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  1. Hi, After doing a lot of "research" i "designed" a front axle that i would like to share with you. The hubs and steering is copied from didumos's buggy. The goal from the outset was to have the buggy's off road performance but with a faster speed. I managed to integrate ackermann geometry and a castor angle (by tilting the whole assembly at 5 degrees) I used the new differential with a 28 tooth driving gear so as to not get any excessive up and down gearing in the drivetrain. The drive shaft splits to allow for the central placement of the servo. Two L motors front and 4 L motors in the back. It works pretty well, Although the steering rack catches on studs some times. The final model is still in progress. Any remarks or advice is greatly appreciated! The .io file is here
  2. CharlesD

    [MOC] 7 - 6 Mark 3

    It has been a struggle to get the motors to all work on the same drive shaft and keep the gears from slipping. I think i finally have the most robust setup also in regards to the perpendiculair final drive to the tracks. Problem is that the weight keeps on increasing, to the point where i think the weight of two extra motors and support structure is not compensated fully by the increase in power.
  3. Hello, I would like to show you my project it has been a year and a half in the making and is functioning pretty well. - Christie suspension, spring loaded track tensioner - 6 XL motors, easily reconfigurable to 4 or 2 - 1:5 Gear ratio, 1070 RPM - 8 KM/h @ 12V / 730 RPM- 5.5 KM/h @ 9V - Gear ratio reconfigurable from 1:5 to 1:2.333 - 3 buwizz needed for ludicrous speed @ 1:5 - Two versions, 42065 inspired racing tank and "drone" shovel loader - files are available in the bricksafe link Drives very good, the track tensioner keeps the tracks from throwing themselves off in corners most of the time. I have been trying to intgerate a gearbox but it gets too bulky or can not withstand the torque required. Any feedback or advice is appreciated!
  4. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    Hi, Yes that would work, however i wanted to build something that was just stupid fast. I saw a video of a buwizz powered 42065 that did some drifting and that was what got my whole interest in technic tingling again early this year. And right now i am finally able to drift, albeit for a couple of minutes :)
  5. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    Are those the Cada L-motors that run at 1200 rpm? That is pretty much my experience too Yes, sorry, i stated that at the beginning, and i guess i am demanding more from the buwizz then it can deliver. That was for organizing and extension purposes.
  6. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    I shrunk it so i could post it here. I created a link to onedrive;!AsdRVifG8uuDhKogFIVDJUe3A8ZiQw?e=gIq5Gv I tried that but there was no performance gain, also the weight is a concern. If you want to extend your time than it is obviously a good idea, however mine never charge faster than .70 amps/hour. Considering the slow charging rate any powerbank would suffice.
  7. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    I have two buwizz, and i tried the same setup with 4 motors, but with the same result. I have a feeling that the tracks create a lot more resistance, it makes a hell of a noise. The chassis is pretty much fully enclosed so there is little cooling from airflow.
  8. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    Right, i thought that having 6 L motors on a 1.5 kg vehicle would be enough, would it work better if i add another buwizz?
  9. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    After some testing with a laster thermometer i saw that the L motor cuts power at around 28 C on the casing. So i figured i need some cooling and i soldered two molex connector to a Power functions connector, and low and behold this monstrosity; I It works a bit longer but still gets to hot after about two minutes. Is this a problem that other people have seen? there is suprisingly little information to be found about overheating motors.
  10. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    allright, thanks, will try that.
  11. CharlesD

    Buwizz power limit

    You mean that the led should stay on if the motor is not working anymore?
  12. Hi, I have designed a series of tracked vehicle using either 4 or 6 L or XL motors with two buwizz. And the problem i keep having is that after about 30 seconds to a minute the power to one side is shut off. If i then leave it to rest for a minute it will go again, but it will cut out sooner after that. The components to not heat up noticeably. I have experimented with different sizes and weights, and the problem is more noticable at higher speeds and weight. but weirdly enough it runs fine before the "limit" kicks in. I have cross connected the motors so it is not one buwizz that is at fault. Is there some sort of power limit i am reaching? Thanks in advance.