDD. I was able to import the following four hairpieces into LDD this week. I used my Hermione minifig to model the wigs. Other than that, she is complete! Please feel free to check out the photos at your leisure.
  2. Jason C. Hand

    Library of digital models

    Good morning, friend. Yeah, that might be cool, since the old LDD Gallery where we could upload models shut down a good while ago. I spoke ahead of myself there. There's Bricksafe! I've seen folks upload models on that website, and I do from time to time.
  3. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Hello, any new updates coming soon?
  4. Jason C. Hand

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    Kewl :)
  5. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Think I was able to fix the hang-ups from before. Thanks again.
  6. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Friend, I'm beginning to believe that several parts were not installed correctly, because every time I open and scroll down the Wheels/Tyre section or the Minifigure Heads section, LDD crashes and closes. I also uninstalled and re-installed LDD, making a backup of the Primitives folder. Silly thing still crashed and closed. Not sure what is going on at this point, please forgive if this post is redundant. Think I fixed it now :)
  7. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Good evening, gang. I went ahead and installed the latest LDD update. Program keeps crashing after splash screen appears for a few seconds. Any suggestions?
  8. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Hello all. I present to you a couple of proof-of-concept photos of a "mashup" for No. 37697 (Hair Mid-Length Wavy with Bangs). Rigged it together in Blender earlier today, using parts 17346 (Hair Long Straight with Bangs) and 34316 (Hair Long, Parted in Front). It's still raw, basically not prepared for primetime use, and I'm still just beginning to get the hang of Blender, so I will upload it to my Bricksafe for anyone who would like to take a closer look. Take care.
  9. Never mind, got it to work now. Sorry for the mix-up. @andardbricks, please use this link. This should get ImportLDD to work: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sttng/ImportLDD/main/importldd.py. Hope this helps, friend.
  10. Hello @M2m, I have run into some new trouble with the ImportLDD plugin for Blender. Screencap below for some elucidation: https://flic.kr/p/2nsxrZE I am using Blender 2.93.7. Any suggestions??
  11. Jason C. Hand

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Oh, cool. Alright, thanks!