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  1. BrickMusher

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Hi Sergio, I very much apologize for the delayed answer, I was just off for a while. Before I answer about the rails, I have to mention that the original idea was inspired by french FreeLUG´s LGV as shown at Fanabriques Exhibition 2012. You will easily find Videos on YT from their fabulous train display there. However, I was not able to get hold of the aluminium-rails they used. Also I had the ambition to balast my tracks in a way that makes it more lookalike to original balasted 9V track. And I had to find a reseller. Last part was probably the biggest problem. I think I should make an own thread about building and balasting the tracks, but if you cant wait, just search for "code 250" rails meanwhile. Hope that helps for now?! Once again apologizes for the late reply. Regards BrickMusher
  2. BrickMusher

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Thank You all for your nice and friendly words!! I have not exspected so many nice comments, especially since this MOC is allready number four of the same type of Loco. And I never exspected the bridge to catch so much attention! I was actually just playing around with the new pieces, when they found together more or less on their own. At the moment, I just have a problem with my photobox. It is just not wide enough for the whole bridge. I try to fix it and make an own thread for my bridges when ready! BTW, what would be the best place for that thread? So far, I have mostly posted within Train tech forum. Any suggestions? @JopieK and @Man with a hat, its longe time since I have seen a Dutch train by myself. So I appreciate your advice and will have a closer look on how I can improve that nose issue @ColletArrow Thank You. Yes, all engines still excist. I´ll do a picture for you of the whole family during the next photosession @monai Indeed, the rails are DIY. Profiles come in straights, but it´s no big deal to bend them into nearly any radii larger than R40. They are full metal and I used them on a display with approx. 15m length for a high-speed train. All my trains run with old 9V motors, that works pretty well with theese kind of tracks. But I think that would also be subjet for an other thread.....
  3. Hallo everyone, here is a new model of my "Nez Cassé" series. This time, it is a model of dutch "Nederlandse Spoorwegen" NS-1600 Series. As with the three other models before, I made slight changes in the outer and inner appearance. On this model, I used some old and scratched bricks to create a somewhat more "used" look than normal. The train is displayed on a truss-girder bridge, build from the new rollercoaster tracks. Altthough the bridge look somewhat fragile, it is unecspected rigid. Please finde some more pictures, including a new flatbed-car, at my flickr fotostream: Click here Hope you enjoy. http://NS-1845 "Middelburg" by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Regards BrickMusher
  4. BrickMusher

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    As allready linked by zephyr1934, there ist no advantage on split-axles. My Brother did a test for me, since I dont want to spent money on the Hidden Side Train. He compared four-axeled coaches equipped with old wheels sets, new wheelset and ballbearing wheelsets. of course, ballbearings performed best, but new all-plastic wheelsets did not even run half the way the old wheelsets did. It becomes more worse in curves. He also said the cars with the split-axles where shacking and vibrating recognizable. In curves, his PU train with new wheelsets lost remarkable speed. All in all no good news So they change motto to "only the ceapest is good enough?"
  5. BrickMusher

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Exactly this. I see that moving things on a display always catches most attention of visitors. So when ever I had a display with old Monorail, and people asked about it, it was exactly like you have said. To tell them that they have to spend a redicioulus amount of money for hard-to-find parts that are out of production for more than 20 years just creates me a pain. Same with 9V System So, IF TLG will produce this new wheelsets only, and use it on PU trains in the future, everybody should complain at TLG´s customer service about bad performance due to high friction. And everybody should insist on replacement parts. I fear a little that TLG is some kind of advice resistant, therefore warranty requests seem to be the most approbiate way to "teach" them to do better IMHO.
  6. BrickMusher

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Yeah, for sure. Just send me a bunch and I will test them for you Frankly speaking, I am somewhat suspicious of them. I have refurbished a lot of metal axle wheels with ballbearings to reduce friction, and now TLG is showing up with theese When ever I had used technic axles with technic bricks and train wheels, I had abrasive wear and increased friction after some use (e.g. on exhibitions). I guess the new elements are cheaper in production. But will they also be cheaper in price? And, even more important, will they be suitable for AFOLs use? So I would really like to see a review especially about theese parts!
  7. BrickMusher

    Need help building train chassis

    Hei, I started a year ago or so to build coaches and freight cars with normal plates instead of train-plates. It was just the same as it is with you. I found the trainplates become ridiculouse expensive and sometimes even not available. If you dont build in 6-wide, you have to moc your chassis anyway. So actually I am very satisfied with my solutions. For my flatbed-cars, e.g. I use a snotted chassis with a "upside-down" bogieplate and ball-bearings for the wheelsets. That makes the cars very flat but rigid at the same time. For boxcars and passenger coaches I normally use the standard Lego-wheelsets with a modified bogieplate (because of pin lenght). What kind of freight car do you have in mind?
  8. Hi Holger, nice Where can I sign for it?
  9. BrickMusher

    Building custom Emerald Night

    Hei, I once bought a vacuum hose from an industrial pneumatic shop at ebay. Since I am metric, the hose was 3mm in diameter wich actually is a little bit to small. An other time, I found a similar hose in a chainlubrication kit for motorcycles that was 3,2mm in diameter. I guess that is somewhat like 1/8 inch?? However, that one fitted very well with the original Lego clips. So maybe you can find something like that more easy at your place (US)? Only minus, all hoses have been glossy. But that probably could be fixed with some fine sandpaper or fleece? It is a pain that TLC does not produce the round Windows anymore. I allways preferred them to the angular ones like in the actual Hogwarts....
  10. BrickMusher

