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    [old] Brickfilming Tutorial

    Hey and welcome to my newest tutorial on the subject of making brickfilms. Now before you follow this tutorial, you should check out Basic Filming and Walking at 15fps tutorials. Converting Video This is important for me, as when I animate with SMA, the output is an avi. file, but Vegas Movie Studio only accepts wmv. files. So in keeping with my quest to teach you how to brickfilm with a minimum budget, I present to you my free video converter of choice. NCH Prism Video Converter. It has a 30-day trial that has no watermarks or anything like that. Just that it expires. But it is a tiny program that can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute even on a dial-up connection so you could just uninstall and grab the trial when you need it. The trial version can be downloaded directly from here. What's more, it can be used on Windows or Mac. How do I use Prism? It's not that hard really. All you need to do is: 1. Click "Add Files" 2. Find the video you want to convert and click ok. 3. Choose your output file type. (eg. avi. wmv. mpeg. etc.) 4. Click "Browse" to find the directory you want to store the video and click ok. 5. Click "Convert" That's it! Then you have a non-watermarked video for use in your editing application in 5 easy steps. Good luck! Next: Editing in Windows Movie Maker
  2. These two fairly evenly matched ships, two cannons in the broadside, same amount of hull sections, same colour sails. Which ship would come out on top in a sea battle? The ledgendary Black Seas Barracuda, or the new 2009 ship, Brickbeard's Bounty? Vote, then tell us why you voted what you did! 6285 Black Seas Barracuda 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty
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    REVIEW: 10194 Emerald Night

    INDEXED Set Number: Emerald Night Set Name: 10194 Year: 2009 Pieces: 1085 Minifigs: 3 Price: Australia - $149.99 Austria/Belgium - EUR 89.99 Denmark - DKK 899.00 United States - $99.99 Resources: Brickshelf Gallery (When moderated) Peeron Brickset LEGO S@H eBay Ok folks, this is my first review, so be nice. Feedback on the review is greatly appreciated as well as feedback on the set. Set 10194, originally thought to be a fake, has since proven to be so real that LEGO shipped it to me on the 15th of April and I recieved it on the 21st. I set to work building it immediately, and now I'm pleased to present to you all my 10194 Emerald Night review. 10194 Emerald Night - Box Front of the box Back of the box 10194 Emerald Night - Locomotive A nice angle shot of the front of the loco You can see here that the Emerald Night makes use of the new train buffer. I was originally not sure about the new buffers, I didn't really like them. But Since actually having them, they are much stronger and pull the train a heap better, and for uses like that on the Santa Fe loco, bricklink as well as most of our collections have enough of the older buffer magnets to keep us going. A photo of the back You can just see as part of the roof of the cab, there is a tan plate - actually, 10 1 x 2 tan tile modified w/ single stud pieces. This is a great set if you are looking for parts like that and the cheese in rare colours. And a close up of the cab The furnace just slides into the cab as illustrated below which is a clever function. It means that the train can be quickly and easily modified to contain a motor or to not contain one. I also like how the furnace has a flame piece inside it. Train Pistons And the complex gear system that drives them This is a great system of gears, and really fun to build and operate. I think it's really nice that this set has the ability to actually be driven from its driving wheels. It's a nice touch to an already stunning locomotive. A side profile My thoughts on the loco I really like the design of the loco. It is certainly designed with no studs in mind. The use of those flexy tube things (not entirely sure what they're called) look great between the top section and the side sections of the green pprinted slopes. I love the way it has been designed to fit all the PF gear in with minimal destruction of the loco. Just the overall feel of the engine too, it has a majestic sort of air to it - like it's ready to steam off around the countryside. It's just so grand. It has beautiful lines and is certainly the best part of the set. It was a challenging build with all the cogs etc, and I really enjoyed construction. I would probably pay the $150 just for the loco without the passenger car and the tender. Although I'm not about to give them up - take a look why: 10194 Emerald Night - Tender The front of the tender The back And the side My thoughts on the tender This is also very nice, a heap of cheese, and nice dark green brick. This is designed to house the new Power Functions battery box, and is a perfect fit for that particular part. However there has been complaining about it looking ugly and being too obvious. But I don't think it would be too hard to add a 4x8 plate then add more smaller plates to look like coal to stick on top of the battery box? The only thing that disappointed me with the tender is that the rest of the train is so incredibly detailed, yet LEGO stooped to using a ladder piece for the ladder rather than a different, new and innovative ladder design. But then, I'm probably being a little picky. Now some pictures with the loco and the tender together 10194 Emerald Night - Passenger Car Angle from one end From the side with the doors open They actually open up really easily which suprised me. In my opinion the doors of this car look brilliant and all the people complaining that the doors aren't good enough, see the set in the flesh before making that judgement. I think they look great. With the roof off looking onto the comfortable passenger quarters Tables pulled out of the car I do really like the interior. It's nice and simple, but it's really good to see the drawers in a set again. The only thing I could improve about the interior is possibly having light brown seats and dark brown table tops. Looking down the car This view would be so much cooler with more carriages - but we'll see, because if LEGO does release more, I plan to buy them. Bogie Another thing I think is note worthy is this neat little ladder providing access from the ground to the inside of the car. Iliked this little detail as it means I have an excuse not to build a platform at every stop on my layout. My thoughts on the passenger car This is very nice - the entire design. The colour scheme of the reddish and dark browns, tan and grey roof is excellent, and the use of 1x1 plates in a diamond shape is something rarely seen in official sets. Also a nice touch. This is a brilliant car that beats the megablocks out of any other cars LEGO has produced, but I still think it looks silly next to such a splendid locomotive. Well maybe not silly, but the Emerald Night kind of makes any car look bad. If I could change anything about the car, I would make it 8-wide as the loco is 8 wide, and it's a wasted opportunity to have an AFOL (8-wide and detailed) car. 10194 Emerald Night - Full train Here's a couple of shots of the full train: 10194 Emerald Night - The other bits Cab interior This one is very tricky. The nice coal oven/door thing (with a flame inside) easily lifts out and can be replaced by a motor as illustrated above. And finally... The Minifigures These figs are maybe a little plain. I love the guy with the suitcases - his grin and orange hair are great. But the woman could have maybe a dress or other pattern on the front of her torso. Also, the driver, his face is brilliant but I'm a little dissapointed he isn't wearing overalls. It could be just me, but I think that all LEGO steam train drivers look better in overalls. Price: 10/10 - Brilliantly priced, 1085 parts for $150 AUD is nothing. Build: 10/10 - Fantastic construction. Quite challenging too in comparison to most LEGO sets. But then again, it is a 14+ set, something we don't see too much of. There are a heap of great bits of SNOT, and the way all the cogs that turn the driving wheels were concealed inside the boiler whilst leaving room for the PF gear is just magnificent. I really enjoyed building the Emerald Night. Parts: 10/10 - Brilliant array of dark green and tan, also a lot of brown. Although not too many great MOCing parts. But I'm not too concerned about that as it's such an awesome set, I won't be destroying it anyway. Summary: 10/10 - This was a brilliant build, and it's such an amazing result. The style of the 1900's steam era is beautifully captured. It's a very cheap set for what it is. Even though it includes no track or power, there is 1085 parts for the price of $149.00 AUD. Maybe not brilliant MOCing parts, but that doesn't bother me as it's such an awesome set that I have no intention of destroying it anyway. It is a real shame that there's not more than 1 passenger car as this train should be pulling no less than 3. But I would have paid $150 AUD for just the loco and tender so I suppose the car is just an added bonus. A big thing about this set is that it's a first for LEGO trains - the first train with large train wheels. This is great becase it allows LEGO purists that don't want to use Big Ben Bricks to build steam trains. This is a brilliant set, a challenging build, and I would strongly recommend it to every LEGO fan.
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    How do you Clean Your Layout?

