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    As long as it is complicated and moves
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    Hogwarts castle

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    Cats, Pinball, my oldtimer car, Fischer Technik, Lego.


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  1. coinoperator

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    Don't forget to add some rust... And make some construction that lets the engine drop out underneath. (this is why these cars had the engine in the back, so you don't stumble over it when it drop's) Whawhawhawhaw No serious You did a great job building this moc
  2. coinoperator

    [MOC] Happy New Year 2019

    Incredible... That great workout of the water.
  3. coinoperator

    [GBC] washing machine

    GREAT idea and a very good workout.
  4. coinoperator

    How to tell Light Grey from Light Bluish Grey?

    Lego nowadays has molding plants in eastern Europe lands, some minor color differences are probably to blame to this separate production, it's near to impossible to get the colors 100% between the plants.
  5. coinoperator

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    When it's yellow I always think about The Hitchhikers guide.... When I was building the 8275 I wrote "yellow" over whapsapp to a friend of mine. "you're building a bulldozer" he replied (he didn't even see a picture)
  6. coinoperator

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    But I wouldn't say Nay to this one too 6000 pieces orso I'll sell a kidney for it
  7. coinoperator

    PFx Brick video test

    Hi, I was highly interested in this PFx Brick and being curious I installed their App on my tablet but it didn't even start. So I tried again but now in my S7Edge but it didn't work here too. So I contacted support and after weeks and mailing again and again weeks I never got any reaction from them. So I doubt if it is a good idea to but that expensive thing, support is not to expected.
  8. coinoperator

    Monastery Brewery

    I love this one, great build and nice details. just one lttle comment, these monks were usually busy with brewing beer
  9. Best thing you do is buy a powersupply in a local store, these things cost peanuts but are considerably SAFER than the ali stuff.. Yes safer, the ali PS's have a know habit to cause fire because of there "good construction". Just ask for a regulated PS I buy lots of stuff on Ali, usually nothing wrong with it but please do not buy any loader, charger, powersupply or similar equipment there cause these have not even the slightest safety and there's no control over it at all. The Lego PS is ridiculous in price but an universal loader should not cost more than 10 $€& orso
  10. coinoperator

    [MOC] Don't pick the flowers

    Awesome Reminds me of the SF Book "Mesmerica" by Eric Frank Russel
  11. Really? Never knew this.. (stumbling upstairs and digging in box labeled "Lego electrickity")
  12. One of the things I am hoping for is proportional servo control. Just half a year ago I was able to get myself the Volvo L350f and this was my first encounter with the Lego servo. But what a disapointment to see that it only can go fully left or right and that not even subtile. and we now have several control hubs.....
  13. Hi, I just stumbled into this topic and took a look at your powersupply. First thing that took my attention was the symbol after DC9V You see there an = symbol with a lower broken line wich means this supply is not stabilised. This means the output will be somewhere around 9V and will have some leftover of AC in it and for sure is NOT exactly 9V (aka an unregulated PS) When the symbol was an = it would.