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  1. carmichael1983

    Lego Train Gauge Comparison

    05th October 2015 I am aware that all Lego Trains are grouped under the collective L gauge. However what real world model railway gauge would best match the old 12.0 V / 4.5 V trains? I am currently considering that the old Hornby Clockwork O Gauge might be the closest match available. I would like to know as this would help influence my future builds. Thanks
  2. carmichael1983

    Minfigure decorations

    Superkalle Apologies, I am relatively new to the Eurobricks Forum Thank you for providing the source of the files, I didn't know that was duplicating a file that already existed
  3. Removed, May 2023, File came from unoffical source Untitled2.lxf
  4. 23 May 2013 I would like to see a decoration introduced to the latest and future versions of LDD. Its a decoration for a sloped brick. This decoration was previously available year 2010 / 2011, not sure why it got removed, however I have seen numerous requests for the part in various other Eurobricks forums. It would be of useful benefit to those people who do both digital pirate and medieval builds as it transfers nicely across the two themes. + It would be of great benefit to me as this is a digital minifig I am trying to rebuild. I have everything except the decoration, also thanks to the person who started a decorations thread + The references are as follows: Key Source:Description:Part Number:Internet Address Peeron: Slope Brick 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Centre Tube with Dress with Dangling Pendant Pattern 3678bpx11 Bricklink: Slope Brick 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Centre Tube with Dress with Dangling Pendant Pattern 3678bpb14 http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3678bpb14 - - - Please visit my other thread: http://www.eurobrick...topic=58609&hl= for LDD Collectable Minifigs - - -
  5. Hi Does anybody in the wider Eurobricks forum community have a complete copy of the LDD minifig that is a digital copy of the Govenors Daughter in set no 6243 Brickbeards Bounty (see for reference). The model was released by the Lego Group last year as a one off seasonal special model and was made available through the right hand model download pane that is currently promoting Build With Dad models. The minifig also came with a broom and spider. I have contacted Lego to see about another copy of this model, however Lego say that it is no longer available. If somebody does have a copy of this seasonal model please reply to this posting Thanks