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Found 8 results

  1. Castles are back ! And this is a small castle for the Black Falcon faction. In this castle, you can find a cellar with a prison (as usual). On the main floor, there is a room for the Black Falcon lord. And of course, a tower to see if people are arriving. I built it as I'm a huge fan of LEGO castle. This set was originally built in the context of the 90th LEGO anniversary. I did some enhancements to promote it as an idea here: I think this castle is a good addition to the other LEGO castle sets that were released in the previous years. Feel free to support it if you want ! Olivier
  2. I can fit 48 Landsknechts on the 32x32 base plate. 6 crossbowmen on each flank 1st row of 6 Sword and Buckler Men 2nd row of 6 Pikemen 3rd row of 6 Pikemen 4th row of 4 Halberdiers and 2 standard bearers 5th row of 6 Pikemen 6th row of 6 Pikemen Element 6335192 and 6335666 for black falcon minifigures Element 6302992 and 6251186 for the blue Ninjago minifigures Element 6319864 and 6250881 for the red Ninjago minifigures Pikes are made using 4611883 Spear + 6296951 Handle + 6170420 Stick 6M Halberds are made using 4611883 Spear + 6363145 Axe Head + 6296951 Handle 6076677 Round Shield 6295400 Sword, No.18 6268844 Pearl Dark Gray Crossbow 4211196 Reddish Brown Crossbow 6268960 Quiver 6248874 Armour 6327807 Armour, No. 12 6037507 Knight’s Helmet 6125711 Tournament Helmet 6327809 Knight’s Helmet Closed 6289361 Blue Feather 6268955 Blue Streamer 6326096 Red Feather 6268946 Red Streamer Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr Landsknechts by R Y, on Flickr
  3. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    After building 21325 I had a newfound surge of inspiration to begin a new Castle MOC. I started this a few weeks ago and I'm glad to say I have made significant progress on it. Here we have the Black Falcon outpost. It's a simple building for soldiers to lodge in. Ideally, there will be a larger landscape surrounding the building.
  4. Hi everybody! A while ago, I saw a shop offering custom oval shields with the black falcon coat of arms. Sadly, I can't find the shop anymore. As I'm in need for a few shield variations for my Black Falcon army, I would like to ask if anyone of you knows where I can order custom Black Falcon accessoires like shields, capes, torsos,... Thank you so much for your help!
  5. Hi All, After 2 years of non-castle building I've finally had time and inspiration to do a small castle build - Woodsford Hold. For this build I've decided to go classic with the stronghold belonging to a crusader knight's lord, some forestmen passing through (and one up to mischief) and some devious black falcon knights observing from the trees. I've also included some internal lighting so that the stained glass windows show up properly. Feedback welcome. Thanks, More photos in my flickr album
  6. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] Castle Durstan

    A long time in the making, and to be honest only ever half-finished before I ran out of bricks yet again and decided I didn't want to invest any more money in it. It's a companion piece to my ship the Sea Hawk, and would originally have continued the story I started there. It was originally intended as an expansion and updating of the old Black Falcon castle. In the end though I overreached myself. It was too big for my flat, too hard on the wallet, and it used a lot of the pieces of my UCS Millennium Falcon, which I wanted to rebuild. So in the end I abandoned it about half-finished. The right-hand chunk in the picture above is finished, and that's what I'll focus on in the rest of my pics, but the left-hand one's little more than a facade behind the tower. I never even started the back wall, which would have included a great hall and lord's tower. I'm still proud of it, but I'll be more careful about biting off more than I can chew in future!
  7. soccerkid6

    Arangr Castle: Spring

    As I was brainstorming ideas for a new build, John suggested a castle with four phases, showing how it, and the landscape, changes through each season. Realizing a good idea when I heard it, I set to work on the castle. Since I will need to modify the landscape for each phase, I planned to have the castle lift off so it’s easy to rework the base. As usual there’s a full interior, this time accessed by both a hinging section, and pull out rooms. The castle itself was inspired mainly by the creations of Eklund, DNL, and Aliencat. Simon S. suggested the addition of a moat. The castle features a working drawbridge, gates, and shutters. This is one of my biggest builds, weighing in at over nineteen and a half pounds; the base is 52×52 studs, including the border. Arangr castle is located near the Avalonian border, in Mitgardia. Spring brings new life to the countryside, as the snow finally melts, and animals awake from hibernation, or migrate back to the area. It’s a busy time of year, as fields need to be plowed and planted, and supplies restocked. Drawbridge closed: As always, you can see more pictures on my website: link I hope you like it, summer will be coming next
  8. Currently still on my wishlist, the 1986 Black Falcon's Fortress is one of those sets that was re-released for a reason: it's simple but epic. Therefore, I built a small castle for these cool and mysterious guys that surely would make them feel right at home. Overview shot of the fortress, located on a small peninsula. Two guards stand.. well.. guard, at the main gate as a patrol party returns to the castle. For one of the guards, this means relief from his duty and off to dinner! The courtyard has stables for some horses and a walkway along the battlements accesible via a door in the keep. There's also a trap door with a staircase underneath... ..that leads to a hidden door at the rear of the castle where one could moor a small boat. The rear of the castle with de hidden door clearly visible (heh ) The keep opens up, as a play feature.. does the roof of the armory I'm really happy with the composition of the castle, it's really compact and I find it visually pleasing. More pictures in the Brickshelf folder here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=541898 On behalf of the Black Falcons, thanks for viewing, and don't tell anyone about the hidden passageway!