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  1. I didn’t even want the figures from the Steamboat Willie set, so them being included here isn’t exciting. I’ll probably pick up Mickey at least. Scrooge and the triplets are all easy passes. I always hated Chip and Dale as a kid, but medium legs in a new color is exciting! Jack and Sally look fine but I’m not a huge fan of the film. Hoping to see Sally’s hairpiece reused elsewhere. Really happy to get Jasmine and Jafar, and I’m glad she reuses her minidoll hairpiece. SO excited for Hercules! He looks great and Hades is cool too. Elsa and Anna look amazing too with their printing, skirts and new hair pieces. For a second I thought Anna was reusing Dorothy’s. But please tell me why The Incredibles, after getting two spots last time, a theme with three sets, two brickheadz, a polybag and video game gets ANOTHER two characters!? Frozone is cool but I wasn’t a part of the fans begging for him in minifigure form and we already have a figure of Edna! Were they really more of a priority than movies that haven’t seen ANY representation or characters who were left out of the last series like Lilo and Aurora (who, ya’know.. are kind of the titular characters of their films) I like The Incredibles and all, but I hope to never see it in Lego form again. And on the topic of Goofy, there really is no good reason for him to be excluded in favor of the ducks and Chip and Dale. Say what you want about how popular which character is in what certain country’s comic books, but Goofy is a part of Disney’s most iconic trio and one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. There is absolutely no way Lego and Disney didn’t consider him for both series 1 and 2. He’s most likely going to be exclusive to the D2C like Tinkerbell was. I’m not sure if that’s worse than him being absent and relegated to a hypothetical Series 3 we won’t see until 2022. If he is saved for that, I’m hoping he’s paired with his son Max from A Goofy Movie.
  2. The two smaller sets look amazing! I love the look of Molten Man and the Venice bridge is cute. This wave also has a lot of great figures! Mysterious, Fury, Stealth Suit Spidey and ESPECIALLY Peter Parker are amazing! MJ and Happy would look better with different hair pieces. Not really sure why that’s an issue because it’s not like Lego was going off concept art this time.. we’ve known what Happy’s hair looks like for 11 years and same with MJ in the last Spidey movie. The plane looks fine too but you couldn’t pay me enough to buy another super heroes jet. Maria Hill has no reason to not be included anywhere, and same goes with Ned. He’d fit in better than the Firefighter. If only a fraction of the effort here was put into the Endgame sets.
  3. saysonder

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Watched the movie last night. It was..OK. Not as good as the first one or Batman, but a smidge better than Ninjago. Everything in the first half hour of so was going way too quickly. I feel like there wasn’t enough background on Apocalypseburg, wish we got to see more scenes in it before the attack because it was a great vessel for humor and cool builds. Sweet Mayhem had absolutely no character whatsoever. A shame, because I love her design and wanted her to be more important but I feel like she wasn’t as prominent as she was advertised. Seemed just as important as the Ice Cream Cone guy. this movie really wasn’t that funny. I had a few laughs, but TLM and TLBM had me scared I’d suffocate from laughing so hard. WHY were Benny, Unikitty and Metalbeard so ignored?!? Batman felt like he wasn’t given enough screen time either. actually, I feel like we only got substantial amounts of Emmet, Lucy and Rex. Everybody else was an afterthought. I do really love the message of feelings and compassion being more important than anger and destruction, but the fact that Rex personifies all of the negative attributes is a little counterproductive once you notice how many Lego sets we have focusing on him and his cool spaceships.. No doubt there are plenty of little kids who missed the point of what makes him terrible. The whole time travel aspect confused me. I couldn’t tell if I’m supposed to assume it was imaginary or actually happening when Rex was moving around on the floor of the basement. I REALLY wanted the queen to be the villain. We haven’t had a female Lego villain yet, and I typically find them more interesting. A shapeshifting pile of bricks seemed like such a great idea for an antagonist and I was really looking forward to her becoming something terrifying at the end but.....oh well.. I liked the Scooby Doo shout out. Wish we got a reference to Ninjago or Robin and Batgirl. Lucy saying she did all of the warrior stuff really irks me considering that Emmet was just as competent once he returned to Bricksburg and built that ginormous mech. That, and the fact she places “warrior stuff” over the importance of inspiring the citizens to resist Lord Business and Emmet’s heartfelt speech of self acceptance to him seems like it goes against the message of the first film. I get that this one went into detail about Lucy’s flaws, but her completely dismissing what made Emmet especially special was hardly touched upon and felt more like a flaw with the writing, rather than a flaw she had personally. As stated earlier in the thread, Emmet’s approach to life after Duplo was as mature and inspiring as he’s always been, so I find it hard to believe Lucy would think lesser of Emmet due to this considering that he saved the world by being the same as he’s always been. Way too many live action segments. I liked the acting and framing the films as stories being played out by children, but it felt too distracting this time. I hope if we get a third film it’s just a story imagined up by Finn and Bianca and not a metaphor for what’s wrong with their family at the moment. The way they handeled Lord Business was hilarious. The way they handeled Vitruvius was not. This film had the best credits of anything I’ve ever seen.
  4. Personally I’m more upset about getting 6 Iron Man figures than the outriders. 5 of those could have been regular uniform Cap, Black Widow, Ronin, Nebula, Rocket, Banner, Thor, Resuce, Valkyrie, War Marchine, etc.. After Wasp, Captain Marvel and now this, I think I’m done with Lego Marvel until they get back to the quality that was there just recently with GotG2 and Ragnarok.
  5. Only cool part of that set is the teal brick separater.
  6. saysonder

