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  1. BrickMusher

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    What I really like on your Videos is the quality of the video itself. Beside the trains, of course. I would really appreciate a "making-of" video. I mean, you have this slow camera-moving during limelapse, fly-overs, and all this other stuff that makes a video looking so professional. I get allready trouble with the light when taking some non-moving pictures.... What do you do to eliminate the shaking, for example? How do you avoid dark areas and strong shades when filming? Would really really like to see some kind of tutorial. However, I allways enjoy you videos.
  2. BrickMusher

    Name of the fictional Lego train company?

    But it is used worldwide, so "regional" does not really fit! My guess is "Lego Railroad/Railways Transport System" I know about various examples where (real) train companies also run busses and cargo trucks, so why not?
  3. So yes, that's probably about the right assertion... Is it? Think we talk about two different pairs of shoes, don´t we? Fitst thing is selling MOC-Instructions via YT, that was complaint about from the first post in this thread. Now you are talking about generating money with his YT Channel. Well, I have never seen any (of this annoying) commercials when watching jimbricked viedeos. So you allready get payed by YT even when not allowing their commercials? Sorry. I am not so deep in that YT stuff to understand fully. At the moment, I think its a sign of not been only/fully commercial that I have never seen an advertisement @Jimbricked YT-Channel?! Maybe I need some explanation on that?!
  4. BrickMusher

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    No, not really. Think there must be a better way. At least 13019 subscribers that like LEGO like we do, dont know about the "why"..... he only disappears... Don´t think thats a good day for Lego-Fans. Neither in one nor another way
  5. Hmm, I don´t think so..... To state it clearly. I absolutely don´t advocate what you have done! I don´t like commercialization at all, and in particularly not if unauthorized! But: You have 13k subscribers, and I think you make them happy with your videos..... Anyway, thats no excuse, but maybe a good basis to do something more right?! Stating somewhat more obvius that the MOC is not yours and something about the original developer would be a first step IMHO. I think the main problem is way more bigger than only one YT-channel. Youre are not the first doing some infringement, and you wont be the last. Maybe it is time now to start a general discussion about how-to publishing, sharing and using MOC´s files, pictures, instruction or whatever. I am neither good in law-issues, nor are my english-skills sufficient enough to understand ToU or explanations of public licenses without any doubt. But i know that things like GNU exist. However, I have never seen a MOC published under a GNU license. On the other hand, I often find interesting MOC´s or building techniques online wich I use for my own. I have never posted such MOC´s, also because I tried to avoid any infringement. In other words, because I am uncertain how to do it "the right way". So maybe use of public-licenses can be helpfull for both sides? Yes, jimbricked has gotten things into a mess, but can anyone really exspect things will become better whithout changing something? I have not a clue how to do it the right way, but in my opinion, the community should discuss and find a way to act in future. Also to give both, MOC- developers and MOC- rebuilders a little bit mor safety about what is allowd and what needs additional permission/ is not allowed. TLC has stated some Terms of fair play. I think we could do something similar....? Or just use GNU´s? Just my two cents, let me know what you think
  6. BrickMusher

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    did a picture-search on it, didn´t exspect what I fund..... (dont do if you´re under 18 ) Okay, I got your point. Have some "replics" on my own. But I have not shown them yet in public since I dont know whom to credit for the original construction.... So even when a Moccer did not come up with instructions or LDD.files, I think it´s just fair to give him credit if you copy. Make some profit on others work, indeed, is an absolut no-go! I think we all agree on that!
  7. BrickMusher

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Thank you both for clarification. Don´t want to see a witch-hunt heading to the wrong people. But how can I figure out now who it was and what other AFOL´s work is also affected?
  8. BrickMusher

