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[MOC] Troddon, the Poor and Disadvantaged

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Thought I'd make a Self-MOC that’s representative of an in-universe species that’s not yet-another-blimmin-Toa, so here’s a Skakdi (Piraka). 

Had a blast with the colours, especially the Metallic Blue, and blocking the black to represent skin – these abs are plastic-hard.





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Dang, that's a crisp-looking MOC! This is a seriously cool Skakdi MOC. The color blocking is impeccable- I didn' realize the Mata feet came in metallic blue. The head is amazing. I'm trying to wrap my head around how you got all of the teeth pieces in there, and I'd be seriously interested in seeing a breakdown of the head. The restraints look great and go miles for giving him some character. I do have one questions though- what did he ever do to merit such an enormous ball and chain?

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Sweet! I never really see a lot of Yo Yo, Piraka MOCs. I love the color choices, what with the black, dark green, and those lovely blue parts! The hands give him a lot of character, I adore the ridiculously sized shackles and chains, and how do you get those awesome teeth into that Raidak head? The Knight's Kingdom swords look great, whether they're meant to be a skirt or some feather-like appendages. Good job, man!

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