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  1. BrickMusher

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Hello to the community. Until today, there was a very famous YT-Channel in germany. Thomas Panke, called "Held der Steine" (Hero of the bricks) is well known for his detailed reviews of new Lego Sets as well as for his retrospectives on vintage sets. He also owns and runs a small Store in the City of Frankfurt, where he sells Lego to the consumer. While he always was searching for the god things, even in the worst sets, he is also well known for his constructive critism on things like Quality, but also management, marketing a.s.o. Today he announced to expand his reviews also to Non-Lego manufactured bricks. Reason for that is that he was admonished in the Name of TLG by a Lawyer for showing a Stud in his own logo! It was claimed that this logo would suggest, he would be TLG.... logo Well, if you don´t understand german, you would properly not know about him. But I loved his reviews and videos, and my personal opinion is that he was usualy had a point with his critsm. And he brought a lot of people, which are not AFOL´s in our understanding, back to the bricks. You can get an owm impression here: facebook twitter 1000steine If everything is true what he says in his actual video, I have to wonder a lot at that issue. Is it only a german thing, or did it happen also to other Lego related youtube channels, Blogs or Vlogs around the world? Cant TLG handle justified critism in an other than this very childish and unprossesional manner? Have you heard about other cases like that? regards BrickMusher
  2. @Henrik V Hi Henrik, since you are new to Eurobricks, you have to add at least 10 coments before you are allowed to write pm. If you want to contact T. Selander here in the forum, just write an "@" followed by his account´s name. Just like I did with yours By the way, do you really think it is a good Idea to share your email and full name here in public? Maybe you should take a little more care to your privacy..... just my two pence... Howsoever, welcome to EB
  3. BrickMusher

    Straight rail 3228

    You are very welcome
  4. BrickMusher

    Straight rail 3228

    Hi Ed, some of the first ever produced Lego Train Wheels have been serrated also. On the first engines, back in 1969, there was no rubber-band around the wheels to improve traction. So my suggestion is that the teeth on top of rail have been created to prevent wheelslip. Intersting about the curves. Inner side of track was smooth, while only the outer side was teethed. I think this was because the serrated wheel was so slip-proof, that the different length of inner and outer diameter created some problems if not one wheel was allowed to spin free. Regards BrickMusher
  5. BrickMusher

    [MOC] Dome Car for 60197

    Hello again, Thank you for all your kind words. My intention was indeed to create a design that fits very "smooth" into the existing train. @Chilis Tusen takk, but the usage of that windscreen is not my own idea. @frogstudio used this part for his 60051 DomeCar about three years ago @Laura Takayama You are halfway right about the train track. The sleepers are original Lego-Parts, but the rail itself is a non-lego, full-metal part. It fits perfect with the original tracks, I can bend large curves on my own, and it is electrically conductiv, so I can use 9V Motors. I am planing to show you how it works in a seperate thread, but still need some more time to pepare everything. So please be patient ;-) @AE bricks The lack of the double concave brick created some headache to me also. I finally solved that issue with theese parts:
  6. BrickMusher

    [MOC] Dome Car for 60197

    Hello Everyone, its some days ago since I last presented a new MOC. And unfortunately I was also not able to participate to this years Octraintober due to some very sad things around me. But I will show up soon with the nearly finished model I created for that contest. But for now, I proudly present my Add On for the new passenger train 60197. It is a Dome Car, following the tradition of the legendary 4547. As always, you are very welcome to have a look to my flickr-page for more pictures! Lego® 60197 Dome Car by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Lego® 60197 Dome Car by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Hope you enjoy. Kind regards Brick Musher
  7. BrickMusher

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    You are welcome About rendering: I imported your .lxf File to and used their rendering tool. Maybe there are better rendering programs out there, but I am not so much into that stuff.
  8. BrickMusher

