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  1. saysonder

    Rapunzel's Tower Micro

    Amazing as always. Keep up the great work!
  2. saysonder

    Trolls World Tour 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    “EwwwWwWWWw they’re uglyyyYyY!!1!1!11! I h8 u Lego!!!!” there, I said it. Can I be a part of the cool kids club now that we all insulted perfectly fine looking figures from a theme none of you were even considering buying in the first place? The Trolls would look worse if they had their faces printed onto traditional head pieces. I personally think thy nailed the characters. They’re toys, remember? For kids. Kids are gonna go crazy now that they can mix and match Poppy with Batman and have them fight Buzz Lightyear together. No amount of whining from a bunch of adults who feel the need to criticize every action TLG does will change that. You still have your super epic manly Hulkbuster you can build. Trolls sets existing with their bright colors and cute pieces shouldn’t suddenly make you feel ashamed to like Lego or anything unless your masculinity is seriously that fragile. Grow up.
  3. saysonder

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    No. Lego’s is way better. More accurate hairpiece and a better torso print.
  4. saysonder

    Potential LEGO Scooby-Doo comeback in 2020?

    While not directly comparable, Lego did release a ghost themed Ninjago wave and a monster themed CMF series right around the Scooby Doo theme, right? I don’t think a tie in wave of sets for the Scooby film would be out of the question alongside a future Hidden Side wave. That theme also as the phone game gimmick going for it. So buying a Scooby set wouldn’t satisfy the hardcore fans of Hidden Side who love it for being a game as well. Regardless, I hope Lego still utilizes Scooby Doo in the future. It really could last for a few years without tying into any film or series, but we get new movies and shows practically every year, so it’s not like the franchise is ever going through any dry spell. This years marks its 50 year anniversary. The theme had potential. Brickheadz, a couple D2C’s (haunted mansion, haunted carnival, haunted pirate ship) hell, I could even imagine a minidoll based Scooby theme doing well if it focused on the cuter aspects of the series. The malt shop, Mystery Inc HQ, a Mystery Machine convertible, a ski trip with a yeti, etc. However, I’d imagine if we don’t get any sets in 2020, whether it be movie tie-ins or Brickheadz, I’d imagine the theme is retired.
  5. saysonder

    Disney's Future with Lego

    I want this show made into Lego more than anything in the world.
  6. I like the pack. It could be better but I’m just glad Lego prioritized Ned and Maria enough (over...countless variants for the heroes in Endgame, but I’m not even that mad!) I think Maria’s torso fits her better than it ever did Bruce. Probably gonna give her the old Wondy face like the OG Maria had. Ned’s face looks fine. Peter is cool too. I’m probably gonna give his arms and legs to Captain Marvel.
  7. Finally found the series the other day! Felt around 40 packs and didn’t find a single Hercules, the one I want the most.. Wound up taking home Chip, Anna, Mickey, Dale, Sally, Jasmine, Elsa and Jack. Could skip the rest of the series besides Hercules and be entirely okay with it.
  8. I’m excited we’re getting Ned and Maria. I’m just a tiny bit upset it’s not Endgame figs but I’m silt gonna hope next year could maybe possibly potentially give us a few more I’m against the idea of a modified fatter torso piece. At that point, why not have a pronounced piece for breasts, muscles, Captain America’s butt , etc? A stomach would stick out too awkwardly, like those third party pieces that have feminine hips carved out. If Lego were ever to tackle a fatter minifigure, I’d imagine it would be longer in width by about half a stud.
  9. Maybe I’m hopefully optimistic, but I can see another wave of Endgame (plus Inifnty War too?) sets next year. Every year of Lego Marvel has had a big name movie come out that has warranted 3 or more sets; 2012 - Avengers - 4 sets 2013 - Iron Man 3 - 3 sets 2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy - 3 sets 2015 - Age of Ultron - 6 sets 2016 - Captain America: Civil War - 4 sets 2017 - Guardians 2 - 3 sets 2018 - Infinity War - 6 sets 2019 - Endgame - 5 sets (and Spider-Man’s 3 but w/e) No other film has had more than (two standard/non polybag) 2 sets for itself. While 2020’s MCU films aren’t confirmed yet, I’m guessing none are any continuations of the above franchises. Hopefully that means there’s room to release sets on revisit older films. IW and EG sets would definitely still be profitable and might even sell a little better if they can depict the scenes that are considered too spoiler-y for Lego to put out before the movies were released.
  10. saysonder

