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  1. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Treasures

    i am speechless... Amazing...
  2. Amazing build and Amazing Videos, looking forward to Season 2 :P
  3. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] ca. 1660 26-gun frigate 'Victoire Ailée'

    That sad, was hope to have the “file”” too.
  4. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] Vigilance - Venator class-star destroyer

    OMG... Just cant said anything else, just OMG. 11K parts... Look Amazing... Ah will be take me a ages get all the parts... Lucky you... I am jealous...
  5. I can not wait my self ... Always had a ''feelings'' for lego Castles and Pirates.
  6. ElScoorpio

    [MOC][Instructions] Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

    Hello sir, I need say, that I personally cant wait for the new Pegasus v2.0. @manglegrat do you know please when will be the instructions ready for ''sale'' ? Thanks a lot :)
  7. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    This is Amazing !!! Cant wait to build it myself.
  8. ElScoorpio

    [DIGITAL] HMS Surprise

    Very beautiful ship. @Kyle84 will be possible to sharing the ''hull'' with ''Us'' please ?
  9. ElScoorpio

    HELP! ! !

    Thanks a lot Same for you, thanks a lot.
  10. ElScoorpio

    HELP! ! !

    Hello All, I am ''new here'' and have problem to send any PM. The 'system saying'' i have 0 messages left for today. Can someone help me or explain me how i can PM the forum users please. Thanks a lot. Kind Regards El Scoorpio
  11. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] About Face!

    Hello, I will be interest to “buy them” , will be happy to send you PM but for some “no know issue” I can’t send any PM. Can you please try PM me and maybe I will be able to answer you back. Thanks anyway
  12. ElScoorpio

    [MOC] About Face!

    Hi All, I need say all look “fabulous” but the front of 3rd and 4th are the best. Love the “gold ring” on the “sleeve” of the 4th one. Can I have personal question please @evancelt Where and how I can get them myself ? 🙈 Like the muskets as well ( interest in them too ) Thanks for any info :)