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  1. Falcrum

    [MOC] One Way Out

    Yup. Eurobricks SW community lost all their respect points with their garbage posts here. Enjoy praising terrible builds and I hope no line of criticism ever sets foot on this forum again. I wonder if you will ever understand that if you can't differentiate between quality and mediocrity and reward both equally your words of appreciation have no real valuue. Not gonna miss you.
  2. Falcrum

    [MOC] One Way Out

    It's certainly big, but that's the only "positive" thing I can say about this. The details are of awfully low quality, and sometimes I can hardly see any effort put into this MOC. It looks as if you were paid to create something this size and chose the least effort path. This isn't the way. Focus on smaller builds and pay more attention to detail, and most importantly, look up how others build and notice the quality difference between your builds and what others post here.
  3. Yup, you can't buy him, you can only get him by playing the 5th level of Return of the Jedi. Check again if you've done this.
  4. Falcrum

    Color Lightsabers

    Apologies for this clown. He's not one of us.
  5. Falcrum

    Color Lightsabers

    You have a typo in your nickname ;) The idea is very interesting, however I'm not sure if it has a great potential. Although the samples you have provided us with look indeed amazing (especially compared to 3D printing standards in the industry), I'm not sure if they would meet LEGO bricks standards. First, you can still see the layer patterns, and for objects as small as LEGO bricks this is a huge problem. One reason why LEGO got so popular in the first place was their strict quality control, and injecting plastic into molds offers just far superior visual quality than 3D printing. Second, the blade itself - it's not transparent and it stands out too much from original lightsabers. Third, durability. After all we are talking about long, thin 3D printed rods that come at a fee and are useless once damaged. One appeal of LEGO is how solid it is. The only way I see this come out as a commercial product is if you sold the hilts only, and applied some polishing/filing/sanding down manually to at least satisfy 2 out of the 3 conditions I mentioned above, but then I don't think it would be a profitable enterprise. However, having such a powerful tool as your 3D printer (and your modelling skills) opens many possibilities, and I'm sure you'll figure out an idea that will work (LEGO-related or not). Good luck!
  6. Falcrum

    [MOC] LAAT Republic Gunship

    This perhaps is the shortest, yet a very accurate summary of my reaction. Although Thrawn's quote "But it was so artistically done" would be even better. I really wouldn't mind to have you post at this frequency.
  7. You clearly are a very skilled and talented builder, but maybe some concepts should stay in the designer's head :)
  8. Falcrum

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Nebulon-B Frigate

    If you ever have a bad day, remember that you a world class artist in this business. And among the world class you occupy a very comfortable spot near the very top. I don't think words can describe how good it is.
  9. Falcrum

    Found my old Star Wars Legos

    Bro it's literally worth hundreds of dollars if it's in a good condition.
  10. Despite all these horrible sets, LEGO never fails to disappoint and produce even worse garbage. The only way I can tolerate these is if they release a Lando one and we'll get a cheap Lando minifigure. Otherwise, LEGO Star Wars really needs a massive punch in the face to take a step back and reevaluate all this shit they have been releasing for the past couple of years.
  11. Does anybody know if there stiill is a glimpse of hope for the Jabba's Palace diorama?
  12. Falcrum

    [MOC] Minifig-Scale Millennium Falcon

    I just saw it and I'm in tears - it's so beautiful, it's so... perfect. It's not a LEGO model you've built, it's a work of art.
  13. Falcrum

    [MOC] Varykino Villa & Naboo Gondola Speeder

    I love the idea, but given that it's a virtual build why not make it bigger? There's hardly any space for anything.
  14. Falcrum

    Screen accurate ANH star destroyer

    Hey, that looks awesome, but the first three pics are minuscule; you think you could upload them bigger? It'd be a pity to miss out on such a beauty because of such a stupid issue.
  15. Falcrum

    Finding an old set

    Hey, do you remember any info about the minifigures? Their number or colour? Also, are you sure it was from Hoth? There are only 2 rebel combat vehicles from Hoth that LEGO has made.