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Hmm, when searching on YT as been instructed above, I will find a British AFOL at third place. Don´t think thats the right one?!? Just to be sure that not the wrong guy will be find guilty by readers that will come after us.... Despite that, I really agree that behaviour like this is not very gentlemanlike. On the other hand, I dont understand why somebody buys Lego-Instructions at all? For me, it is always more fun to find an own way by photos than to build from instructions?!? Anyway, really sorry to hear that. I remember a similar issue in a german forum where somebody sold not-his-own-creation-instructions on ebay a while ago..... no idea how this ended...
  9. BrickMusher

    2018 Lego Trains

    Well, the position of the camera is also very high (compare persons in background). I would not wonder if the photos have been taken with one of thoose spy-cameras that are inbuild in glasses/googles. Could be an explanation also for the low-quality..... In Nürnberg it was not allowed to take pictures. Did anyone know if it was the same at the mentioned event in Italy? Found new information that the toyfair was in Russia, not Italy....
  10. BrickMusher

    4512-2 train converted to PF (but it slips)

    I usually use 2 Boat-weights on every Loco (so around 110 gr of extra weight) You placed the battery-box only half over the motor, so I guess nearly half of the pressure will be lead throu the undriven bogie. And rechargeble batterys are sometimes surprisingly lightweight. It also helps to place the motor on the rear end of Loco/waggon due to dynamic load distribution. About the door-issue: Your roof-construction looks somewhat weak, I think that gives to much freeplay to the upper doorrails and make the doors faling of. Try to fix the door-rails as good as possible. On dynamic problems, a short video often helps to explain or detect the problem better than photos can do. Good luck, keep us informed if you find anything ;-) Regards BrickMusher
  11. I guess, because of the whistle?! Was that one ok? Heard they are often broken. But have never seen one on my own....
  12. BrickMusher

    Custom Train Stickers

    Maybe you should ask @JopieK
  13. BrickMusher

    Replacement 9V AC/DC Wall Plugs

    I once opened one of the regulator, analysed the electric parts and did some customizing. Some conclusions: 9-12V input voltage is possible polarity of the plug dosn´t matter since there are rectifier-diods inbuild AC or DC input is possible Current up to 1,5 A is possible (the inbuild Thyristor can handle 1,5Amps and has an automatic shut-off when it´s becoming to hot, that means it will start working again when it has cooled down) There are two versions of the speed-regulator know to me so far. One has a resistor-cascade in a single housing, while the other has single resistors for regulating the speed. On the last one, you can also change resistors to change the power-output on each of the speed-levels, but the max. output will never be higher as approx 9-10V (power drop due to the regulator circuit) Customizing: If you run your trains outside, you can also use a 12V Car battery as power supply for the Regulator, but I would recommend to use an extra fuse than because this batteries can provide a huge ammount of current!!! Also the Thyristor can be replaced by more powerfull samples. I run up to 5 Amps with a modified regulator, but this needs definitely more cooling! So I used an old Computer-cooling device. Runs without trouble on exhibitions on weekends ( two days/ 8 hours, 10 Train-motors and really heavy loads) If you have to buy new power-supply, I will highly recommend to buy one that delivers 1000 mAmp to 1,5 Amp of current! regards BrickMusher
  14. BrickMusher

    [MOC] NOHAB Mx & My Roundnoses

    Hello, many thanks for your kind words. The ordered parts have arrived, so there are more of this engine/canopy-family coming soon. Unfortunately my computer broke down, so all the photo-posting for this and other threads will have some delay, sorry for that. Hope I am back again next weekend... @Toxic43 I am not sure if I have ever maked a LDD file of this trains, but I will take some pictures when assembeling the new units, so please be patient but stay tuned at the same time, I will post asap. Regards
  15. BrickMusher

    Fixing ME Models Curved Metal Rails with LEGO

    Yes, of course. Had a short look into my Lego-room, found several components of that lathe. Try to find my XL-Motor in one of the untouched moving-boxes during the next days. And I hope I have a lamp-post leftover. Drilled around 100-150, dont remember exactly.... we will see. Are you only interested in that device, or in a manual about how to install LED in that Streetlamps in general? Could create a own thread with some sort of tutorial if there is demand... just give me a week or two..