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    Arabian Street

    Hi! Wanted to share my part of Zbudujmy To! LUG collab we made last year. We built Arabian Street diorama with desert, poor district and rich district sections. I built 6BP - 4BP in poor district and 2BP in rich district. In poor district I got three buildings and a chase scene - city guards run after the escaping thief and his monkey. It's highly inspired by Alladin movie or Assassin's Creed game. To rich district I made merchant's house. Used more colors and plants than in poor district buildings. Hope you enjoy my builds. Visit my ig for more details shots. ;)
  2. BardDandelion

    Arabian Street

    @MaceWindu Thank! It was part of bigger diorama - we got more desert and savanna, buildings, city walls, crowded bazaar etc. You may check whole diorama at yt: @blackdeathgr @Marooned Marin Thanks a lot for your comments! ;)
  3. BardDandelion

    Arabian Street

    @NOD @Yperio_Bricks Thanks guys, glad that you recognize the scene on the roofs. Wasn't sure if people will get the pigeons. ;) @TheBeeze @peedeejay Thanks a lot! :D @Captain Braunsfeld Thank you! Printed tiles with fish are from Chinese New Year set from last year - 80107.
  4. BardDandelion

    Viking Village

    Hi, wanted to present my Viking Village diorama. It was built last year as a part of Zbudujmy To! LUG collab project. I made 16 BP - sea, beach, cliff, buildings and jarl's longhouse. Hope you guys enjoy it. ;)
  5. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Wanda Vision TV

    Hi! Wanted to share my newest MOC - it's based on MCU tv series "Wanda Vision" Hope you enjoy it! ;)
  6. BardDandelion

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    Hi! Decided to join the challange with my custom CMF series. Avalonia Grail Knight - the most virtuous of men who devote their lives to defend the innocent and fighting evil become Knights of the Grail. Halfling Farmer - halflings are a peaceful race that live in Avalonia. They mainly work in agriculture and trade but when attacked they are able to defend their lands. Elven Sorceress - wood elves live in the forests of Avalonia and jealously guard their secrets. Not only arrows may end the life of intruders - forest spirits willingly stand shoulder to shoulder with elves. Kaliphlin Genie - genies are powerful spirits chained by a spell and forced to fulfill their master's wishes. But woe to anyone who breaks the spell and faces the freed genie. Wounded Conquistador - many go on a treasure hunt or to simply colonize the jungle but attempts to settle on their outskirts are usually unsuccesful. Lizardman Priest - unexplored jungles hide many secrets. Their inhabitants guard settlements and holy temples of Winged Serpent god against all invaders. Nocturnus Vampire Knight - not all dead remain in their graves. Vampires are powerful beings, intelligent and cunning. On the battlefield, unlike other undead, they appear in full gear and can use tactics. Dark Elf Witch - the dark elves are the perverted cousins of their forest counterparts. While searching for greater and greater magical power, they often come across things that scare even them. Necromancer - some study the secret art of necromancy, seeking to be reunited with their deceased loved ones. Others crave the power that armies of resurrected minions may provide. One thing is for sure - playing with the laws of nature is difficult and rarely brings positive results. Mitgardia Barbarian Warlord - Mitgardia is a difficult place to live. Numerous wars and unfavorable climate provide good conditions for the development of bands that set off south on plundering expeditions. Tzarina - not all kingdoms are ruled by kings and queens, in some parts of the world it is the dynasties of tsars who wield power. Ice magic certainly helps to maintain it. Winged Hussars - as brave as their southern counterparts, these Midgardian knights are trained all their lives to be the best at their craft. And their craft is war. Varl´╗┐yrio Lionman Merchant - Beastmen in most places of the world terrify travelers but cities of Varlyrio are inhabited by highly intelligent species of Lionman who - like humans - have rejected their barbaric past and are successful in trading, poetry and politics. Varlyrian Philosopher - wealth accumulated for generations by people of this region helps in development of science and art. Many use the opportunity to become scholars and spend their days wondering the mysteries of this world. Mercenary Infantryman - when so many focus on art and philosophy few are willing to be a soldier. The people of Varlyrio remedied this by organising many different mercenary parties and groups. The training is not equal to that of the knights from the continent but they use innovative methods of fighting and the high pay guarantees many recruits from all over the world. Dwarf Miner - Dwarfs live in all places where great craftsmen, brave warriors or hard-working workers are needed. It means that they live in all over the world often being the most most influential and powerful race in the region due to various functions they occupied positions. Hope you like them! :D
  7. BardDandelion

