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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    I Think it looks more like the NS1200. Please have a look to the front lights and the round fairings around the coupling. But since this engine was constructed by Baldwin, it might be a US design indeed, but adapted for european needs. But I am just counting beans Has anybody realized that the Train windows on the 60198 look somewhat different from all other windows on this boxart? It says "placeholder" on the conductor and the remote, so it will be modified anyway. So I am not absolutely convinced yet that this will be the final engine...
  2. [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    Jep, also love this colour scheme. I replaced some parts due to availability. Think it should be buildable in this variation. Did a quick render in Full credits to ColletArrow. Try to build it as soon as I get the missing parts (have not erverything in stock ) http://NS1600 by Brick Musher, auf Flickr ( @ColletArrow P.S. Hope my text under flickr-pic is ok for you... otherwise please send me a message with your wishes)
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    ROFL, you made my day. It must have been a Team og highly qualified, long time studied scientist... "ok, 27% of target group favour train A, while 31% prefer train type B, so if we combine both models, they will be loved by 58% of all children...." sounds like a genius mathematic trainee was hired as a fill-in that day
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    @JEB314 (James) Thank you for that additional (and quite interesting) info. I agree, think I have never seen a front-cab like the one at 60197 before, although I believe that they will change the outer appearance somewhat with the desing of the (yet missing) stickers. I did some research on possible "real-life" inspirations for the cargo train. My first suggestion (almost 10days ago, the one with the "inverted" window) was some french "BB" model. Meanwhile I found out about dutch "NS 1600". This is mostly based on the french BB7200. When researching for various Engines of dutch railway "Nederlandse Spoorwegen" - NS, I also found the NS 1200 model. And this NS 1200 looks (in my opinion) more similar to the actual leaked preliminary-picture than the suggested Class 55 Deltic. Not to talk about the also suggested F7. While Class 55 and F7´s are Diesel engines, the NS 1200 is electric. This matches also with the new 60198 photos.. Conclusion: Honestly, it doesn´t matter. No kid will care. And the most of us AFOL´s will MOC their engines anyway. But one thing that popped up is just the question if the desinger of the new cargo train might be dutch? Does anybody have a list of the designers known so far? Think I have seen something like this in the technic-forum??
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Good point. 60052 was the first set I didn´t bought as a complete set so far. The cars were not very appealing to me, and I run all my trains on 9V. So I ended up by buying the single Engine on ebay for 25€.... The engine itself is very nice indeed. Since the supposed price for the new cargo train shall be somewhat around 250€, it must bring a lot of trinkets to make me buy a complete set.
  6. Hei, have to say "Thank You" for the whole documentation at least. I enjoy especially the scans of my childhoods catalouges. For me it´s interesting to see the old prices and compare them to todays price. When I remember right about what my parents salary was by that time, I think Lego has become more affordable today than it was back then. Looking forward to 9V Trains BrickMusher
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    @ncx Yeah, you are right. I started two posts with "sorry", including the one you quoted. The other phrase I never used before, but since I am not a native speaker, I try to improve my skills, so maybe I will use it in a future post? If you think I am a pessimist, than that is your opinion. Thats ok for me. I personaly think I am sometimes a little to picky about details and so. Yeah, maybe, but in my job it´s better so be safe than sorry..... But your post gives me a bad feeling at all. So I will take care of youre advice, think positiv and hope you write your post just in a bad mood on a monday morning before your first cup of coffee or so Back to topic, I also agree that it is not a very genius idea to move knowledge and tools to china and wonder at the same time when more and more copies flood the market. We could see it many times before on various buisnesses. Instead they fired 1400 employees in Denmark before last Christmas... I dont have much experience in buisness/financial issues, but I think it´s very short-term thinking if you skipp skilled and experienced workers for an annual benefit. At the end you will lose more than only the money you tried to preserve... only my small opinion. Have a wonderful day BrickMusher
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    Sorry, thats not correct This engines origin is french, and units run in some european countrys like The Netherlands, Louxembourgh, and I think Belgium and Portugal also. But except for an exhibition in Munic and some testrides, it never runs in Germany Please see here: However, have a nice monday BrickMusher
  9. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Jep, 4,75% in addition to the 19% VAT If you stay below 25€ (including shipping), it´s just free of charge, you dont even have to pay VAT. 4DBrix runs a european BrickLink-Shop in addition to their US-based one. I once bought tracks and it was quite comfortable. Anyway, the € prices are somewhat over USD, but lower than importing as a privat buyer. Think thats ok since they have to do some work extra.... If you travel from US to D, you are allowed to bring gifts and purchases with a value not exceeding 420€, otherwise you have to pay the VAT also. So what, waiting for TTIP ? (watch out, sarcasm!) Maybe you can deliver seperate parts that will be assembled together in the EU? Than you can allready call it "Made in EU/Germany/insert a country of your choice" No Idea if this will help to minimize customs However, I dont live in the EU anymore so I am out at this point.... BrickMusher
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    Sorry to upset you, but according to different german blog´s, TLC has changed the rules. This year there will be no photos allowed at TLC´s display at Nürnberg Toy fair. Also there will be only invited press-members allowed and it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or report in any way (also not in words!!!!!) about anything. Press release of german Blog "zusammengebaut" about Nürnberg toy fair We will see what happens in NY?! I wonder why they allready participate at Nuremberg toy-fair or invite press-members at all? IMHO at the end it will turn out that TLC just makes a fool on themselfes. Hope the upcoming sets are worth this childish behaviour.....
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    You want more photos? http://Moc-Up possible Lego 60198? by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Moc-Up possible Lego 60198? by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Moc-Up possible Lego 60198? by Brick Musher, auf Flickr This is not confidential.... I build it on my own. Of course, I build according to the photos everybody of you have allready seen. So its just guessing, nothing more. One thing that came out while building, the green bricks modified with clip doesnt exist yet. Despite this, the cockpit with the upside-down windscreen is not very strong, but I did only a quick moccing, nothing reliable.... Anyway, I like the shape of that thing. Hope you can forgive me that hoax regards BrickMusher
  12. What's the current state of third party 9V?

