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  1. Just for the inspiration) In 2020 I was participating in local winter contest, where have took 1st place with this tiny Icebreaker It is a tiny model of Icebreaker, inspired by huge russian nuclear icebreakers. Model can be controlled from 2 knobs on the stand, and also it can be removed from the stend. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Hello! Approximately 9 month ago I built this model for Moscow Brickfest 09/11/2019 for trophy pro racing. Sorry for such late publication On this event model awarded in design competition (the model turned out to be quite heavy for fast overcoming obstacles) I think, everybody know, how Land Rover Defender is looking, but here is inspiration just in case Overview: Features 1) Drive (2 L motors) and steering (m motor) 2) Used electrics: 2 L motors 1 M motor PF lights LiPo Extension wire SBrick 3) Openable doors and hood 4) Detailed interior Real Defender's interior: 5) Working steering wheel and openable glove box (see video below) 6) Detailed underhood space These black hinges are easily replaceable with round black 90 degrees connector. 7) Suspension The chassis is pretty similar to chassis of my older model - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Main changes in steering system. 8) Detailed design All photos you can find there: Watch the video! There is shown all features at their best. Check also video about Moscow Brickfest 09/11/2019 from GooberReboot Instruction There is instruction available on Rebrickable (PDF): That's all! Thank you for reading! Hope you like it
  3. Hello to all! Today I want to show you my newest model - El Toro Loco Pull&Back model Watch the video firstly! Model was built special for "LTR Monster Jam " contest by "Lego Technic Russia" community Model took 2nd place! So many great models were in the contest... When I was building the model, I tried to keep some requirements: Model should be robust enough to withstand crashes Model shouldn't have overloaded design Because of Pull&Back entity... In result we can see this model - robust, easy to play model. As for me, I find model pretty nice :) It's good when you like your model, I think. I tried to recreate main design principles of the real monster truck: flame orange body, bull-like front body shape, teeth line, vivid stickers. Also would be great to keep some other design rules, for example - descending body line. Also there is some imitation of the suspension. Some words about features: Except the main function - drive via Pull&Back motor, there is another feature - removable body. To be honest, it is a bit tricky process. I created a free pdf instruction - find it on Rebrickable: Full gallery see on BrickSafe: -------------------------------------- Thank you for the reading!
  4. Nice to see these beautiful trucks and forklifts! Glad to see, that our Rig&Roll competition turned to be inspiration, even if only partially. And I am really happy, that you find my coupling mechanism pretty interesting and useful.
  5. Many of these events have additional design contest, some require well-designed interior and appearance in rules
  6. Thank you a lot! Thank you! Hmm, I wasn't thinking aboul lego ideas... Maybe I will try!
  7. What a beautiful moc! One time I will build my own excavator... Is there any video of the model?
  8. Thank you a lot! :) Thank you all! Glad to read) Thank you! Always making free instructions for such small models :)
  9. What a great complex moc! I really like movable ladder - pleasure for eyes to see that :) PF functions are really good for such scale And just want to say, that using system tiles in the front part of model is a really great way to imitate lines on this part on the real machine
  10. Oh, trucks! I love trucks! Should say, that our russian Rig&Roll competitions (RRC) gave plenty of beacutiful mocs - trucks in mack anthem's scale. That's my trucks for RRC: MAN TGS 8x8 Kenworth T800 tridem Last photo from the RRC MAN TGA AURELION 2040 - futuristic low truck Released only in my instagram - MAN TGX. I hope, official "review" will be soon Trucks not for RRC: The first of all my rigs - this tiny GAZ 66, was made for mini HTC (hard truck contest) KAMAZ 43118 timber truck KAMAZ 43118 flatbed And the winter mod with trailer coupling - released, again, only in my instagram for today Well, that's my trucks! Very nice to see plenty of great models in this topic, thanks to all!
  11. Nice colours, nice truck, snowy weather and calm music - what more is needed?...
  12. I really like this little set! I like how arches made
  13. WOW! That's outstanding! Such a great look and details! Nice to see unusual use of arches
  14. Incredible shape of body! Excellent work
  15. Looks like it is more reliable solution that one I used. Thank you!
  16. Great mod! Very interesting to see front axle, because it was really challeging for me to build front axle with drive and steering in this scale when I was building my own Wrangler for TC18. I see, there aren't any supporting parts between differential and cv joints. Is differential held only by cv joints?
  17. Deja vu... Model, color, scale... :)
  18. Hello! I am ready to show you my model - AURELION 2040 This is futuristic truck. Inspiration was Steinwinter supercargo 2040, name of the model has reference to it. I built model for Rig&Roll competition 31/08/2019, where took 3rd place. You can see video of competition from GooberReboot. Electrics: 2 L motors for drive Servo motor for steering and steering wheel 1 m motor for fifth wheel coupling Extension wire Lipo SBrick There is also semitrailer, that really simple, but has pretty similar system of supports to one I used in MAN TGA. Tiny lever in fifth wheel coupling locks semitrailer and pushes another lever in semitrailer, that through the system of levers and gears rotates supports. There is also possible to detach semitrailer from truck without hands' help, but it needs some skill. Model can carry up to 4 kg on the smooth surface. I tried to make pretty good design, I hope you enjoyed it. You can see also some interior with details and glovebox. Model haven't any instruction, but I have some WIP photos. All photos you can find here: Now you know how to use your only one dark azure rim from 42077 Be sure to watch the video! Thank you for reading! Hope you like it
  19. Thank you for comment! Rear windows sides may looks pretty flimsy, but they are reliably pressed by top window beam, only rear side may fall of from hard vibration and direct touch :) Windshield is fixed by two 4 l system bars below and by two modified plates to roof on the top. For this reason windshield is fixed very well. Roof is fixed by 2 pins to the chassis, by two modified plates to the windshield, and by two supports axles, which is easily replacable with two 3 l pins. Roof is fixed really reliably.
  20. Hello! I was thinking about a car that I will built. I started from idea of making all wheel drive car with suspension. Well, I came to this crazy steering knuckle It was really challenging to make drive axle in 15 studs with classic wheels Later I built full front axle with suspension Now suspension is pretty soft, steering works, and I like it I am going to try make as many things as possibe, like working steering wheel, gearbox... Now I think, why not to built jeep wrangler? I was building a jeep wrangler before, and I liked this car Thank you your attention!