    As for keeping 9v track clean, it's worth keeping a clean eraser at hand - giving the track a gentle rub in the places that appear to have the weakest flow of power. Also, from time to time you can use a bit of Mentholated Spirits and some paper towel to wipe down the whole track, perhaps every six months or so. Good luck!
  5. Captain Zuloo

    Traction Tire

    Hi eness76, and welcome to EB. While it's difficult to help much without any images to show us the problem, the culprit behind poor traction is often tight driving rods, not allowing the wheels to spin freely, and perhaps the engine doesn't have enough weight on it. Although if you're talking about adding more motors and it still being a problem, perhaps the problem isn't traction after all. Pictures would really help!
  6. Captain Zuloo

    Pirates in new LEGO Ideas book...

    This book was one of the LEGO goodies I scored this Christmas along with the Clutch Powers DVD. Captain BeerBeard is right about the pirates section being fairly small, but it was nice to see some great MOCs by our very own SlyOwl featured in other areas of the book, mostly regarding different techniques and how to achieve successful "still life" models.
  7. is back in a big way now. :D

  8. Captain Zuloo

    MOC: Pacific Electric "Red Car"

    What an outstanding model TJJohn12, the time spent working on it was certainly worth it! Difficult to find something not to like on here. The SNOT windows look great, they have that real "vintage" look about them, which suits the model brilliantly. The curves are just right, as is the general feel of the trolley. Excellent work, I look forward to seeing more of it!
  9. Clever, reminds me of the Hogwarts station in the Harry Potter films. Have you done any work on the interior?
  10. Captain Zuloo

    EB Train Tech Makes the One-Million Mark!

