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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I am wondering about if any of you fellow forumers have any experience with using third party 9v dc air compressors with LEGO Pneumatics...? (No advert intended, random sample picture of above mentioned system just to clear things up, the system in question draws around 350-400 milliAmps and generates about 80 Kpa/ 0.8 bar, which i know is on the lower side of performance, but this is why i ask here...) I have made several well (or less so well) working all-LEGO buildt pumps, and as you might guess this alternative would be way more usefull and convenient. I am personally amazed how TLG does not provide by default such a system, it could well live side-by-side with common brick-buildt pumps and i am sure it would be appreciated by Moc builders and AFOL users. We have motors allready, how about mini compressor for convenience and efficiency? Thanks in advance for any comment and/or advice! Any more powerfull suggestion in this size or similar would be very helpfull...
  2. Probably already done to death, but meh: pneumatics are cool. Here are two air pumps I keep on my shelf for boosting some of my models. The focus is on compact and minimal but also functional design. The first is for first-generation, single-ported pneumatics. It's just a small cylinder connected to a geared 9V motor with a pair of wheels as a crank. Next up, one for the dual-ported system. This one has two blue pumps set 180 degrees apart to smooth the airflow, driven 1:1 through 16-tooth gears by a PF XL motor.
  3. Hi everyone I need some help to troubleshoot an issue that I'm having with a Pneumatic Pump. It has a leak, but I don't think that it is the piston or the one-way valve. I think that there may be a tiny hole in the black casing. Please watch this short (2 min) video for details: Has anyone experienced a similar problem, or have a solution? I was thinking that I could use some glue (hot glue / super glue / two-part epoxy) to block the hole, but I didn't want it to seep in and block the air flow completely. I've had this pump for a few years, but I think this is the first time that I have actually used it. If this is a manufacturing defect, do you think Lego would replace it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have been recently wondering "How can I make fast air with my pneumatic pumps" I have built a fully functioning, belt driven system which turns the pump at a hell of a speed already, it can go even faster by adding a smaller pulley, but I didn't incase the pump got caught up and snapped. I was filling my air tank up with it, the pressure got so good the pipe popped off the air tank, it filled within 3 seconds, with a small grey pump. I have produced this setup out of a powerful RC motor and meccano and a thick belt and 2 pulleys. I had drilled a hole into a flat circul and attached it to a shaft as an offset gear which drives the pump. If anyones interested, I will take a picture.
  5. I bought this blue item advertised as "Mini Pump Double Valve" on eBay It does not seem like a pump to me. It works like an actuated piston. Is the blue cylinder supposed to be a pump?
  6. eurotrash

    MOC: Nodding Donkey

    Nodding Donkey After the fun I had with the Chinese Laundry and the power functions I had to build something that again 'moved and shaked' and with the recent decline in oil prices I thought a Nodding Donkey would be an interesting build. If you are unfamiliar with these they are simple pumping mechanisms that are used to retrieve Oil or Water from underground. The product is then either stored locally in a tank or piped to a processing plant. I built it in a modular format so that it could fit into my City. The 'A' frame is made of four Technic bricks that in turn were wrapped in tiles to cover the holes. Here's a shot from the rear showing the storage tank and the mechanicals A concerned local citizen has noticed oil leaking from the well head. Here's the details of the step-down gear box that I built to slow the m-motor down to a point where the Nodding Donkey looked more natural and less like a bucking bronco. And finally a link to a short video of the machine in action. I placed the m-motor on the ground floor of my Downtown Museum/Noodle Shop and ran the long axle through the adjacent wall. I hope you like it and as usual comments, criticism and ridicule are most welcome!