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  1. Try to make a new version of LEGO Train Poster

    @freestorm Hi freestorm, I like the Idea of a new poster very much. But I think it would be a waste of time to do something that is allready in process. Some members of german LUG 1000steine working for around the last three years on new graphics for an updated poster. I have no idea how far they are gone, but before starting something completely new, it might be a good idea to ask them about their progress. I have no link or so yet, but if necessary, i can try to figure out where on the web you can find theese guys. Anyway, I really hope to see an "up to date" version somewhen in near future regards BrickMusher
  2. Very nice contest indeed, I allready started and hopefully will made it just before October ends. I have two questions, mostly related to "The Swoosh" and about posting (sorry if my questions are kinda silly, but I am not very experienced in www-use). About "the Swoosh", has it to be done by the builder itself, or is it also ok/allowed if the train/waggon/what ever runs by own Power/ by an engine through the curve? Second: For posting pictures on your Flickr-account, do I need an own Flickr-account also? Thx for answer, looking forward for many amazing MOC´s Good mush... uhm building ;-) BrickMusher
  3. An other suggestion for the roof: If Lego Customer Service is available in your country, you can also order part No. 6081 in Light bluish grey there. That gives you the same shape of the roof as the original Santa Fe. Interesting question by the way. I got a single Santa Fe unit Years ago, but never mananged to complete the hole Train due to the insane Prices. Would really like to see photos of your progress in building. Good Luck BrickMusher
  4. 9v track power problems - advice needed

    Hej, it me again ;-) can you please check if the LED in the transformator becomes darker when you plug on the track connector-cable? The rubber insulation becomes weak by time and sometimes it produce an short-circuit. Is it the same even when the connector-cable is just attached to the track but not to the transformator? Than there is definetely a short-circuit.... Try and response please. If it is only due to bad insulation, connector cable can be rescued God luck BrickMusher
  5. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Wow, that looks amazing. If it would only be available for 9v.... :( Anyway, great work. Impressing
  6. 12v train cabling advice needed

    Hej again, for the cabling I usually use some standard modelltrain equipment. For switch or signal application, a normal 2-wire cable is allready good enough. For high current use like powering long trains with many motors, I sometimes also use a loudspeaker-cable that is somewhat bigger in diameter. Both can be bought for low price online. In most cases you can also choose between different colours. For connection I use miniatur Banana-connectors, also from the modelltrain-shop. The standard diameter is 2,6mm. If they dont fit propper into the female Lego© connectors, you spread the male part a little with a tiny screwdriver. I just bought a pack of hundred for about 15 Euros. Had never any problems with that wiring on exhibitions so far. regards BrickMusher
  7. Hi @exstatik I have done a 7760 in medium blue, had the same thoughts about copying a great classic design with less expensive parts 7760 Alternative colours for 7760 maybe green, yellow, red, black or withe. The 7755 can also be done in blue, yellow, black or withe, or maybe an Octan-Livery. 7745 might be somewhat more tricky, due to the given two-colour pattern on the doors, but if you find an other solution for the doors, create some stickers, or dont care about original pattern, the possibilities are nearly endless. BTW, I would like to see a 7755 MOC in orange, similar to this one Locon orange Just give it a try Regards BrickMusher
  8. Hej Lowa, sad to hear that this happend to you. But please remember, they only copied one of your easier projects now. I ordered some of your Monorail-Tracks and other stuff, that is really great and gives us a lot of playabillity we have waitet for at least 20 years or so. And your Train and Monorail controlling systems is also outstanding. I think I know why they only copied one of your easier projects while the more ambitious products are furthermore unique. And I think I also know where the real knowhow is located. So please dont take it to serious. Anyway, I have to announce that I am also be willing to copy some of your and other developments. This will be in a matter of self-defense since I am highly related to old 9V Tracks and there is nothing available so far from 3rd party resellers. So I am always looking for interesting new track-geometry I can copie in 9V. I allready have some more Ideas concerning 9V track and other train related stuff. At the moment I am busy with house-moving, but within a couple of weeks I would like to write you (again) to share my suggestions with you. Maybe its You with your abilities that can bring things to a final stage (I am neither good in programming, nor have I any Idea about 3D-Printing). Keep your Head upright, I allready know where to buy my next custom monorails ;-) With the best wishes and regards BrickMusher
  9. My biggest layout so far: 9 running trains

    Thats only right if You juse the original Transformator on the 9V Regulator. Both, 9V and 12V Regulators can only provide up to 700 mA, but the MOSFET that is build in the 9V Regulator can handle current up to 1,5A. Just replace the original Transformator by a stronger one. Electrical connector is some sort of standard, polaritiy doesn´t matter due to the build-in rectifier diodes. You will find fitting power supplies for low money in electronic stores or computer shops. BTW, I follow your Videos since some time, and always enjoy your ideas and builds. Keep on please! Regards BrickMusher
  10. HELP! ! !