    I was also waiting for a long time for 9V Tracks. Although I have plenty of straight 9V Tracks, at some point it shows up that running trains on a 20m+ layout is somewhat annoying due to 1) the noise created by the connections between the tracks, and 2) the lack of wide radii. There are Track-profiles available that fit quite well with the original tracks, and I was able to get them in 1,2m long pieces. So if you allready ballast your tracks, it looks very similar to the originals, at least from a distance like e.g. 1m+ Curve radii are possible if you bent the profiles, I tried 104 and 120 stud radii. That worked quite well. The only disadvantage is that it is a lot of work to get this profiles on the Layout if you doing an exhibition...... I had other priorities in the last year, but actuall I preparing my first modules of 3x4 and 4x4 Baseplates with fixed DIY-Track, so build-up will be faster and mor comfortable in the future. Maybe I can ad some photos during next weekend. Anyway, it is some work, but I love the result. Here is a Video from 2016: Before 0:39 is original Track, after a first wide curve. At 0:51 the long straight track starts. The train runs very smooth even at high speed. Creating switch-points and crossings will be an other challenge Keep building BrickMusher
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    Hmm, maybe something like the Factory Hobby Train 10183? With different wheel-diameters in different colours, Motor-decoration 2871b in red and DBG and also in new shape like e.g. ALCO B-Trucks, tan train windows, train-doors, 6x28 train-bases in black and enough spare parts not only to build a single engine but also matching coatch(es).... Sorry.... must have been some sort of dream...... Happy New Year
  14. 2018 Lego Trains

    @AlmightyArjen You are talking of theese? http://P1100260 (Kopie) by Brick Musher, auf Flickr P1100259 (Kopie) by Brick Musher, auf Flickr I have seen them also in a picture as you are describing it, but that was allready in 2016. So I copied and had a train with this coaches running at Fanwelt in November 2016.... If you meant an other picture, I would be interested to see it also...
  15. 9v Controller Repair Question

    Well, you already have this hole in the metal-part of the LM317. Just drill a hole into the heat-sink at the area that correspond, and attach both parts with a simple screw and a nut. This way hey did it in the old days on many of this Audio/Amplifier Stuff. Should work and last forever