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    @W Navarre Thanks a lot! I need to buy more of these Monkie Kid hairpieces. Really glad how they combine with lions Chima heads. @Grover Wondered if it's not too much - after all it was CMF challange, not minifigures with small builds but could't stop myself and not make these little builds.
  8. BardDandelion

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    Really nice, interesting and quite unique minifigs. Cool entry to the challange. ;)
  9. BardDandelion

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    This is so brutal! Love it! :D Some of them are super clever, breaking wheel is my favourite.
  10. BardDandelion

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    An instrument you made for Courtier is astonishing!
  11. These are really cool. I like that you focused on one theme with all of them.
  12. BardDandelion

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    @Aurore @Kai NRG @Robert8 Thanks a lot! Glad that you like my figs. ;) @zoth33 You are right, Tzarina is a character from fantasy Warhammer. Also - there are more characters inspired by this world. ;)
  13. BardDandelion

    Mountain Cottage

    My newest build is an interior of mountain cottage. Tried to show as many details from this kind of place as it was possible with this limited space. Which one is you favourite? ;) Hope you enjoy my build. ;)
  14. BardDandelion

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    My part of collab project we built for Summer Joust this year. We built four scenes, each set in different season of the year and as common motive we used holidays and tradition. I built cemetery and a group of villagers performing Forefathers' Eve ritual. Hope you like it. ;)
  15. BardDandelion

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    @Spader @Redhead1982 @Captain Braunsfeld @evancelt Thanks a lot folks. Glad that you enjoy my build! :D @Phyre Witcher series is also (in some parts) based on Slavic tradition. For Polish people Forefathers' Eve is well known because of the drama by Adam Mickiewicz under this name. The whole ritual is described there. We wanted to use this collab to share our ancestors traditions and believes - that's why we decided to use holidays as a main theme of a project. You may check spring, summer and winter parts of the collab here in post written by Toltomeja:
  16. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Gold Mine Hide-out - Western

    Awesome! Many great details!
  17. BardDandelion

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    @derEselausErgste Thank you for your comment! Feel free to got inspired by my builds. :D @Phyre Thanks! Wanted to clarify just one thing - Forefathers' Eve is similar to Halloween, but it's Slavic tradition, not Celtic. There are differences. ;)
  18. Hi! Wanted to present my newest diorama. It's inspired by "Total War: Warhammer III" trailers. It presents battle between forces of Kislev and invading army of Chaos. Kislev is a northern kingdom of men. It is inspired and based on East Europe history and cultures - Russia, Poland and Ukraine etc. Their coat of arms is bear and these animals are commonly use in fight eg. to pull war sleds or to ride on them. Kislev is ruled by Tzarina Katarin Bokha who is powerful ice witch. You may spot her on the rock shooting magic ice missile into demon face. Khorne is a Chaos god of war, blood and fight. Life of his followers, spawns and demons has only one purpose - to shed blood in the name of their god and collect skulls of fallen enemies for his Skull Throne. Hope you guys like it. ;)
  19. BardDandelion

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    @Monocle Thanks a lot! ;) @MaceWindu Yeah, unfortunately I have only white background for such big MOCs. My next dioramas will have different bases (tan, reddish brown, green) so it will work better.
  20. BardDandelion

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    @zoth33 Seems that you like everything. :D Thank you for the comment. ;)
  21. BardDandelion

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    @Nom Carver @Shroffy123 Thanks a lot! ;) @jtooker Thank you. It's not Khorne himself, it's just one of his demons. He should tower over everything else - building him took me weeks of work, the whole terrain was made in three evening. :P
  22. BardDandelion

    Kislev Bear Cavalry

    Hi! Wanted to share my newest build - Kislev Bear Rider. It's based on unit from Warhammer Fantasy Battle/Total War: Warhammer III. Decided to use Duplo bear because of size. Tried with both Arctic and City polar bears but they were to small for a rider. Hope you guys like it. ;)
  23. Wood elves bringing sacrifice for theirs god who took the form of giant stag. Hope you guys enjoy my build. ;)
  24. BardDandelion

    Grass Widower

    @Samus Aran More like a week in quarantine. :D @Johnny1360 :D I got one plant in my place - meant. It almost days every time when I leave the city for a couple of days. @Vilhelm22 @Toastie Thank you very much. ;)
  25. BardDandelion

    Grass Widower

    Let's be honest - it always looks like that. :D