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  1. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    Oh look, I still get notifications for EB...sometimes. Huh. *she, her, she. Honestly, if there was a rule that "second characters" couldn't get free/cheap stuff from the player's first character I'm not sure I would have bothered making a second character. (Not that it worked out anyway, but eh.) Frankly if Brickdoctor hadn't made such an engaging first two Quests for Arthur that basically ended up powerleveling him to Sorcerer, I'm not sure I would have stayed engaged enough to stick around to play the later stages of the game, especially if the Ether nerf on Magic Burst had been in place then like it is now. One of the few weaknesses of the Heroica system, in retrospect, is that without complicated artifacts that cause headaches for QMs, there's not a whole lot of options available for new players to choose from; it's basically a game of "choose the target least likely to kill me and then wait for the QM to roll", especially for non-magical classes that don't have a wide selection of gems and scrolls to play with tactically. I think if Heroica gets a sequel, a bit more emphasis could be placed on the non-magical weapon types, perhaps even going so far as to emulate Fire Emblem and include a weapon triangle or some other system by which martial classes get tactical options on par with Scroll-users. (Alternatively, some sort of change to the experience system such that KO'd Heroes get *something* after the fight ends might encourage more risky play, as opposed to the tank meta that the current system has devolved into, which would also help to liven up battles. Heck, you could even do both, since both ideas are compatible.)
  2. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    ...where was this back when I was trying to host Quests??? So yeah, if Heroica ever gets a successor, try making sets in chunks like those and pop a bunch of LDD builds of 'em on a communal file-hosting site, ideally with links to them indexed on the wiki. Would save future QMs a *ton* of time and energy. *vanishes again*
  3. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Guess I'll throw my own two cents in. For me, personally, a lot of my leaving came down to bad timing and fatigue. Heroica is a lot of work to run, and even if I stepped back and tried to just be a player (which I honestly felt guilty about due to the lack of quests), that took a lot of work, too, between trying to juggle compelling story and character development with not hijacking the QM's quest AND maintaining mechanical competence (which in retrospect was most definitely not helped by my minmaxing, oops :blush:). It got to a point where playing the game felt like work AND never really paid off anymore, and at that point why play? To go into a few more specifics, update speed was a HUGE problem on both sides of the coin. For players, it's infuriating--in this kind of system, you can do pretty much nothing without the QM hopping in to respond, and QM response times were globally getting longer and longer and longer. Back in the day, we as players managed to fill that blank space with compelling character interaction, but after six years most of the surviving characters knew pretty much everything there was to know about each other, or if the characters didn't we as players did and were running out of new ways to re-explore those same character components in interesting ways with new character combinations. On the QM side, however, it's incredibly stressful to try and build enough content fast enough to satisfy a party of ravenous players, particularly ones as meaty and plot-throwing as ours tended to be. Most notably, the requirement to provide visual sets made it very hard to improvise, even when we genuinely liked the direction the players are taking our plot and would like to rework. There was also some bad timing in terms of story events that hit me in particular way too hard. I think the phrase "2016 sucked" and a vague gesture at the faction event is all that needs to be said on that subject. If I were to offer suggestions--well, I offered a few in private at the time, but it's been almost a year since I've been around (and definitely more than a year since I've been invested), so my perspective may have shifted. 1.) More generic sets. Hear me out, one of the things that tore me apart when I was working on my planed duology was how few set images were reusable. I combed through the Baltarok trilogy looking for pics that only showed scenery and possibly a few generic NPCs, but the vast majority included characters who would be either not present in my own Quest or even worse outright dead. While the photography of the characters in those scenes was amazing and cinematic and definitely improved the storytelling of the trilogy, it also left me up a creek for trying to revisit those locations and recreate those sets; even just a dedicated set of "sets only" pics uploaded to the wiki after the Quest's conclusion would have helped me so much as a QM who's not good at setbuilding. 2.) Deliberate plot hooks left to other QMs. While I greatly appreciate the respect we all showed each other in terms of not messing with each other's plots and characters and ideas without permission, unfortunately I don't think we did enough asking, so as a result when a QM left or went on hiatus in between Quests, there were tons of dangling plot hooks and characters and stories left completely hanging outside of the odd non-consequential cameo. The best example of this is Sandy; we all used his characters and settings as springboards for our own, but it wasn't until near the end of the game that he started handing out "major" developments to other QMs, and so once he left we were all left with...basically nothing, because no one was willing to risk trying to build off of those only to produce an inferior successor. I think if we as QMs had more consciously created plot threads and then deliberately handed them off to our peers to develop and share back with us, it would have created a much better environment for being able to handle absences and hiatuses, where if one person vanishes (as is wont to happen on the internet), another is there to pick up the slack. Heck, even just having collaborations of multiple QMs on a single Quest would work wonders in reducing the QM workload. 