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[MOC] 'Coffin' heavy shunter locomotive

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Hi everyone!

After a brief 'dark age' spanning a few years, I've now designed and built a new cargo train locomotive. I wanted something that exudes a sense of 'heavy industry' and initially created a prototype that didn't quite meet my expectations (see image bellow).

This model takes inspiration from both the Lego Creator Maersk train, incorporating most of its general structure, and the Polish SM31 shunter locomotives.

The locomotive showcases a sleek, black exterior accented with yellow and white details. Because of the primary color, I affectionately named it the "Coffin" locomotive, akin to the real-life SM31's nickname (Trumna). The locomotive closely resembles parts of the the distinctive SM31 train, and the cabin is designed for a minifigure operator, complete with a control panel. Additionally, it's equipped with Power Functions, including a battery box, a train motor, and an IR receiver.

Before settling on the black color scheme, I explored various digital iterations, considering options like yellow, red, blue, and green. Ultimately, I chose black for its cost-effectiveness, leveraging parts I already owned.However, it did result in the photos having slightly lower quality due to the darkness of black.








The digital model is readily available for download using Lego Studio:

The prototype version, mostly based on an elongated version of the red cargo train 3677.

Please take note: Although the digital model featured a light bluish-grey windscreen piece, I discovered that no such part exists in that color when I started building it. I sourced the piece from a custom vendor, and it's not an official Lego component. In the future, I plan to replace it with an original Lego piece in white, which is readily available.


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On 9/8/2023 at 8:36 AM, SpacePolice89 said:

This should be a real set. I believe you'd get many supporters if you submit it to Lego Ideas.

Thank you very much! I hope Lego considers releasing another cargo train in the Creator Expert style. It would be great if the upcoming Orient Express set is minifig scale and performs well. Perhaps this success could pave the way for more train sets in the future! 😊

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13 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Very neat design! :wub:

This type of diesel locomotive is among my favorites...power shines through in every detail! :moar:

Thanks! I really like the design of these trains as well. I'm still planning to create a red version like the one from set 3677 for a future MOC, which was my favorite train set before selling it (and then buying another and selling that one too).

Red heavy cargo train locomotive


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