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Had Jack and Parker not already had great designs with new pieces I’d like to get my hands on, I’d be a bit more upset that they only have two variations each, but I’ve seen at least three face prints for them when scrolling through the photos, so thats something I guess. I can certainly see more kids heir age joining them in later waves, but for now, I like that I don’t have to collect 7-8 main characters like others themes. I don’t get why people are so upset about no ghost figure so beign included. Not only would they look awkward because they can’t be fully transparent, but stop discounting the actual figures! You act like we aren’t getting anything spooky when in reality we’re getting a fisherman with tentacles and a possessed four armed chef! Possessed civilians are 10x cooler than generic spooky ghosts flying around without any additional accessories like the wings or new hair pieces. Some of you just need to complain it seems like, I like you.
  7. Now that I think about it, I guess Sulley wouldn’t look too bad. Genie was considerably larger than Aladdin but we got both as minifigures, together in the same CMF. And then there’s the Toy Story line, where the word scale doesn’t seem to exist
  8. Mike would be just a tad ugly, but I can imagine a minifigure of him being built like Spongebob and the Ewoks. I think Sulley is moreso the problem, as he’d need to be a big fit to be accurately depicted. He appeared as a big fig in The Incredibles game, which is what the new Woody’s design is also based from. Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite Disney films, so getting Lego versions of the characters would be a dream come true, but I don’t see that happening for Sulley unless Lego produced a full Monsters Inc. set...which is unlikely. If only TLG realized the profit they’d get from a general, all-encompassing range of Lego Disney sets that aren’t strictly Princess based.
  9. saysonder

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I...LOVE this theme. Judging by the boat and seafood shack, the town seems to be near the ocean, giving me heavy Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated vibes. Along with the central focus being about two kids in a town full of ghosts, it seems Gravity Falls inspired as well. The figures all look great. I really love the two main characters, and all of the spring green hair is exciting! App integration doesn’t bother me one bit. If it pisses you off, just don’t use it. The school and the bus are my favorites and hopefully I’ll be able to pick them up. The lab, diner and boat are cute. Don’t really have any interest in the graveyard, truck or train. I hope this theme lasts for a while. Each year can have a different form of possesion with future minifigures having different molds and colors. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but just imagine a humongous buildable cthulu type creature as the king demon or whatever
  10. saysonder

    Toy Story 2019

    The smallest set is cute, I’m sure it’ll be popular. The RC build isn’t as good as before, but that doesn’t matter to me because I won’t be buying this one. The army men have no reason to not have any printing, aren’t Juniors sets known for being good with printing? I don’t care about trains at all, so the roller coaster set with its uninteresting build and no exclusive figs is an absolute pass. Caravan set looks nice. I don’t need any of the builds in my collection, but Jessie, Rex and Forky are all desirable. It’s a real shame the LGM are also not as detailed as their CMF versions. And as for the carnival builds, none of them impress me. All I care about for this theme are the figures, like plenty of other people. Let’s hope the other two sets are reasonably priced and come with Hamm.
  11. saysonder

    Toy Story 2019

    Thank goodness
  12. If I were still 12 that mecha Dino set would be the only thing I cared about it. Probably the coolest Jurassic set we’ve gotten in the past few years, definitely cooler than a truck or a giant hamster ball. This whole wave is cool, but ultimately I don’t have a huge interest in Lego dinos, and the prices are even more discouraging.
  13. saysonder

    Toy Story 2019

    Woody looks good. Hopefully he isn’t too awkward standing next to Buzz. Should’ve used the midi Harry Potter legs for Buzz like I said (speaking of, have those appeared anywhere else since the Wizarding World CMF? Seems like a waste if they fall into obscurity like Woody’s legs) I already have Woody and Buzz from last go around, and the Buzz CMF fig, but I still want these Let’s hope Hamm and Rex show up again, I didn’t own them yet, alongside a standard head Jessie. Don’t really expect to see the others pop up, unless Bullseye’s mood still is in production.
  14. saysonder

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I love the touch of adding buttons on Jay’s suit. Really cute. Nya and Zane look good too, love that Zane has blue gloves. Cole looks alright, but I’m getting tired of his suits always being sleeveless now. Kai and Lloyd are boring, but I’m willing to bet we’ll get another variation of Lloyd considering his lack of a hood or gloves. and of course, new suit leaks are never complete without someone speculating this is the definite end of the series despite the multiple claims that the theme is evergreen and the series’ outstanding ability to still make loads of cash for Lego.