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  1. Is there a way to explicitly specify the size of the magnified area on each page? (I've also got a couple other suggestions for additions to the printing interface, if you're interested.)
  2. We don't know if or when LDD will receive any more parts updates, much less if the Boost parts might be in such an update. Since LDraw parts are primarily created by end users, you could either explore creating them yourself, or check the LDraw parts tracker to see if someone else has made an unofficial part yet.
  3. Ldd on tablets with intel

    What are the tablet operating system and hardware specs? Be aware that even if you can install it, you'll really need a mouse to effectively use LDD. I've tried it on a couple of Microsoft Surface tablets, and LDD is just not optimized for a touch interface.
  4. LDD Cannot Access the Internet

    Does anyone know what site LDD tries to contact?
  5. LPub 4 Help

    Does your model (ldr/mpd) have step statements in it?
  6. [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    That's excellent, thanks! I'd briefly looked at her review, but hadn't scrolled down far enough to see those pictures.
  7. [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    Has anyone come across a review that shows all of the bags, preferably not in a pile?
  8. Ah. I'm still waiting for my invitation, which explains my lack of access...
  9. Is a valid subdomain? When I click the link I just get redirected to the main Bricklink home page.
  10. No, this has been a feature as long as I can remember.
  11. Maybe try again? I just used the link, and was able to download the file without any problem.
  12. 18675 has been in since the previous update, I think. You can't decorate it, though.
  13. 41567 Skulzy has a couple of each of those pieces.
  14. LDD 4.3.9 Update Released

    Extended mode: the only mode worth using.
  15. Yes, yes they do.