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  1. Here it is, the fourth creation out of my 5-episode series - a scene from the very first episode of The Mandalorian show. Main by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr The diorama depicts the first time Din Djarin met Grogu. I recreated what I could using frames from the show, but most of the build is of my design - the interior is filled with all kind of clutter and scrap, so typical of Tatooine. The MOC is best viewed from the minifugure level - this way you can see the artificial, brick-built perspective forced upon me by the presence of entrances and the lack of doors. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment!
  2. It's not often that I see a nearly flawless build, but that one without a doubt falls into that category. What can I say... the houses are Tatooine-ish and smooth, perfectly accurate. The climate is spot on. You even built your own Kenobi horse/camel in the stable. The only downsides I see are the speeder, which (I think) is directly taken out of the UCS cantina set and the weird texture of sand it's resting on, which is in a weird contrast with the studded sand deeper into the MOC. Those are minor details though, and your creation is just so perfect, I'd love to see it in person from all angles.
  3. As stunning as your MOC is, I wouldn't be able to tell myself that it has any shiny parts. Maybe it's only my phone, but everything looks like it's either pure light bluish gray or dark bluish gray. The only thing hinting use of reflective parts are occasional white spots (so tiny reflections) but they can be taken for dust easily. Wonderful job though!
  4. Falcrum

    [MOC] Bespin - Bounty Hunters

    I encourage Eurobricks users to express their opinion on this MOC, feedback, be it positive or negative, is the most crucial ingredient in a creative process.
  5. Hello there! I present to you the third entry to my miniseries - Bespin, specifically a part of the Cloud City interior. Since this location is consistently discriminated by LEGO (not counting 250$ sets), as a fan of the saga and a Bespin enjoyer, I felt obliged to build it myself. Main by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr My goal was to accurately represent the characteristic interior features - raw, geometrical ornaments on the walls, light gray accents - I even managed to find a few trans-clear plates for the central decoration. Most importantly though, I really wanted to build the door, contrasting with impeccable whiteness of the Cloud City. I also constructed my own IG-88 droid: Last, but not least, I'm presenting the armament - I reckon Star Wars blasters are 100% buildable from LEGO bricks and I don't tolerate third party blasters, like Brickarms. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!
  6. Front by Jakub Grochowski Another Friday, another MOC - so here we go. The two objects in the title are a high-power Rebel ion cannon and a probe droid, which discovered Alliance's base on the planet and led to Empire's invasion on Hoth. I strived for accuracy (preserved proportions of the original) and adequate scale, since the vast majority of builds depicting the viper probe and the cannon I see on the internet are quite oversized. I wish I had enough pieces to build the white anti-personnel turret, then I'd have a full set. As promised, the build marks the 2nd entry to my 5 episode Star Wars MOC series. A photo of the original droid and turret for comparison. Please feel free to comment this MOC.
  7. Falcrum

    [MOC] You can't win, Darth

    Ripping minifigs' limbs off is a little taste of my brick heresy. Ahh, you're right, thanks! By the way, seeing Vader stand like this in the corridor must've given old Ben a heart attack. Very good remark. I can see in my mind's eye that with dark bluish gray the lights would stand out more and almost appear to shine. If you want to take a good picture, then DBG will suit better, but without the lighting the MOC would be inaccurate. Absolutely. My sabers are the dimmest part of the build, which completely doesn't make sense.
  8. Falcrum

    [MOC] You can't win, Darth

    20220902_154208 by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr Hello there! This is the first time I'm posting here, so I decided to kick things off with a MOC - the first of the series of 5 that I have prepared and ready to present. The builds will get bigger, more advanced, and, hopefully, more impressive. This small vignette represents the final duel between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader - the first lightsaber duel ever! And no, I couldn't resist the exaggerated lighting (similar to what we saw in the Kenobi series). Since the figures are the main focus of the creation, I positioned them carefully; Vader extends the blade of his lightsaber while holding the weapon low, while Ben keeps his characteristic defensive stance. I tried to capture the signature look of the Death Star by building the characteristic vertical arrays of white lights and raw, light bluish gray greebling on the walls. 20220902_154224 by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr 20220902_154239 by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr Let me know what you think of it!
  9. 20220902_154208 by Jakub Grochowski, on Flickr Let's see if this works