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Found 4 results

  1. TomSkippy

    Speed Champions: Speed Racer Mach 5

    Not really a car guy, but my kids got into the Speed Racer: Next Generation show. The song got stuck in my head. I'd always respected the Speed Champions line, so I thought I'd update the old Speed Racer. The actual car I built doesn't have a black windshield and the wheels obviously don't turn like that. But I like the poster style. Here's a build render: I love that you can actually get official stickers. What do you guys think?
  2. The following models are all modified versions of the original 1967 anime and (begrudgingly) the 2008 film, while the figs are customized and updated versions of the ones from the Lego theme: The Mach 5 (Speed Racer's car) This is half of set 8158 (Speed Racer & Snake Oiler) from the 2008 Speed Racer movie line. I tried to make the Mach 5 more accurate to the original late 1960's cartoon without using stickers. This includes some new (to the model) cartoon-accurate features: detachable sawblades and jump-jacks! (Sadly, neither of them fold away as in the cartoon... they just come off when not needed. Also, the cross-brace on the sawblades is to keep them from flopping around.) These extra features are not on my car as-ordered, but can be added easily in the future. The Shooting Star (Racer X's car) Here is a mod of half of BOTH set 8159 (Racer X & Taejo Togokhan) and 8160 (Cruncher Block & Racer X) from the 2008 Speed Racer movie line, as the car is oddly identical across both sets. I tried to make Racers X's car, the Shooting Star, more accurate to the original 1960's cartoon without using stickers, but this required heavy modifications, such as adding double headlights, exhaust pipe tips, taillights, printed side numbers (9), and smoothing out missing parts of bodywork using parts that weren't available to designers in 2008. The Mammoth Car (Cruncher Block's mobile HQ) It looks like a ordinary semi truck. But it's not! It's the mobile headquarters of notorious criminal Cruncher Block. This is a heavy mod of Jurassic World set 76948 (T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout), restyled to be like the Mammoth Car from set 8160 (Cruncher Block and Racer X) from the 2008 Speed Racer movie line. I changed around a whole truckload of stuff with this build, so I'm not going to mention everything I did. The brand new trailer has a removable roof to access the inside details. Cruncher Block's mobile office from the 2008 movie - complete with piranha tank, desk, and weapons storage. I have good reasons for doing in the film style, though, as the original 1960's anime the Mammoth car was mostly empty inside, so it would look like an ordinary semi truck otherwise. The Brick Breaker (Rocket Racer's car) Now, I know what you're thinking: "He wasn't in Speed Racer at all! What gives?" Well; he was in the much beloved LEGO Racer videogame franchise, he is a race car driver, and has the word 'Racer' in his name. Thus, he belongs in my Speed Racer collection. This model is a total redesign of half of set 8898 (Wreckage Road) from the World Racers theme. I removed all the weapons and play features, redid the color scheme in a major way, added headlights and ID number tiles (1) to the car, plus I added the Rocket Racer figure from the Stuntz theme to the drivers seat. The Stars of the Show / Film I drew inspiration for these six (currently five and a half) figures from the original 1967 anime and the failed 2008 movie. As you can see, some parts are still missing, such as Racer X's black visor and Trixie's torso. (I have the legs I'm gonna use already pulled out and placed just out of frame) I also still need to re-design Taejo's car at some point, because the one Lego came out with officially is the weakest of the bunch IMO. Progress on the models / final thoughts (Sorry the photo is bad, I tried IRL to make it bright and failed, so I had to do so digitally. Some colors are washed out as a result.) The one in the digital background is the Shooting Star and what parts have yet to be found in my own collection or bought are featured on the screen. The real world model in the foreground is the Mach 5 which is awaiting one order to arrive to be finished. Pictures will be added once it's done. Thoughts?
  3. cehnot

