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  1. 36572c01: Minifig Utensil, Wand 36762: Thick Messy Hair bb866pb01: Torso Large, Long Coat with Molded Pockets, Broad Lapels, Red Shirt, Reddish Brown Vest, Black Belt with Silver Buckle Pattern 37697: Minifig, Hair Mid-Length and Wavy with Bangs 36806: Minifig, Hair Long, Parted in Center
  2. I was never much into Stud.io myself..lagged my laptop to a crawl while opened. Which is bit of a shame, considering the update from earlier this year. There's some new hair parts from the new Harry Potter sets I'd like to see added, as well as Friends figure body parts to complete the parts already in the program.
  3. Jason C. Hand

    LDD POV-RAY missing parts

    Just curious: Were you able to render any of the newer pieces WITH LDD2POVRAY?
  4. Jason C. Hand

    LDD MOC - Philadelphia Museum of Art [WIP]

    Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Here is an update, with a "Rocky Statue" built on the side.
  5. I am trying to build the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a mini/micro scale this time around. I have two photos below: Any comments or suggestions are welcome. This is going towards a potential Architecture idea. Work in progress.
  6. I've been using LDD since 2012; as such, it's a good place to start exploring digital building. I also used stud.io for a little bit, but it ran very slowly on my current laptop (and probably tore through available RAM, too). But from what I understand, stud.io has a much better assortment of bricks and decals than LDD.
  7. Jason C. Hand

    [Software] LDD2PovRay

    Is LDD2PovRay getting updated soon?
  8. Jason C. Hand

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    About...freakin...time!!! I'll have to check this badboy out when I get in from work!
  9. I really, really hope not. Yep. The bad boy needs some new stuff stat!
  10. LDD has always been quite easy to get into and build stuff with. Stud.io, however, has some promise. To me personally, it operates just a little like the Mecabricks site. Only thing is that it is a slow beast, and "power-hungry," as SylvainLS pointed out. If there were a less demanding version of Stud.io out there right now, I'd happily use it in tandem with LDD.
  11. Jason C. Hand

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    @roland Oh ok, thank you again!
  12. Jason C. Hand

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Oh, ok. Thanks again.
  13. Jason C. Hand

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    Ok, thanks. I asked because I have a number of LDD .lxf files that I wanna try & translate to this as well.
  14. Jason C. Hand

    [Software] LDCad - LDraw cad

    I'm gonna try out this software this weekend. Just curious, though: Can any models built with LDCad be made POV-Ray compatible?