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  1. See Steve wielding a sword, and see if you can spot a few of his doppelgangers (or clones, if you've seen my last MOC) scattered around. Steve originally worked as a merchant, but after meeting the Governor, was recruited as a spy. At the biannual pirate meetup, which the Imperial soldiers found, broke up, arrested pirates, and implanted Agent Steve into the chaos. The crews were reformed with the pirates who got away, and Steve scored a place in Redbeard's crew, intending to report information back to the Imperial Soldiers on his whereabouts to lead to an arrest. Steve began to enjoy the pirate life, and decided to become a captain of his own, ambushing Ironhook, assuming his identity, and taking his crew for his own. MOC specifications: 1500-2000 pieces (I'm just guessing here: if you have a better approximation, let me know in the replies). 42 bricks tall (counting the flag) Built in 2 days 19 minifigures (and one skeleton)
  2. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY][LARGE] Found Forbidden Fortune

    Would that crocodile be the one from the latest Jungle Explorers sets (for some reason now it's part of Lego City)? I'll have to get that one sometime...
  3. YellowFrog

    [MOC] St.Miguel - Armada Flagship

    Is that banner at the front of the ship from the original Durmstrang ship set? (Harry Potter)
  4. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY][LARGE] The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    Nice build! I'd like to see a whole ship built in this style.
  5. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY][SMALL] Mini Imperial Trading Post

    Nice part usage! I particularly like the shoulder-armour boat and the Gryffindor tile for the sails. Great work! Maybe some nanofigures would've worked better for the characters, though.
  6. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY] [SMALL] Quadruplets?

    I wanted to share some of the magic of editing by allowing a sneak peek into the real MOC instead of the edited version.
  7. YellowFrog

    Image Quality

    Thanks, I'll be using Bricksafe from now on.
  8. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY] [SMALL] Quadruplets?

    Thanks for all the feedback, but I only have two Redbeard heads! I took the photo, moved the heads, and took another photo. I stitched the photos together. Also, I was wanting to take some of the feedback on board, make some changes, and get a higher quality image. What is the EB etiquette in this case? Should I change the original post, make a new post, put the image in the replies to the main post? EDIT: I changed the original post.
  9. YellowFrog

    Image Quality

    When uploading images, it says the upload limit it 40kb. So if I do, the resolution is low and pixelated. However, when looking at other posts, the images are crisp and high-resolution. How are they managing this?
  10. YellowFrog


    Hello all, I am a new member from Australia, with an interest in Lego Castle and Pirates. I was wondering, how come Eurobricks has very European branding? (the logo and name, I mean). Was it originally intended for just Europeans?
  11. YellowFrog

    [ENTRY] [SMALL] Quadruplets?

    Steve sat down at a bar at a coastal town. Although he started the afternoon tight-lipped, after he had chugged a few bottles of smuggled whisky, he finally told me his story. Redbeard, after years of facing a disappointing crew, decided to try something new. Exhausted by the incompetence of the usual crew, he strived to create a perfect crew - a crew made up entirely of Roger Redbeard. In an alchemist's abandoned basement, he assembled his creation, and, one fateful night, decided to give it a go. He never revealed to me the process, nor the ingredients, but I bet it had something to do with gold coins, and rum - his two favourite things in life. Before I knew it, I was thrust into existence, and the room was filled with Redbeards: Ennio LaQuay; Ironhook, yet he hadn't lost his hand nor foot at that time; myself; and Roger. (This is the moment captured in the MOC above.) Whilst we all shared his spitting image, and his eternal desire for wealth, we set off on our different paths, each hoping to make our fortune in our own way. LaQuay became a captain, and assembled a fine ship, and crew, and although I heard his ship is rather slow due to stiff sails, he looted a large number of cargo ships due to his skill with cannons.Ironhook became a captain too, yet he was focused on finding treasure. Redbeard hoped to make his fortune by taking down the Imperial Army, and taking their wealth and fleet for himself. I turned to trade, and tried to make my fortune as a merchant (I was really just a smuggler). But I didn't anticipate the small earnings and constant thievery. In one of these unfortunate encounters, I lost my hand to a gang of rival smugglers. Needing an escape from the immense danger and minimal returns, I turned to the path of my... brothers? twins? ...and became a pirate captain. The seas were quite full, with the three other red-bearded pirates already on the waters, and I wanted to join the hunt for the Islander's lost treasure. I started a search, and quickly came across Ironhook. Two birds were too much for one cage, and I discreetly disposed of him, donned his uniform, and took over his ship and crew. I just hope no-one noticed that I wasn't missing a leg... Steve stopped telling his story, exhausted. --- Pictured is the moment that Redbeard made his clones. From left to right: Young Ironhook, Steve, Ennio LaQuay, Roger Redbeard.