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  1. BrickMusher

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Hi Coaster, definitely a nice one. Would buy a couple of them instantly. If you dont plan to mass-produce yet, maybe a small pre-production I can test for you? Would like to start with a dozen or so. Is the metal wheel-flange an original part?
  2. Hi JP, I guess you already found the .xml files in the first post of this thread? Ok, fine. Go into your BL Account. Move your Mouse over the "want" symbol in the upper list. A menu opens, just choose "upload" and click. In the new window, you can now choose between "upload a file from your computer" or"upload Bricklink XML List" - click on the second option Paste the .xml File in the "copy and paste here" window Click "proceed to verify items" in the bottom right corner a new wanted list containing the parts will be created. Do not forget to save this list after you have done all your settings. Good luck
  3. BrickMusher

    [MOC] DSB Litra MZ I & III (8-wide locomotives)

    Really amazing. I followed your work for a couple of years now, but this 8-Wide ads really some topping on the cake. Although I am not convinced of 8-wide for my own models yet, I would possibly try to rebuild your dark-red variant just to see and compare to 6-wide and than rethink my preferences Question: Why haven't you used dark Brick 1x2 with Grille 2877 for the older variant? I think that would look even better?
  4. Well, even Legos original stickers will not always match the color of their bricks. I will try to set colors according to values figured out by Christoph Bartneck: Color lists for Lego colors by Christoph Bartneck Could be worth a try
  5. @Akassin Great, many many Thanks! Very good work indeed. I guess the pdf reproduces right size of stickers when printed in original document size on A4 paper?
  6. Sorry, but than you have to read the thread again. He already mentioned it 5 hours before your post. Maybe you just have not seen yet? No reason to become rude..... EDIT: I see, @Ngoc Nguyen was just a few seconds faster than me to reply....
  7. Sad to hear about the stickersheet. But I guess you applied them before everything went so strange with this set. How ever, any chance for good pictures of the stickers applied, plus a pic of the almost empty used sheet? Maybe I can try to place back the stickers than "virtually"? Could be worth a try ?!
  8. Thx for the pdf. I highly appreciate that!!! Any chance for a scan of an unused stickersheet? Would be the topping on the cake
  9. BrickMusher

    MOD Custom rods for the Crocodile Locomotive set 10277

    When saying that, please be aware of differences in drive-rod configuration between Ce 6/8 II and Ce 6/8 III models. Type 2 Type 3 Links are leading to german version of Wikipedia, since they are somewhat more detailed than the english article, but the most important part are anyway the pictures.
  10. BrickMusher

    Teaser for Upcoming Train?

    Hei, of course, it is just guessing. But the shape of the Chimney is more or less typical for wood fired steamers. So I would expect it to be an US Loco. And when doing an online search with tags "1876 + train" that picture popped up: Source: Maybe just a coincident, but it show as a very similar steam engine alongside a Santa-Fe Diesel. And of course, Santa-Fe reminds me to famous 10020, 10022 and 10025 from 2002. So maybe we can expect a Santa-Fe related Steam train in 2022, for the 20th Anniversary of Legos 10020 Santa-Fe Super Chief? Holy Moly, thats a lot of guessing, but as you said before, it's just for the fun
  11. BrickMusher

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Don't know what the question is, but the answer is 42
  12. BrickMusher

    10277 Swiss Crocodile - Set Review

    Indeed, two dots converting a bushing (Buchse) into a tin-can (B├╝chse).
  13. BrickMusher

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Oh, I see what the problem was. It is written with double-n (Lehmann, not Lehman) at the end. So now I was able to find the site :-) In the detail it's said that the book was first published 28.06.2019. Strange that no one has seen it yet in real life?!?
  14. BrickMusher

    Building LEGO Trains book

    Hei, you are right, Lampertz still lists it as "expected". The Homepage is not available, can you please double-check the given address? What makes me wonder is the fact that Klaus Kiunke is named as the author, although all of the Bluebrixx-Trains are designed by someone else. Don't know what to think about that. BTW: BB Quality is of course not TLC's, but some of the parts a quite good. Red train buffers e.g. are pretty nice and VERY close to TLC Quality. Same for the red train- baseplates 6x28, which are ridiculous expensive on the aftermarket. One thing you can really see is, that they try to improve quality. Despite that, they also come along with moulds that we probably will never see again from TLC (e.g. train windows 1x4x3 in tan, dk.-red, dk.-green and other colours). Given that, it just feels like we got the old story of the two-sided medal here again.
  15. BrickMusher

    Alternative train wheel set with ball bearings

    Hi, I have ordered cheap ball-bearings from different sellers. And I have to say that there are some differences between them, although prices have been quite similar. So I would like to say that cheap ball-bearings can be sufficient for the hobby, but also can be a waste of money, depending on the seller and some luck, maybe ;-) @German Luigi Can you publish the specifications of your test-site (e.g. height and length of the slope, weight of your cars etc.), please? Would like to re-do your test with my own rolling stock.