    So this pretty much sums it up for me. Pirates and trains are without doubt the best themes, although I'm still trying to successfully combine them... And well done to TheBrickster, these sorts of numbers only come to forums that are managed extremely well. :)
  11. Captain Zuloo

    Christmas Layout & 9V Question

    As peterab said, with a layout this size you can probably get 2 or 3 motors running comfortably off the one controller, but you'll have a less jerky ride if you stick a second controller on the other side of the track making sure they're running the same polarity and speed. Also worth noting that it's a good idea to try keeping your track clean. 9v tracks get dirty pretty easily and just giving them a wipe with some paper towel can do wonders in keeping the trains running smoothly. Enjoy!
  12. Captain Zuloo

    Christmas Train: Winter Tunnel Train

    That's great! Really love the layout, especially with the ATAT Walker bridging the track. What are the minifigs in the grandstand watching? They could be carolers on a really big scale? As TheBrickster said, one of the best things about this layout and train is that you clearly had fun with your family putting it together - in that sense, it really is a very Christmassy train. Big well done, and I hope you enjoyed those gingerbread cookies!
  13. Captain Zuloo

    WIP Teaser of an American Frigate

    Almost time for an update Admiral?
  14. What is it? Brick Expo is an entertaining and interesting exhibition of rare and unique LEGO® creations by interstate and local collectors and modellers. Hundreds of static, moving and robotic models in themes including: Star Wars™, Trains, Planes, Space Ships, Racing Cars, Monuments and Sculptures. When is it? 10:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday 6th August 2011 10:00am to 4:00pm, Sunday 7th August 2011 Where is it? Corinna Ballroom Canberra Southern Cross Club - Woden 92-96 Corinna Street Phillip ACT 2606 VIP Cocktail Party Do you want to see all the fantastic exhibits at Brick Expo without the crowds, queues and carnival of the day? Do you like to dress smart and make it an occasion when going out? Then come to the Brick Expo VIP Cocktail Party Light supper and refreshments served Full bar access Limited tickets $35 available from the club reception (02) 6283 7200 LEGO® expert guest speakers: Jamie Berard, Senior Designer at LEGO Billund Ryan McNaught, Australia's LEGO Certified Professional 6:30 - 9:30pm Saturday 6th August 2011 Corinna Ballroom, Canberra Southern Cross Club - Woden Limited exhibitor places are still available. Please visit for details or ask any questions in this thread.
  15. Captain Zuloo

    10222 Winter Village Post Office

    And my many attempts to put the damn thing on the banjo correctly for the Brick Expo showing also confirmed it! Loads was an understatement... Well I thought it was a saxaphone, but LEGO is all about the imagination. Thanks Sieggy, was great to meet up with you at Brick Expo, and then what a treat to co-build one of the first copies in the world with you!
  16. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Nominally, we only have access to the venue from 9am on Saturday morning. Do you still have my mobile number? It might pay to give me a call when you get in so I can give you an indication of where we are timing wise.
  17. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    How late did you have in mind? Setup is from midday on Friday. I would think we could set up as late as 9pm when the bistro closes, although I'll have to confirm.
  18. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Nope, free VIP night for exhibitors as a thanks for coming and supporting our event. :)
  19. Captain Zuloo

    MOC/WIP: My Modular Town

    Gah, why is it that it's the guy who is in exile from the country for tax fraud remains an Australian icon to folks from the rest of the world? Anyway, I'm really liking this town you're working on. The theater is a particular favourite, but I'm not too sure about the blue walls. The tan and red looks brilliant, and the yellow seats even work with the black. But those blue walls look a bit out of place. I guess it ultimately comes down to the parts in your collection, which is probably why you picked blue, but if it were a possibility to Bricklink some parts, I would highly recommend getting more tan for the walls. Maybe even white, but the blue...just not right for a theatre. Also, perhaps you could put a bar in it? Cheers, Capt. Zuloo
  20. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    There will be heaps of photos and video, don't worry. ;)
  21. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Jamie Berard and Ryan McNaught will be discussing with us the differences between designing models for corporate clients and models for kids with instructions, and how these models go from concept to completion. Buying tickets on the day for the VIP night would probably be a bad idea, I suspect they'll be sold out by then. There are not many left as it is. I'd pick up the phone and give the Southern Cross Club a call now, while you still can. Only two weeks to go! :D
  22. Captain Zuloo

    MOC: Vehicular Funicular

    Great job! I was just recently in Barcelona where there were a number of these, so I was pleased to see this MOC. You've done thewhole thing perfectly, and the use of the flex track for the bowed section is tops. First good use of that flexitrack I've seen actually. Very well done there AJ. Will we be seeing you at Brick Expo in August?
  23. Captain Zuloo

    Canberra Brick Expo 2011

    Couldn't think of a better way to spend it! The nearest hotel to the Brick Expo venue is the Quality Hotel Woden. There are still tickets to the VIP evening available. ;) Depending on the size of what you want to bring we can possibly make it work. We have pretty much filled up the room, but there are still spaces left on the misc. tables. So if you have a table scrap or two, we'd love to hear from you: brickexpo[at] Looking forward to seeing you too!
  24. Captain Zuloo

    Happy Birthday to Sandy and Captain Zuloo

    Many thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! :D While I didn't pick up any LEGO this year, I did finally get around to getting my licence, and I spent the day with some close friends so I had quite a good day. Happy (late) birthday to you too Sandy. :)
  25. Captain Zuloo


    Me too! Nice work Siegfried, a nice little ship, nicely proportioned. One of the few ships I've seen with LEGO prefab rigging that I actually like. Well done, looking forward to seeing her in August.