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  1. Well first they need to offer something to get some sales. And BH don't count. :D
  2. Might be just US thing. In Europe it looks like all are still in stock ready for order.
  3. After quite some time i decided to check Aliexpress and found out there are now custom Napoleonic figures available. Decided to order one of each (only after i made my order i realized there are few more Russian figures that my seller didn't offer). Long story short i put them together today and to be honest their quality is surprisingly good (both figures and accessories) and for sure better than some of the previous customs i purchased from the same place (Gondor, 2nd age Elves etc). All plumes are removable + both versions (tall and small one) come together on a sprue for each figure that uses one so you will end up with some spares as well. The only issue i encountered was missing hand for one of the figures but to my surprise official Lego hands now fit with no issue so i replaced it easily. France Great Britain Others
  4. sahidko

    6067 Guarded Inn MOC Revamp

    This is really great rendition, would buy for sure if available as official set from Lego. :)
  5. Yop never understood this thinking that by buying completely different type of product i might eventually get what i want. Like how would that work? LEGO will gather lets say 1 year of sales data for LOTR Brickheadz then spend another 1,5 years (or how long development process of new theme usually takes) and then maybe in 3 years we will get playscale based wave? Doesn't make much sense.
  6. If anybody finds out a solution please let me know (carefully looking at my 70+ Uruk-Hai i rather not touch anymore :D ).
  7. Yop i fully agree that from LEGO's perspective if they don't plan to make LOTR full theme a microscale one-off build might make much more sense. I just hope it's not the case. Would really feel weird for me to see 4 new sets after so many years and not buy any of them because i don't care about BH and i am not sold on microscale builds given rest of my collection.
  8. Well i own multiple of each and i would be disppointed as well. Hogwarts castle is nice for what it is however it's still an one-off not fitting with rest of the theme released so far and therfore it remains one of the few new HP sets i don't own.
  9. Imagine that, Brickheadz and one microscale set after 10 years. :D Hope it doesn't turn out like that...
  10. For sure i don't think anybody is disputing that they won't (and should not to) look at what was made 10 years ago.
  11. Same here, since i already own several complete fellowships from the original sets i am mostly looking forward to the build. Already cleaned up one shelf to be used for it. Even though the height migh be a potential problem now when i think about it.
  12. As far i remember the discussions back in 2012/2013 the complaints about Mouth of Sauron were mostly about the fact we got character that did not even appear in the theatrical release before main villain like Witch King. So yeah production quality of the minifig is great, would much prefer to own official Witch King instead for sure. If we got both nobody would have said a word about MoS but picking him ahead of WK was just stupid.
  13. I personally still can't wrap my head around that the first thing we get after almost 10 years of waiting are brickheadz. Like come on LEGO are we setting up ourselves for another decade of "the theme didn't sell well enough" right from the start? :D Really really hope that the Rivendell is worth it.
  14. Are you sure? I saw just one picture on instagram and it looks like Thor holds the same spear as Loki in the frame below which appears to be normal length as far as i can tell.
  15. Would love to get Glorfindel minifig even though he is not in the movies. But LEGO made him for their game so why not.