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  1. Hello there It's been an awfull long time since I posted something over here. This is a custom projects I started years ago and finally finished (more or less, I still have troubles making decent pictures). The main theme is still the same, Duplo duo's. I used supersculpey for Yoda's head and Luke's hairpiece. For Luke's lightsaber I modded an antena with miliputt. At first I gave Yoda a cape, trying to do so in "the spirit" of Lego Duplo, but it didn't work well at all. So I just inspired myself by the minifigure. Hope you like it.
  2. Hello, I rarely post here, since I don't have that much time anymore to make customs. But lucky for me, my daughter really likes drawing Duplo and Lego characters. That gives me some comfort For her last creation we entered a contest and we need likes to win it. So if you have a facebook account and like her drawing, she is 5 years btw, please click on the link and like! Thanks, Bob
  3. Bobskink

    Fake CMF Series

    woow, heavy, they really are doing a good job in ripping of. From a certain point of vieuw it's really admirable, the hard work they put in it. And from the otehr point of vieuw it's defenaitly wrong. It's strange that they can get away with this so easely. The are stealing from Lego, Disney, WB etc... mayor companies, They must be able to work togeather and get some super lawyers on this.
  4. Bobskink

    The Lunacy of Lego Investors

    Interesting topic indeed. Don't have much to ad. I also don't really like those reselers/investors, but collectors should know that by now that you have 2 years to buy a set, if you really want it, don't wait and buy it straight away, don't give those reselers a chanse. Couldn't we spice this topic up with a poll?
  5. Testing, ein zwei drei, testing uno dos treis Okay, think I get it.
  6. Bobskink

    Fake CMF Series

    these are even better and from Springfieldbricks:
  7. Bobskink

    Duplo Donnie Darko & Frank

    Thanks, and yes, it doesn't stand under te regulations of lego iedas anymore. I sumbited my Batman idea a year ago, but shortly after they changed the rules, they took it down. It's not really a kid movie, the whole idea is making Duplo not really suited for children. Anyway, if you haven't seen Donnie Darko yet, go do it NOW! ;)
  8. Bobskink

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    In the Fun stores Belgium there is a real overload, every store has 10 boxes i think. It was prety easy to get all of them. That said, i really like the figures, but Homer is my least favorite sculpt. His head goes slightly bigger upwars which gives him a little nerdy look instead of the fat look he should have.
  9. Bobskink

    Duplo Donnie Darko & Frank

    the face is painted, thanks for the nice remarks
  10. It's been a long while, but I finally managed to finish another Duplo Duo. So presenting, from one of my altime favourite movies... Donnie and Frank. If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it now! No really, it's a great movie. and a box offcourse.
  11. Bobskink

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    I really like this set, but the box is so borring.
  12. Bobskink

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Gotte be honnest, these figures are above my expectations. I know I don't have mush good things to say about the new sets and upcomming lines. As a Simpson fan and Lego fan I was against combining the two. I saw no point in it and I thought it wouldn't do eitehr one good. But I have to say I was wrong. The minifigures look very good, almost perfect (almost, since I notices some hips don't fit that good). Anyway, also a cool move that we don't need to buy expensive sets to get all the main charecters. Good job Lego!
  13. Bobskink

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    One year is not that long, but correct from a commercial point of vieuw. If a set takes lognger to get that many votes, it will probably not sell that well I can't find anything about using customized parts, did I mis it or is the rule gonne?
  14. Bobskink

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The Duplo Catwoman and Joker are cute, but I really don't like the Batman, A little disapointed, I was looking forward to this, even if it ruined my Cuusoo plans, I will only buy the Catwoman.
  15. Bobskink

    UCS Jabba's Sail Barge

    Looks very good. It's indeed simple, but very accurate.