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    Ideas for CMFs

    Dang, Robert8! Blown away, as usual! That steampunk guy is really cool - if LEGO made this series (which they NEED TO , as usual...) I would get him and use his torso/legs for Watson in my Sherlock Holmes MOC. I also really like the Landscaper and the Expectant Mother. I would get them both and give the Landscaper to a good friend of mine who is actually one. And I could give my mum the Expectant Mother one - she's had 9 kids, and maybe it would get her to not be so indifferent towards LEGOs any more?
  2. I agree...something more than our typical CITY stereotypes: "bad guy in a boring, printed-on and hardly concealing mask" "bad guy or girl stupidly jailbreaking someone else out pf prison while still wearing their own prison jumpsuit", and the newest, "bad guy in a barely believable disguise", would be nice. And perhaps some jury members, or a lawyer for Series 20? That would be nice - we only have a judge and three police officers so far in the CMF line...and they can't exactly go anywhere without a jury and lawyers. Come on, LEGO!
  3. And to get yourself on the platform....Once you did that, if you ever had another good idea then you would already have a following.
  4. Do put it there! It could be pretty popular! I know I would vote for it, sure! Also, perhaps if you were to add a minifigure...
  5. Hey guys! I was able to pick up an ENTIRE CASE of Series 19 for $120! What happened was, my best friend went to our local Walmart and he found that the new Series 19 minifigs had been mis-labeled so they were on sale for $1 apiece!!! And he was like, "WHOA!" So he got the entire box! Then he realized that HE couldn't exactly DO anything with he sold it to me for $120. What do you think? Any similar stories? Our theory was that they had hired a new clerk and he had accidentally mixed up the LEGO Movie 2 minifigs with the new ones, and had put them on sale for that price. They'd had 2 cases, but the first one was gone in a flash. So he got the one remaining one. I have a list of the rarities of each one, if anyone needs them.
  6. Dude, like, submit it to LEGO IDEAS already! I would TOTALLY vote for it! It's SOOO cool! Btw, is it the lighting or is that in dark silver? I couldn't tell if it was dark silver or black.
  7. So right about that! I would rather they had kept the whole old system - even though we wouldn't get extra pieces, it would be worth it. The newer posters are literally onion-skin-paper-thin (ha! it rhymes!) and tear/fade/wash out REALLY easily. (I had one in my wallet when I went into a lake recently, and though an old-style one would have been OK, the newer ones just faded like crazy and tore like mad. Damn.) The plastic packets are helpful for ID-ing them faster - you can get to know who has the inner packaging and who doesn't and it speed the process exponentially. BUT, in view of LEGO's newfangled "environmental awareness" program, I'm surprised that they switched to this newfangled and uses-more-plastic system of packaging! Come on, LEGO! Stick to your commitments.
  8. Saw some photos on eBay: So apparently LEGO is going to continue this new trend of including extra pieces with some minifigures - something that they only recently restarted with The LEGO Movie 2 Series, after dropping it after Series 2. (Waaaaay back in 2010!) The Ghost Knight/Frightening Knight minifigure will have an extra transparent blue sword and transparent blue plume. Monkey King dude is going to have an extra crest piece, an extra red rod and an extra gold lightsaber hilt. Also, what do ya'll think about those clear plastic "inner packets" that they're using for some of the minifigures? I thought LEGO was trying to become more "environmentally friendly", and that is one thing that will now add hundred of pounds more to the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch and our trash dumps.....any thoughts? Did they really have to put them in there? Would it be better if they just removed them?
  9. CMFanatic

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Whoops! I'm in the USA so it would be cheaper for me - but I guess that shipping to Europe would be quite overpriced.
  10. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Oooh! Totally with lots of re-releases of animals! I would personally like to see an elephant remake to replace the old, expensive one from Adventurers. And perhaps a lion, not just these panther-style big cats they have? Even lion cubs! Awesome!
  11. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    So true! Personally, I'll root for you all the way to 10,000 votes on LEGO IDEAS! Oh, and beyond. I'll buy several of them if it gets made! No kidding - i need to expand my currently bland CITY collection of 9 vehicles and not a single damn building or paramedic station!
  12. CMFanatic

