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  1. CelesAurivern

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I'll just list my stuff first Peregrine 1T Valkyrie 2F HMS Sparta 5T HMS Sovereign 3T2 Tomahawk 4A - captured licence only
  2. I really dig it, reminds me of the mafia series ^^
  3. CelesAurivern

    [ESL] Governor's Palace, Nellisa

    Smashing build! And it's great to see a full working interior. This deserves to be ranked as a Viceroy's Palace.
  4. CelesAurivern

    MARDIER COLONY La Isla de Medio

    Well, ESL has declared war on Mardier, so mobilise troops and fight it out like men?
  5. I am agreement in keeping the original names. We use the -a series for larger islands, but small islands such as Garma's Key may have their own unique names.
  6. Sweet plantation there, sir. You captured the essence of the banana tree brilliantly.
  7. CelesAurivern

    [OL-FB] The Demon Sea Turtle

    Lovely turtle there. I got a soft spot for "oriental" designs :D Historically though, the Far East did not partake in much seafaring. Such a vessel was used mainly in coastal defence, primarily Korea by to repel Japanese invasions. It worked well to counter melee and boarding, since Japanese ships were not as maneuverable or heavily armed as European ships. In the BoBs setting though, a turtle ship probably couldn't make the journey to the nearest offshore colony :p
  8. CelesAurivern

    I. En Contra Oleon

    Wonderful diorama! Glad to hear there's a 2nd half to appreciate :D
  9. CelesAurivern

    Account Summary

    Haha, and I thought there was a communist revolution in my absence :p Thanks Phred.
  10. CelesAurivern

    Account Summary

    Hi guys, I've been a bit out of touch of late. Might I ask what happened to all the licenced property incomes? Seems to have disappeared from the sheets. Edit: I went back and looked at all the accounts sheets. The figures are totally different from when I last checked in. >_>
  11. CelesAurivern

    Account Summary

    Had a similar problem that hasn't been resolved yet, Licenced a sistership to replace one lost at sea, according to the MCRA. (Was it even struck off the licence roster in the first place?) Charged 100 for it. (Jun sheet, cell Z118) I think a lot of us are making these errors because we don't know the answers to the questions in the automation process. We should just have ticked 'Free ship, instead of answering whatever else.
  12. CelesAurivern

    [COR] Captain Bran and the Queens Shade

    As a 2T it's already quite maximised for trade, having a good cargo modifier. Bregir or Mike could hook you up with a Corrington Convoy perhaps?
  13. Challenge III for the new islands closes on 10 Jul. We predict it takes a month for voting, then another month for us to pick/choose and debate the logistics, so a new colony could probably be established sometime during the months of Sep or Oct. In the meantime, do feel free to build in any of the existing royal colonies that suit your fancy :) If you require any intel, we shall be glad to share what we know.
  14. CelesAurivern

    Monthly Free Build Registration Thread

    Lucky Lamprey@Charlatan Bay | CelesAurivern | Corrington