    Speed Racer Mach 5

    I finished this a few weeks ago and wanted to share with you my rendition of the classic 1967's anime show Mach Go Go, known in the USA as Speed Racer. I owned the movie version sets years ago and had to sell them off while paying for college. One of the things I hated was how simple the cars were made and hardly looked like the movie versions. Though I enjoyed the film, the Mach 5 was redesigned from the original anime to fit their needs. I had some issues with the body design and the back tail fins, but overall I enjoyed seeing them recreate my childhood cartoon into a live action film. I wish they did a better version of it, but frankly, I was happy it was a tricked out and colorful movie. Spent a lot of time looking at old cell frames from collectors of the original mach 5 design, as well as several blue prints made of the car over the years. All this made me adore the car more and become sorta emotional to know that so many slight changes took place between all the ERTL models, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lighting, and various toy sets. When you look back to the classic anime the car was actually quite hard to draw in various poses. There were several modern takes on the classic cartoon and only 1 faithfully recreated the mach 5 in CGI matching the anime, in all its glory. That show was called Speed Racer: The Next Generation. The car was seen in only 2 episodes and replaced by their version of the Mach 6. I loved how much detail they put in the vehicle and it was great to use for this car as reference. I have seen some high end metal replicas and only 1 car company did it, but never got it made because 4 or 5 years the license was taken away and they had to cease production of what was shown at a toy fair. That was one sweet car. A great article from Diecast Magazine showing various types of Mach 5 versions available for purchase. The ultimate Toy if they ever made it. Allegory premiered in 2012 SDCC a collector's dream car. They found the original blue prints, got the original cell art and recreated it on the computer. They shoed off videos of how accurate this thing was and nothing compares to its beauty. Check out this awesome video from the event they created showcasing this loved item. They would have created my most expensive and surely happiest toy ever. I love the show. THEN THEY LOST THE LICENSE RIGHT BEFORE ORDERS WENT OUT. Created a masterpiece and lost it. See the article below. Joyride recently created the car into a die cast 1/18 collectible and it is very close to the original specs. Its much cheaper and easily available to order. Resaurus The 6inch Resaurus toy set was closest to original anime. Bulky, but close. I liked how the anime by episode 50 actually slimmed down the car a bit and didn't keep it so round like this toy. Ertl This die cast replica has some awesome features. Its quite unique as it has all the weapons and actions features you would expect in a toy version. Otaku This is one expensive inaccurate replica. It looks like a real car, but shape is wrong. I would purchase this $800 replica if it was closer to the body I like. But if I cared little about accuracy, then this would be the ultimate toy! Enough of the reference. ONTO THE CARS I created 4 versions of the car. Each version has significant rear spoiler and muffler changes. I had to alter each rendering from the cockpit and back in order to make it closer to the anime and Allegory rendering. Photo 1 As you can see, the major difference between these two cars are the rear spoilers. The one on the left makes a great profile picture of the car and accurately matches the outline of the car. Unfortunately, the space between the spider and body is quite noticeable and disliked. This is why I kept all 4 models. I already ordered my parts off Bricklink to build these two versions and see if I could moved the spoilers to enhance the one on the left and rebuilt it in LDD. Photo 2 The lineup. Going from left to right, Car #2 fits the best overall shape and model of how protruded the mufflers need to be, unfortunately, based on how I built the models I used 2 binoculars attached to each other to get that length and you can see one of the binoculars behind the wheel well. Not too fancy. #1 fits the overall look and shape I wanted, minus the spoilers. I could merge #1 and #4 to create the correct under carriage and mufflers as well as correct spoilers, but again there is a gap in-between the fins and body. If LEGO created wedge plates without knobs I could make this work by double up the plates and use another technique to hide the gap. Photo 3 Car #3 and #4 both have the correct rear wheel cover angle like you see in the tv show. I may do a 5th version where I combine #1 and #3. The largest issue is when doing this, I had to heavily modify the framework underneath to get the wheel slightly inside and keep the shape the correct 8 stud width without rubbing against the wheel. I think the total width of the rear wheel is 7 to 7.5 studs wide. Photo 4 Seems easy, but these body frames were difficult to keep together. I had to reenforce each shape to make the rear work. These models do not have a working front hood and rear storage compartment. I may want to build 2 or 3 models first to see how durable they are, then try to create an opening hatch. I had an earlier version with this idea I kept in case it could work. I just don't want to chance it until I try to see how the real models work. SPECIAL NOTE: I wish LEGO Created 1x3 inverted transparent yellow slopes. I will use Transparent Clear for the real car build. Photo 5 A great profile on the car #2 where you see the binoculars behind the rear wheel. Not happy bout those. Photo 6 Shows you how the front looks. A bit hard to see without a blue render. There is an air intake below creating the "smile" like in the anime. The anime creators said they designed the car to have a smile underneath where the 2 buzz blades come out so that the car smiles as he zooms past his enemies. Simple old anime approach to comedy. Photo 7 A better angle of the car. Photo 8 This is Car #4, see how the spoilers create that awesome point just like the real car? Photo 9 Nice profile, great rear wheel well cover, terrible that the plate wedges don't offer the same shapes without knobs. Blue Renders This is my first attempt at doing these. Any suggestions on creating better renders or somehow getting better lighting to make the white easier to see, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
  4. LegoPercyJ

    (WIP) USC Style Mach 5

    I have begun to plan out a MOC I have been wanting to do: a UCS Mach 5! And, I am going to include ALL 7 abilities! I will try to find a way to put in the jacks, homing drone, tire treads, red headlights, blades, bullet prof protection, and periscope. This is where I will be posting my progress as well as asking for suggestions.