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    Outch, that hurts. My Colorado Eagle ist stil WIP. And now I am outpaced by Tony Sava. Everybody will think I blundly copied your work or at least your idea http://Colorado Eagle med. by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Well, I started with that four or five years ago, so there was plenty of time for me to finish it. Somhow I lost sight of it, so the observation car and the engines A and B unit are still missing. But with your gorgeous Version ahead, I should definitely start to finish it. I love the livery, and in 8-wide, like you did, it has this extra on details I can never reach with building 6-wide. But I am fine with that. Thank You for showing this beauty P.S. One strenuous appeal: Please dont do any scandinavian or canadian trains within the next year, that could ruin my self-confidence (I really have to speed up things )
  11. BrickMusher

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    @dtomsen I do not think that your perspective is so different from the most others here. I have seen your instructions and models online, and I highly appreciate your work. My personal focus is more on creating a Model and taking photos of it, I am not interested in creating building instructions. But if anyone would ask to create it for me, why should I say no? I think what suffers most pain, is when someone sells Instructions or rebuilds of your models and do not even metion you as the original creator. I allready started to publish my MOC pics under CC BY license, so everyone can see what I exspect when using my work for own purpose. But sometimes it is not easy to find the original creator of a MOC. E.g. years ago I found a Railcar-MOC somewhere in the www. It attracted me quite a lot, so I started to rebuild it from two or three pictures I found. I implemeted lights and started to use it on exhibitions. When the discussion started about a year ago here in the forum, I started intensiv search for the original creator and after hours of search I found that it was @Sérgio. So I asked him via flickr-pm for permission to copy his car, and he granted it (thank you Sérgio). He only asked me to mention him as the original creator. And I think exactly thas is the point! Lego is intended to rebuild things you see. That also includes MOC´s. I "copy" things now for the last 35 years, starting with the gorgeous Lego Idea books in my childhood. And the most people here are aware of that. So nearly no one will exspect that his creation will not be copied sooner or later. But a small hint to the original creator should alsways be a natural consequence. However, while adding credits to someone is relatively easy with pictures, how will you do e.g. at exhibitions? I have not found any good solution to do so yet. So if anybody has a suggestion, I would welcome a good discussion regards BrickMusher
  12. BrickMusher

    [MOC] SNCF-Style Loco (Yet another "Nez Cassé")

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thank You for your kind words. Bridges just started to be my second favourited theme beside Trains. There will be a new one soon @ColletArrow Also thank you to You. No problem. There will be also a dutch version of this locomotive soon. When doing the photos, I will also take some more of this blue just on tracks for you @Evans Thank You for the info. I did not know that the blue livery was for diesel only, but I really appreciate this kind of informations! Had a look to the suggested "béton" scheme also, but I am not sure if the old dark-grey windscreen will match in colour. On some pictures it looks more like sand-blue?! So maybe I will give it a try when I get hold of two windscreens from the new modular building?!
  13. Hello, and a late "Happy Easter" to all! Maybe you remember guessing about new Lego-Trains in beginning of 2018? By that time, I allready presented two MOC´s of that Loco. 1. Versions Thread 2. Versions Thread Today I´d like to add another Version. Its colour-scheme was inspired by the last Artic-Theme (dark-blue and dark-azure) but I decided to skip the orange. Snotting of the white line around the dark-blue was somewhat tricky, but eventually I am satisfied with the result. When the build was done, I found the scheme reminded somehow to old french SNCF liveries. So my Idea was to call it the "SNCF-Style" although it lacks a determined real-life example. SNCF Loco by Brick Musher, auf Flickr SNCF Loco by Brick Musher, auf Flickr I hope you enjoy As always, You will find some more pics at my flickr account click for BrickMushers flickr-page Regards BrickMusher
  14. BrickMusher

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Hello to the community. Until today, there was a very famous YT-Channel in germany. Thomas Panke, called "Held der Steine" (Hero of the bricks) is well known for his detailed reviews of new Lego Sets as well as for his retrospectives on vintage sets. He also owns and runs a small Store in the City of Frankfurt, where he sells Lego to the consumer. While he always was searching for the god things, even in the worst sets, he is also well known for his constructive critism on things like Quality, but also management, marketing a.s.o. Today he announced to expand his reviews also to Non-Lego manufactured bricks. Reason for that is that he was admonished in the Name of TLG by a Lawyer for showing a Stud in his own logo! It was claimed that this logo would suggest, he would be TLG.... logo Well, if you don´t understand german, you would properly not know about him. But I loved his reviews and videos, and my personal opinion is that he was usualy had a point with his critsm. And he brought a lot of people, which are not AFOL´s in our understanding, back to the bricks. You can get an owm impression here: facebook twitter 1000steine If everything is true what he says in his actual video, I have to wonder a lot at that issue. Is it only a german thing, or did it happen also to other Lego related youtube channels, Blogs or Vlogs around the world? Cant TLG handle justified critism in an other than this very childish and unprossesional manner? Have you heard about other cases like that? regards BrickMusher
  15. @Henrik V Hi Henrik, since you are new to Eurobricks, you have to add at least 10 coments before you are allowed to write pm. If you want to contact T. Selander here in the forum, just write an "@" followed by his account´s name. Just like I did with yours By the way, do you really think it is a good Idea to share your email and full name here in public? Maybe you should take a little more care to your privacy..... just my two pence... Howsoever, welcome to EB