3.) QM rewards. Plain and simple, QMing is a ton of work for little real benefit other than admiration and praise for the art you've produced. The one quantifiable QM reward, a second character slot, is literally just more work piled on top for you to deal with (see: playing is hard work too). That's not a viable system; implementing some sort of rewards program, allowing QMs' PCs to advance even just somewhat while they're too busy QM-ing to play, would go a long way towards freeing up QMs to QM. (Pathfinder and D&D both do this with their organized play programs, and to great success from what I can tell, so it's definitely possible to do without overdoing it.) 4.) Character slots. I get why we were limited to a single character at first. It didn't really work out. The permanence and finality of such a limit made even considering making a new character a huge burden to consider, having to weigh the risks of future potential for a character versus the fatigue you have from writing them continuously for half a freaking decade with no break. Have I really squeezed the last ounce of blood from this stone? Is a future Quest going to pop up where I'm going to regret no longer having my original character to play for a returning relationship? How annoying and tedious is it going to be to build up a new character to even a fraction of the mechanical playability I have now? Is this idea for a new character even going to be worth playing in a couple of months, or am I just trying to blow off creative steam while I try to get over character 1's writer's block--oh wait, shoot, character 1 is gone now even though playing this new character gave me a ton of ideas for my first one, oh well, guess I'm boned. For a sequel I'd suggest at least two characters per player to start, possibly up to four. Still have a max cap (I'd say no more than six even with expansions), and still have that cap expand with progression (so maybe start with one slot and then earn a new one every ten levels?), but let players have room to try something different; this might also help deal with the way that power tended to concentrate in the hands of a few key characters (*cough*Arthur*cough*) since now players will want to distribute some of those absurd spoils across their roster and, because of their diverse roster, will now have a diversified set of mechanical interests to be on the hunt for. 5.) "Day Zero" sessions. This is sort of a weird thing to suggest, and not exactly the most practical thing for the format used here, but remember how awesome Zepher and Endgame quests were in terms of grabbing players' plot hooks and hooking them directly into the Quest's own plot? Having a dedicated period of time between Hall departure and Quest start to work stuff like that out would be awesome, and doing it early would help give QMs/QM teams more time to adjust future plans to make use of them. 6.) Roleplaying sections in the character profile blocks. I know, weird suggestion, but it would work wonders in indicating to players that the game is about roleplaying just as much as it is stats and inventory management. (Personally I'm also a fan of 5e's flaws and motives system and how it grants mechanical advantage to good roleplaying, but I'm not sure it would function properly in this environment.) All right, that's everything that was big enough it managed to stick with me even after deliberately (mostly) ignoring Heroica for nearly a year. Now let me go find my old complaints and see if I still agree with them. (*Reads PM* ...oh cute, I was still presenting as male. Lemme just fix that... xD) I guess the only thing I'd add after this is a personal failing as a QM. For all the Quest ideas and plans I had built up, I tried really, really hard to keep things a surprise from even my fellow QMs because I wanted to take their PCs on Quests and show off what cool things I could do. The problem that comes from that, of course, is that I ended up cutting myself off from a lot of advice and support that could have reduced the strain of QM-ing. In the RPGs I've played since, I've found that we've been a lot more chill about respecting spoilers and sort of working together to build up for big payoffs, and I think if I'd been a little more open in my plotting with the folks here, I might not have burned out quite so badly. I still don't think I would have avoided the burnout entirely, or even have managed to push out the Quest I was working on (I'll happily spill all the details in the QM Lounge at some point if enough folks are interested), but I think my leaving might have been on happier terms. If folks want to pick up my plot threads to use in the finale, I've already passed "ownership" of Arthur as an NPC on to Zepher, and since Endgame seems to be around I'll go ahead and publicly hand Miirym to him. Diana belongs to KotZ now (or WBD if you'd rather keep potential for Kiray-Diana interaction), and I think with that all the characters of mine who had any significant potential now have new homes. Best of luck with the finale, and do drop me a PM once it starts--I'll happily read along in silence, even if I'm no longer actively participating. P.S. still hate the new post editor, playing RotR in the old editor on BZP has spoiled me. xD