    @LegoMonorailFan okay, Thank you. Maybe it was yust the Space-button that makes the difference. Now it works! Very helpfull indeed. Thank You again for help and have a nice day. Best Regards
  11. HELP! ! !

    Sorry, maybe wrong thread and stupid question, but I didn´t found any hints by search and browsing through the help-themes. How can I relpy to an special post? Someone did in my post and i like to answer. There is a box in the beginning of his post with the "@" sign and the username. I got also a notification when the other user answered to my own post. How can I create this "@-username" box? BTW, the links on the "new meber section - please read before starting" Thread bring you back to the same thread, not very helpfull :-( Many thanks in advance for your help with such a neebie-question
  12. Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    @ColletArrow Hei, yes, it is a rebuild of famous 7760 in medium blue. It is running on a 9V Motor and is also equipped with lights. Please see my MOCpage for more pictures. Insane... this is exactly what my girlfriend always said when we went on exhibition I take it as a compliment. Track is indeed custom made at some sections. Trains run more silent and even faster. It is made of stainless steel code 250 tracks. The profile is amazing close to the original Lego® track-profile. And I have only to do some minor modifications to 1x2 or 2x2 plates to make them work alltogether with the original stuff. You can easily recognize the difference when you change between the two systems (see at 0:38 and 1:04). And they can be bend to nearly any radius you need.
  13. Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Long Trains, here is my example: I would like to introduce you to my long Train project. It started around 2010 with my first BrickLink Orders. In 2014 my flat was to small so I had to go outside for testruns. Here one of my first Videos, two Engines and 75 cars, approx. 10,5 Meter. Some problems, mostly related to power supply, had to be solved: In 2015 we joined our first exhibition with the first run of a longer version of the Train. At least, we had 205 cars running with 5 Engines (approx. 30m) At ABSolut Steinchen 2016 Exhibition in St. Augustin, Germany. We improved Track and Powersupply. All cars now have same colour. Final number of cars 230 (approx. 35m in total) The front of the tables is about 20m (not my own video). Next goal is 250 cars. There is already some improvement needed, especially on traction and total pulling power. This Year other things popped up, but maybe I will continue with more cars in 2018. Hope you enjoy. Regards BrickMusher
  14. Hei Folks, I just stumbled into this discussion by accident, since I am more related to train in general. But reading your pros and cons on different castel-themes awakened some very old memorys from my own Childhood. Back in the 80ths, I got the fabulous Classic Castle 6080. That was realy great stuff by that time. With the movable walls and the option to enlarge the castle by simple connect additional wall or building segments to it. I played quite a lot with this set. But since my parents could´nt afford more than now and then a small Lego Set on christmas or birthday, my castle did not grow as big and as fast as I wished. On the other hand, I had the also fabulous Idea book 250, with so many suggestions for additional buildings. So I started building my own Stuff. By that, my need for grey bricks increased dramatically, while the availability did not. But I was happy with it. Then the dark Ages raised. Finally, in 2007, I started again with Lego. And I was very impressed about the amount of available Parts. Greens and browns had been very rare in the old times, now even former unknown colors like orange, light blue or lime appear, and all of them were only a mouse-klick away. Today I do, like I always did more than 30 years ago. I inspect every new catalouge for new and unknown parts. And then I start to imagine what I can build with them. Doing like this, every new Set is welcome. I can´t remember a better time then now to get any part you need in the amount you need. OMG, that have been one of my biggest dreams in my childhood, just go to BrickLink, ebay or even TLC itself to oder any part I would like to have. Looking back to my beloved Classic Castle 6080, it would look poor and somewhat ashaming beneath all the great, huge, astonishing Castle-MOC´s you can find out there on the Internet today. But it was my very own "best Set you can ever imagine" by that time. So if you complain about the absence of your favorite Set today, please remember how it was back in your childhood. We AFOL´s must not fit into TLC´s targeted audience! But we can take out any benefit we need from any new Set we got by just choosing all the parts we want to build our own, most favoured, set. But this is only my own opinion. Anyway, never stop building Kind regards BrickMusher
  15. RE 460-084

    Hello, I realy like your engine, you definitely got the shape of that thing. There are some minor things I wonder about: Your pantographs are v-shaped at the upper part while the original seems to be single-armed. Colour of the lower body part is black instead of dark grey. And finaly that lights are shining trough on the front bricks. Sorry, I am german by origin, so I have to apologize for beeing such a nickpicker 😉 But anyway, lights are a great thing on trains and are always an eyecatcher on exhibitions. I have had similar problems in the past and maybe you can fix this translucency by applicating some kind of tape on the inner side of the bricks?! However, a great build. I would realy like to see a video of this driving, maybe combined with this great looking passenger-cars? Tante grazie for showing. Regards P.S. I love that you build it 6-wide