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  1. BrickMusher

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Don't know what the question is, but the answer is 42
  2. BrickMusher

    10277 Swiss Crocodile - Set Review

    Indeed, two dots converting a bushing (Buchse) into a tin-can (Büchse).
  3. BrickMusher

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Oh, I see what the problem was. It is written with double-n (Lehmann, not Lehman) at the end. So now I was able to find the site :-) In the detail it's said that the book was first published 28.06.2019. Strange that no one has seen it yet in real life?!?
  4. BrickMusher

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Hei, you are right, Lampertz still lists it as "expected". The Homepage is not available, can you please double-check the given address? What makes me wonder is the fact that Klaus Kiunke is named as the author, although all of the Bluebrixx-Trains are designed by someone else. Don't know what to think about that. BTW: BB Quality is of course not TLC's, but some of the parts a quite good. Red train buffers e.g. are pretty nice and VERY close to TLC Quality. Same for the red train- baseplates 6x28, which are ridiculous expensive on the aftermarket. One thing you can really see is, that they try to improve quality. Despite that, they also come along with moulds that we probably will never see again from TLC (e.g. train windows 1x4x3 in tan, dk.-red, dk.-green and other colours). Given that, it just feels like we got the old story of the two-sided medal here again.
  5. BrickMusher

    Alternative train wheel set with ball bearings

    Hi, I have ordered cheap ball-bearings from different sellers. And I have to say that there are some differences between them, although prices have been quite similar. So I would like to say that cheap ball-bearings can be sufficient for the hobby, but also can be a waste of money, depending on the seller and some luck, maybe ;-) @German Luigi Can you publish the specifications of your test-site (e.g. height and length of the slope, weight of your cars etc.), please? Would like to re-do your test with my own rolling stock.
  6. BrickMusher

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Well, it says their "special" price is 983 Swedish Kroner. List Price seems to be 1229 Kroner. Yeah, maybe it's a marketing thing. Just to have it said..
  7. BrickMusher

    4DBrix goes DIY

    Not exactly. I once bought the fabulous Monorail-tracks from 4D Brix. They offered some great improvements to the original stuff. I was very pleased and satisfied with the product, although I am normally somewhat sceptical to any kind of 3D Printed parts. By that time, 4D Brix sold their parts to the european customer by a BrickLink Shop located in Europe. That was easy buy and no more additional costs. Only parts price and shipping. So banning custom Parts from BrickLink was a kick in the rear-end for all european customers. I was aware of the issue with TrixBrix from the beginning, but I see that not everybody can follow all the discussions about this things ongoing in various forums and in various languages . Trixbrix does a lot of advertising and promotion, at least on european exhibitions. So I see why they have some benefits in the EU. Maybe Europe is a high-wage location, that is just similar to the US. But running a 3D Printer cost you nearly no time. The development process is the real time-eater, so doing a short-cut by copying brings you indeed some advantages over the original inventor. However, compared to Modelltrain-hobbyists, L-Gauge is rather cheap. So I in person save my money, and will spend it for some molded parts when finally available. That gives me not only the better parts, but also a better feeling ;-) And don't forget, not only you have to pay VAT. Indeed german VAT is comparatively low in the EU with 19%, +add. import taxes of 4,75% if the total value exceeds 150€, right? Most of the other buyers around the world have to pay much higher VAT's than you. So IMHO your argumentation seems to be very German-centric, and a little bit unfair also.
  8. Chinese seller on ebay. Link select 2*40 mm in the menu, and the quantity you'd like. They are not stainless, so I can recommend indoor-use only. But they are really cheap (at least if you buy in 200+ quantities). Have ordered several times, no problems so far.
  9. BrickMusher

    where to buy led for lighting à layout

    Yes. 9V trains to be operated with the same power source. So minimum 10V was required. 12V power-supplies are widely available, so I chose one of these. Pimped one of the original Lego 9V train regulators somewhat, so I can run trains with 9V up to 5 Amp. Also enough current for some LED. But I don't see any point NOT to use 5V if that accommodates more with your demands.
  10. BrickMusher

    where to buy led for lighting à layout

    The wire is small enough to route it between plates when not fully pressed down. If you e.g. place two tiles with groove side by side, there is enough space between the tiles to hide that wire. In other cases I use light grey wire to "camouflage" it in an LBG environment. I equip each light with a 560 Ohm resistor to operate it directly connected to 12V. In that configuration, voltage drop is nothing I had to worry about so far. On exhibition, I operated up to 16 lamppost, each 32 studs from another, without any hassle.
  11. BrickMusher

    where to buy led for lighting à layout

    I use miniatur litz wire, LIVY type. Typical wire cross section is 0,04 mm². Outer diameter including insulation <0,5mm. You find it usually in specialized modelltrain-shops or similar shops for electronic components. Sometimes even on ebay. I use them mostly in combination with smd led type 2832, 5050 or sometimes 0603 (last one is very difficult to solder)
  12. BrickMusher

    where to buy led for lighting à layout

    Hi, can't really help you with these kits, but is DIY an option for you? I did all my lighting from LED and wires from ebay. If you just need permanent light, this might be by far cheaper than any of these kits. "Layout" sounds like plenty of stuff is needed, so the less you have to spent for each light , the more you can afford.....
  13. Really. In economics, they call it like this. And it shall be good. In medicine, they call things which always grow cancer. But I can't see the differences yet?? And if they need to remain competitive, maybe offering good sets for a valuable price might be a nice attempt? Unfortunately, I haven't seen many interesting and affordable sets for 2020 so far. Back to topic. I just wonder what TLG would say if all the nice Trainbuilders out there would go for exhibitions for a year or so without wheels on their trains? A full year worldwide without running trains, just trains without wheels standing around on large displays, and Exhibitors explaining the "why" to visitors. Could be a nice marketing I in person stopped to use TLGs brand name on exhibits as well as in my posted pictures a.s.o. Maybe just a small step if done by one single person. But it already gives me the feeling that I did something to withstand the evil Or as a blogger on YT said before: "I love the product, but the company itself has become a pain in a****".
  14. BrickMusher

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    Ball bearings are highly recommended! I compared different sets of wagons with a 9V Engine and monitored the current-flow. The first results have been very clearly pro ballbearing! On the other hand, if the new wheel sets showing signs of wear so rapidly, maybe its a good idea just to use them during a full exhibition-weekend and than send a complaint to the customer service and ask for replacement..... I guess TLC will only learn if they have to pay first?!
  15. @LegoDW Hi, yeah, this has been a know issue on somewhat older parts in reddish brown, dark brown and new dark red parts. As allready announced by TLC a year ago, there have been made improvements on this parts. I heard that it was no problem to get replacement parts from the customer support. Happy New Year BrickMusher