  4. Grumbling at the unfairness of the universe, Zanna stays put and awaits rescue.
  5. Grogmas Gifts 2016

    Arthur's Grogmas Gifts To Germ: Demon Wings - (Take To The Skies deals Darkness-elemental damage and Hexed instead of Wind-elemental damage and Stunned; backwear, suitable to The Demon Germ only) To Karie: Portable Vibrataphone - (May be used in battle to record an active Battle Song, whether from an ally or an enemy; at the end of the Quest, the recorded Battle Song is transcribed into a song sheet for permanent use. Tool, usable by Minstrels only.) To Namyrra: Shroud of the Tempest - (Makes all undead raised while wearing the shroud deal elemental damage corresponding to the element(s) boosted by the weather they were raised in instead of darkness-elemental (if no weather is present, damage is still darkness-elemental); suitable to necromancers only; backwear.) To Boomingham: Oath of Restitution - (Vindicator's Oath: After the targeted enemy damages an ally, the ally gains Gold equal to the damage received.) To Dyric: Ace Assassin Training - (Ability; Dyric's successful Assassination rolls against enemies immune to instant kill deals an additional LETHAL AIM roll (see Assassin)) To Kiray: Ace Assassin Training - (Ability; Kiray's successful Assassination rolls against enemies immune to instant kill deals an additional LETHAL AIM roll (see Assassin)) To Nerwen: Robes of Revengeance (Grants the Wild Mind job trait (see Regulator), and Wild Mind triggers on the Round after the user rolls a SHIELD in addition to the first Round of battle; bodywear, suitable to healing classes only) To Pretzel: Robes of Revengeance (Grants the Wild Mind job trait (see Regulator), and Wild Mind triggers on the Round after the user rolls a SHIELD in addition to the first Round of battle; bodywear, suitable to healing classes only) To Skrall: Hunter's Heavy Armor (SP:5 (tripled against favoured enemies), immune to Fragile, Blind, and Confused effects; bodywear, suitable to Skrall only) To Siercon: Angel Wings of Death (Once per battle, the wearer may expend their Flying multiplier to gain the ability to deal Impending Doom (Doomed with 1 Round remaining) on attacks for an equal number of Rounds; backwear, suitable for Siercon only) To Thormanil and Arx: Elemental Mastery - (Dragon Ability; Arx's Ice-elemental breath attacks have a 1/6 chance of dealing the Fragile-effect; this chance increases to 2/6 when the Dragon is a Youngling, 3/6 when the Dragon is an Adult, and 4/6 when the Dragon is an Elder. To Hoke: Winged Dragon Greaves (SP: 2, wearer is permanently hastened, the hero gets +10 power as long as there is a dragon in the party, footwear, suitable for Hoke) To Thalion: Blindfold of the Elven Spellmaster - (Max Ether +10, wearer is permanently Blind, spells do triple damage instead of double damage to vulnerable opponents; headwear or accessory, suitable to Elves of classes that use gems) To Throlar: Inspirational Standard - (At the user's choice, either Inspires one random ally at the start of battle, OR allows user and all allies with the Diplomacy job trait to Tame (see Sylvan Ranger) humanoid enemies that are not immune to instant kill; accessory, suitable to characters with Diplomacy only) To Hybros: Glimmer Cape (Changes the wearer's '4' roll to HIDE (see Rogue), or STEAL & HIDE with Swift Boots or an equivalent; wearer's first attack after hiding is treated as the landing of a dragon-assisted JUMP HIT (see Dragoon); backwear, suitable to characters with the HIDE, STEAL, or STEAL & HIDE rolls only) To Vindsval: Wanderer's Seal (Vindicator's Seal, grants access to the Vindicator job class; suitable to followers of the Wanderer only) Zanna's Grogmas Gifts To Boris: Enchanted Fangs - (Ability; at the end of each Round, Boris gains health equal to the bleeding damage suffered by all combatants) To Addok-Zo: Scavenger's Toolkit - (Replaces the user's '4' roll with ENHANCEMENT (see Artisan); accessory, suitable to Addok-Zo only)
  6. Grumbling at the scent of farm animal excrement upon the air, the completely cartilagenous creature simply forces her way between the bars of the cell, her boneless body unhindered by the narrowness of the opening.
  7. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    his entry's there, his picture just disappeared.
  8. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Nono, I mean nepotism as in "I haven't even opened sign-ups, but already I know a few characters I'm going to pick." (I.E. there is no way in hell I'm not taking Kiray on a Diana Quest, for obvious reasons. ) ...admittedly one of the pre-reserved slots is for a council member character, yes. Now someone tell Pie to let you beat up the ex-Veteran already so I can steal your party's elves.
  9. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Side note: really hope the Council has no rules against nepotism, I may have already reserved a couple slots on one of the Quests.
  10. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Well...I suppose I can try to host the pair of Quests I have ready. I already got all of it pre-approved by Sandy before the Anniversary, all I'm waiting on now is for 150 to let out, and for me to finish some of the sets (although more help there would be greatly appreciated, things IRL have been...difficult, which makes it hard for me to handle artistic stuff like building). Really, my big issues have been feeling creatively drained and wondering if people were still interested in Questing under me after so long, but if people are interested I can certainly try to get the gears turning again.
  11. Loot: Addok-Zo: Carrion Beetle Horn, 35 gold Boris: Ice Bomb, Stun Bomb, Ruby, 9 gold Zanna: Stun Bomb, 30 gold "If you think you can kill a Selkreeth, you are wrong," Zanna offers simply, carefully staring into the bandit's eyes. "But then, maybe the Blanton already told you that...am I not right, Chuck?"
  12. Seeing that the battle is nearly won, Zanna attacks Cavespider Youngling A from the Front Row with Sven's Dagger. Samantha attacks the Horned Carrion Beetle twice from the Front Row. Same Battle Order
  13. Zanna stabs the White Widow Youngling from the Front Row with Sven's Dagger. Samantha attacks Cavespider Youngling Mob B twice from the Front Row. Same Battle Order.
  14. Zanna looks as if she is about to protest Boris' suggestion, but then spots the flaws in her own plan she'd overlooked. She and Samantha both follow Boris' plan.
  15. Zanna and Samantha follow Boris' suggestion.