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Beautifully said. It’s been a while since I’ve seen season 1, but the most gruesome display I can recall is Bard frantically climbing up a pool latter only to be pulled down by an off screen monster. Not exactly worse than anything we’ve seen from the average Marvel film or the fate of Cedric from Harry Potter. As long as the sets don’t include a blood splatter piece, I don’t see why why these franchises shouldn’t exist in Lego form.
  11. saysonder

    Toy Story 2019

    No Hamm? I’m out..
  12. saysonder

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    Me. Freeze set looks bad. Everything in it looks a mess, and his design is boring. The Batmobile reminds me of the one from the very first Batman wave (one of my very first sets!!!!) and it looks pretty good! The only problem is it looks awkward only having Batman, the Joker and the Batmobile. A sleak car for the Joker like the one from Suicide Squad or another fig or two (Bathound? Batgirl? Harley? would make it seem less awkward), but I think the iconicity of the vehicle makes up for that. I like a majority of the Batwing set except for the Batwing itself. Riddlers helicopter is cool. Nice police car, great selection of figures.. but the photos of it all look too jumbled together! Happy to finally have Shazam though. And I really like the Batcave! It also reminds me of the old school Batman sets. Two Face has always been my favorite villain, and while I’m happy to see his inclusion once again, I’m not thrilled with his figure. Clayface looks fine. His TLBM variant is better, but if that didn’t exist I’d be happy with this one. Catwoman looks amazing though! and the Juniors sets definitely exist as well!
  13. I didn’t even want the figures from the Steamboat Willie set, so them being included here isn’t exciting. I’ll probably pick up Mickey at least. Scrooge and the triplets are all easy passes. I always hated Chip and Dale as a kid, but medium legs in a new color is exciting! Jack and Sally look fine but I’m not a huge fan of the film. Hoping to see Sally’s hairpiece reused elsewhere. Really happy to get Jasmine and Jafar, and I’m glad she reuses her minidoll hairpiece. SO excited for Hercules! He looks great and Hades is cool too. Elsa and Anna look amazing too with their printing, skirts and new hair pieces. For a second I thought Anna was reusing Dorothy’s. But please tell me why The Incredibles, after getting two spots last time, a theme with three sets, two brickheadz, a polybag and video game gets ANOTHER two characters!? Frozone is cool but I wasn’t a part of the fans begging for him in minifigure form and we already have a figure of Edna! Were they really more of a priority than movies that haven’t seen ANY representation or characters who were left out of the last series like Lilo and Aurora (who, ya’know.. are kind of the titular characters of their films) I like The Incredibles and all, but I hope to never see it in Lego form again. And on the topic of Goofy, there really is no good reason for him to be excluded in favor of the ducks and Chip and Dale. Say what you want about how popular which character is in what certain country’s comic books, but Goofy is a part of Disney’s most iconic trio and one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. There is absolutely no way Lego and Disney didn’t consider him for both series 1 and 2. He’s most likely going to be exclusive to the D2C like Tinkerbell was. I’m not sure if that’s worse than him being absent and relegated to a hypothetical Series 3 we won’t see until 2022. If he is saved for that, I’m hoping he’s paired with his son Max from A Goofy Movie.
  14. The two smaller sets look amazing! I love the look of Molten Man and the Venice bridge is cute. This wave also has a lot of great figures! Mysterious, Fury, Stealth Suit Spidey and ESPECIALLY Peter Parker are amazing! MJ and Happy would look better with different hair pieces. Not really sure why that’s an issue because it’s not like Lego was going off concept art this time.. we’ve known what Happy’s hair looks like for 11 years and same with MJ in the last Spidey movie. The plane looks fine too but you couldn’t pay me enough to buy another super heroes jet. Maria Hill has no reason to not be included anywhere, and same goes with Ned. He’d fit in better than the Firefighter. If only a fraction of the effort here was put into the Endgame sets.