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Maybe this will be a help? However, nice idea to tell us about your developing-process on this MOC.
  9. BrickMusher

    will you by 60197-8

    I have already bought two sets of 60197 when they have been on "introducing sale?" by beginning of August. Price was 975 instead of 1399, so for me it was an ok-price.... But my priorities are maybe a little different. I change all my trains to 9V engines, so PU is an interesting new device, but not the main reason for me to buy a set like this. What disappoints me most ist the very limited compability of the PU-App. While the reciver works fine on a quick first test with the included controlunit, the App itself does not work on my Android-Tablet. Had to borough an I-pad to double-check. There the App worked, but it was just normal functions, nothing that was especially exciting. A look to the comments in the G***-Store indicates that I am not the only one with problems like theese. That is really a poor testimonial, way behind other brands that are able to release Apps wich work, and, typically TLC, not state of the art However, the doubled 60197 looks very appealing to me, and I allready started to create an additional car for it. I like it. 60198 is not my cup of tea. I will buy the Loco when i can get it for cheap, but not the complete set if not reduced by 50% or more....
  10. BrickMusher

    Large Layout Questions

    I never had such problems, even with large trains. However, the problems you described might be solved with some research. here the most common problems in order of their observed frequency: Fault: Train runs faster when close to the power-connection, but slows down when the distance becomes bigger Solution: Since conatct-resistance is very high between each of the track-pieces, it is recommended to have power-connections every few meters or so. Keyword: loop wiring system Fault: Train starts fast, but becomes slower when running for a while (within 1-2 minutes). Solution: Hair and dust around motor-axles. By time, a lot of dirt and hair accumulate around the axles. Especially after long term use, it is recommended to open the motor-housing, remove any dirt and lubricate the bearing-points with a plastic compatible grease/oil. Fault: Single/short train runs fast, slows down when adding more trains/motors Solution: Power source. If you run more than two 9V engines on the same power-supply, it just can´t deliver enough current. Change to an other power-source. The original Legocontroller (the black with the yellow turn-thing) can handle up to 1,5A, so you can very easy use an additional power-supply on that controller I have never run PF trains on an exhibition. But a lot of other exhibitors complain about numerous battery-changes. Good luck
  11. BrickMusher

    [MOC] NOHAB Mx & My Roundnoses

    UPDATE http://IMGP0679 (Large) by Brick Musher, auf Flickr A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by @AE bricks about more pictures of my NOHAB inspired Loco´s. Meanwhile I got a new camera, build a photobox and fixed my broken Laptop..... so eventually I like to present one of my newest MOC´s I choose the same livery as TLC used for the new cargo-train 60198. And implemented warm white Duo-LED. When changing direction of driving, the lights automatically switch from white to red. As always, you will find more pics at my flickr-page: IMGP0682 (Large) by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Hope you enjoy. Regards BrickMusher
  12. BrickMusher

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    @AE bricks Hi, You can find more pictures of that Loco at my flickr-page. I had some trouble with my computer, and after that was fixed, with my camera. New camera will arrive next week, so i hopefully will be able to add pics of newer MOC´s with that cockpit-piece within the next week. So please feel invited to have a second look to my flickr-page in a couple of day´s So far, I hope you enjoy. Regards BrickMusher
  13. BrickMusher

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    What I really like on your Videos is the quality of the video itself. Beside the trains, of course. I would really appreciate a "making-of" video. I mean, you have this slow camera-moving during limelapse, fly-overs, and all this other stuff that makes a video looking so professional. I get allready trouble with the light when taking some non-moving pictures.... What do you do to eliminate the shaking, for example? How do you avoid dark areas and strong shades when filming? Would really really like to see some kind of tutorial. However, I allways enjoy you videos.
  14. BrickMusher

    Name of the fictional Lego train company?

    But it is used worldwide, so "regional" does not really fit! My guess is "Lego Railroad/Railways Transport System" I know about various examples where (real) train companies also run busses and cargo trucks, so why not?
  15. So yes, that's probably about the right assertion... Is it? Think we talk about two different pairs of shoes, don´t we? Fitst thing is selling MOC-Instructions via YT, that was complaint about from the first post in this thread. Now you are talking about generating money with his YT Channel. Well, I have never seen any (of this annoying) commercials when watching jimbricked viedeos. So you allready get payed by YT even when not allowing their commercials? Sorry. I am not so deep in that YT stuff to understand fully. At the moment, I think its a sign of not been only/fully commercial that I have never seen an advertisement @Jimbricked YT-Channel?! Maybe I need some explanation on that?!