    71044 Disney Train and Station He's got it for $250! (Built and displayed, but still, if you just want one...) Come on! At least it's a trains set! There hasn't been a good one since the Constitution Train Chase set, which I got for $60 recently. But it's still a cool set, nearly worth the price just to have the Goofy minifig. (Which fans have been requesting for a loooong time now.) Plus, it wasn't MADE to be a companion to existing Train sets - it was made to go with the Disney Castle set! So I see no problem. (But then, I'm not a giant Trains fan, either. So I can see where you're coming from. I build my own train stuff - generally out of the demolished remains of the sets I have.)
  13. Btw, I changed my profile pic to #3 of the top three most-liked minifigure from this series - so far.
  14. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Ooooooops...sorry. I'm still new here and all. I won't do to you again. Pinkie promise. I think that an emergency subtheme would be cool! But it's not likely that LEGO would make it - most kids don't have EMS folks visit their schools, only firemen and police officers. LEGO probably knows that, thus we haven't seen more than that ol' hospital set and that ambulance helicopter. A-class bummer!
  15. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    They did make that Ambulance Helicopter already: :
  16. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Oooooo! I LOVE that idea! I could totally see an American Indian people pack with lots of indians, deer, bows/arrows, tents...LOVE IT! And a Victorian-type people pack with a Governor, Queen, King, Prince, Street Sweeper, Carolers (think Robert8's cool ones from his custom series!), street urchins, cabman...I am totally gonna make an IDEAS project of that! And we could even have an Oriental type people pack with awesome Eastern folks (emperor, prime minister, laborers - kind of like what we had in the LEGO Ninjago Movie sets, only more historically accurate). I would especially like to see a "Famous People" battle pack or something like that - we could see Benjamin Franklin, Queen Elizabeth II, Mohatmas Ghandi, Thomas Edison, and lots more! (Suggestions, please?) Man! I just got my head in a whirl with superb possibilities! I wanna to write to Kjeld Kirk Christansen himself and tell him to make these! ("Dude, you should totally look up this obscure post on this website most people haven't heard of and make the sets that these two random LEGO enthusiast folks are tentatively suggesting!" lol. Yeah, I can see why they just might not make them... ) But realities aside, they could call the theme Historica, or something similar. (Any ideas, guys?)
  17. Number one on my list would have to be (drumroll, please:) Taking. Things. Apart. Constantly. I was never really the kind of kid who could just leave well enough alone- there was always some higher, Holy-Grail-like epitome that I could build just by sacrificing a few well-loved but stale-by-now creations. Of course, I photo documented some of the creations that I made before disassembling them, but as I got better I realized that I'd never be good enough to the point where I could expect to not take a creation apart. So eventually I just gave up trying to keep them together and instead I focused on building newer and better versions, even if it meant losing the original idea that drove the build in the first place. Another thing: Never be afraid to ask relatives, neighbors or friends, "Hey, do you, like, have some old LEGO in your attics that I could, like, have?" I've gotten some really good ones from friends, neighbors, a Lord of the Rings set in great condition once. And most of the parts from the Star Wards brown droid carrier thingy. (Which of course got promptly disassembled and integrated into a mansion, which was then transformed into a haunted house, which was then turned into the Sign of the Three Broomsticks from Harry Potter, and then into a bank, and then a hotel, which has remained built for half a year- a personal record.) Third thing: Never be afraid to trade. (Hah! That rhymes!) I've gotten reeeeealy done in by trades before when I wanted something for a creation or MOC minifig assembly (bother you, little brother with light fingers!), but I'm much better at trading for what I want and getting a good trade. For instance, I "traded" (a.k.a. totally ripped off, because he had no idea how much they cost in the marketplace) for most of my best friend's LEGO minifigs that were in good condition, back when we were still pre-teens. He still likes me and LEGOs, though, so I guess I didn't really swindle him out of anything. (Of course, he had been given most of them in the first place by a random person at a Walmart who happened to have several tubs of LEGO in their trunk...never be afraid to ask for free LEGOs!) Dude, have you ever tried out THAT's where all the good LEGO deals go, lol! When the thrift stores and stuff finally caught on to how much LEGO reselling was worth (LEGO listings on eBay have sold over $15 million this year alone!) they started selling them online! With a little well-phrased LEGO searching online, you can make some really good purchases! Check it out!
  18. Bother. I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy want some NOW! And it's looking like I'll have to wait a week! Or more! NOT FAIR, LEGO! Well, they are just starting the printing runs. I'd be willing to bet a case of Simpsons Series 2 that the next run will be significantly better, with clearer printing and stuff. I remember that when the LEGO Movie 2 series first came out, all the minifigures I got in the first month had fuzzy faces and not-quite-clear printing, but after a month when Walmart got a new shipment in, the printing had improved drastically. So hopefully we'll see that with these... I know, right? About 30+ people have told him that, but he always says that he's a chemist, not a designer! It's a shame...I'd shell out the big bucks for LEGO to officially produce some of his Series N minifigs!
  19. Man... I didn't know that TRU still had stores open? I thought that they all closed down? Is there one near me? I wanna get my mitts on some soooooo baaaaaad.....
  20. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    Sand green, dark tan and light grey colors would be best, I think. If I was making it, I would make something like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Also, one of the camper kids should be a girl. All of them would have similar torsos (but not necessarily the exact same). Maybe arm the counselor, like, with a crossbow or something, for dramatic effect? That would be funny! And perhaps there should be a tree nearby, with bats in it.
  21. Heh, try searching for 75950 (Aragog's Lair, which was a cool set by the way).They sell wands, all right! Stinks that they don't sell clone pieces, though - I was going to build a huge Clone Army if they did.
  22. CMFanatic

    Ideas for new City sets

    They should totally do it. I like the idea! You could have different sets like a "Mayor's Unveiling" set with the mayor on a platform and a crowd and news team. Maybe he could be dedicating a statue or something. Then there could be a big Downtown News Station as the keystone set, with a news van and six minfigures, rotating radar dish n the top, a "working" printing press and a little television studio with a reporter interviewing someone. Cool!
  23. WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?????? Who has them in stock? I always thought that the Series 15 knight was the Frightening Knight! I would have preferred "spooky knight" or something similar...