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    Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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    Outside of Lego, I am interested in coding, music production, and graphic design.


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  1. I've looked into a couple of groups but I've found only GFLUG which is a group based in Tampa and focuses a lot on trains rather than Lego as a whole. I am thinking the greater area of Florida MUST have some sort of LUG group? I checked out their facebook page and it seems like I wouldn't fit in cause its sort of a casual discussion rather than detailed or in-depth banter.
  2. No I completely understand, I just started my city and I am already seething at the idea that I need to create a baseplate for Assembly Square. I just started my city and its the first set in the modular line I've purchased.
  3. Honestly I think this issue would be completely resolved if you start switching over to the MILS method for building street corners. Although, I assume this would be a logistical nightmare because of how far you are into the process. However, this would mediate any issues of flexing or bending as well as being easier to adjust or snap partitions of the city onto a standard grid. I feel like its worth more to shell out money into the new Lego road plates instead of the old panels which are now discontinued. Read more about it here:
  4. BrickFleet

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you! I'll be sure to checkout different branches of the forum! I love Power Miners! I have a friend who is going to hook me up with some of the old Rock Raiders stuff just to see if I think that collecting the entire theme is worth it.
  5. BrickFleet

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Alan, screen name Brick Fleet. I am a new content creator and graphics design artist. My hobbies mostly deal with graphic design in terms of Lego. I also follow a couple themes such as Star Wars (starting to lose interest), City, Vidiyo. With some lesser known themes such as Agents, Powerminers, and Space Police III. I live in Florida! Well... Recently moved here. Are there any interest groups for lesser known themes such as Agents and Power Miners?