MechWarrior Madcat and Mechbay

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One of my favourite games growing up was Mechwarrior, so my new found passion for Lego designing was always going to incorporate a mechwarrior design at some point. 

One of my favourite mechs was the Mad cat or Timberwolf, so that is what I tried to recreate in this Lego design. 

But like most things I design that I plan on building, it must be playable, it has to be something my 4 and 5 year old would love to play with(destroy), so I added the mechbay with lots of playable features, it has sliding doors, a fully functional sliding crane and hoist system as well a few minifigures to refit and repair the mech. 

I do intend to actually build this one once I finish my build of the Klingon bird of prey that I have shared on this forum.

If you are interested, I have added this model to Lego ideas and it is currently in the support stage, so if you think it would make a great set for Lego to officially build then any support given would be greatly appreciated. 

Let me know what you think, any feedback would be great. 

Link to the lego Ideas page.

51065423631_9ed70fdddb_o.pngMadCat_37 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423686_f0b1e092f3_o.pngMadCat_35 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51064717483_26e2e7abcf_o.pngMadCat_32676 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423576_9a96807ba7_o.pngMadCat_332 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423731_4984f42201_o.pngMadCat_34 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423761_16739dea20_o.pngMadCat_33 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423816_ab79a5389c_o.pngMadCat_32 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423916_8a0b8bb2ef_o.pngMadCat_31 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065423931_9bf8400ba4_o.pngMadCat_30 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51064717868_b27b1c6a06_o.pngMadCat_3547451 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51064717923_937cdf4278_o.pngMadCat_3256657 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr

51065424101_4262008179_o.pngMadCat_347696 by Im__Hungry, on Flickr


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