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  1. Here's another gunboat built hastily by the colonists of Acropolis, due to the lack of marine personnel, it's manned by an army gunner, a local fisher and a native pearl diver. Vive le Roi!
  2. Neat microbuild, but I definitely prefer the larger Marvel.
  3. It even has a cave, nice build!
  4. Bodi

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Sounds good to me.
  5. Bodi

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Thank you for the prompt reply. The ships will join the tMRCA and I certaily don't need to steal that brig, as it is sitting on my desk now, but I can start a new post to explain how it falls into Oleon hands, what do you think?
  6. Bodi

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Lastly, murmurs about Oleon's intent circulate in the streets of Westface, are those blue minifigs going to grab their land? Their prolonged stay, is it a sign of ill intent? So for them, nothing is more reconforting than the sight of bluecoats embarking on their ships. At the city gate, heavily damaged since the civil war and still unrepaired, captain Surlecoup, an Oleander privateer is asking the captain of the Esprit Fortune to deliver a letter to the Admiralty. Our brave Oliver, recovered from his injury, goes down the stairs with the help of a nurse. @Bregir: The ships are leaving Westface, the small fleet is composed of Esprit Fortune, Eastern Trader and the repaired TER brig (now renamed as Slippery Banana, I'll license it later).
  7. Thank you guys. We'll see if they could survive the next MRCA round.
  8. Bodi

    [Hideout] Cutlass Cay

    I like the pier, and the white building on the left, the small beach is a nich touch too. The dome and the tower give a feel of mediterranean architecture, interesting.
  9. Nice scene, exquisitely built, I especially like the canoe.
  10. That's a very good looking house, I see some interesting building techniques here, nice job.
  11. Neat build, I like the roundish platform, very detailed, the trees look good, so does the canoe.
  12. M. Duchene is a former merchant navy captain, he lost his ship during a tempest and since then, he lived in a miniscule log cabin several miles from the town of Eltina, in abject poverty. His neighbours used to call him "captain shipwreck". One day, while wandering in the beach, he found a month old newspaper, and his interest was aroused by a recruitment headline "The RNTC is looking for experienced captains". He said to himself "So maybe there is hope for me yet" He returned at his cabin and soon went out again, heading to the town. A few hours later, he came in front of a large building, flying the colours of RNTC, but to be totally sure, he asked a sailor passing-by if it was the RNTC office at Eltina. Unexpectedly, the RNTC officials were quite satisfied of M.Duchene's resume, and he received the commission of a newly-built Terraman, le Gaillard. Unlike the warships of la Royale, the Terramen of the RNTC are designed for the transportation of goods, these vessels do not have spardecks in their hold to have all the space available. The first deck doesn't carry artillery, the second deck carries a battery of reduced caliber and the forecastle is not armed. So, we see here le Gaillard at dock. The captain Duchene is discussing with a RNTC officer, and a young aristocrat who will share the cabin with him during the trip. And a geologist is about to board with his assistant, and a pile of cases full of samples. A rear view. To be licensed as a class 7 Terraman. Vive le Roi!
  13. Bodi

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    What a lovely tree, may I know where these candles come from?
  14. Not that gifted, look at my first attempt at shipbuilding 3 years ago.
  15. Or maybe he was a relative of the HR director, who knows. Glad you like my ship. Thank you mate. Glad you like it Captain. Thank you Thaum, but you won't get my One-eye Moody, I hid it on top of the shelf. You could try to find him from online vendors though, it seems that they always managed to be luckier than us. Thank you Faladrin, glad to see you again.
  16. But the guys at Acropolis didn't know that, they were a bunch of landlubbers and fishermen, they just wanted to hit the pesky raiders, and hard. They'll learn from their mistakes. Very funny. Still, that could be the explanation.
  17. Beware, mortar enthusiasts, it can fire at you beyond your range with its large gun mounted at the bow.
  18. Bodi

    [SR - MRCA result] Somewhere in Trador

    Intriguing story, I didn't expect that at all. Nice house.
  19. That pig statue is impressive! And good job with the microships, the battle scene looks very convincing.
  20. Thank you Thaum. For the hull, I still prefer to use shrouds for smaller boats, the curved slopes work better for larger ships I think. You guessed right, gunboats are cannon fodders. Thank you mate.
  21. The infamous captain Nordau has conducted a sneak raid to a remote colony of our glorious empire, as one could expect, the raiders failed lamentably, they were repelled by the small but valiant garrison. The residents of Acropolis just felt lucky, they knew quite well that they may not have the favor of the gods next time. How to deal with this situation? Waiting for reinforcement is an option, but in the era they live, a letter may take several months to travel between the old and the new world. Bearing this in mind, they soon adopted the same solution than their compatriots in Fatu Hiva. To be licensed as a class 1 gunboat.
  22. Not so fast Captain Nordau, you've won yourself a place on the list of priorities of la Royale, you'll pay dearly for your affront to the Crown.
  23. Emmm, no reaction for the moment, apparently the King Philip has partied all night long and the valets de chambre refuse to wake him. And I just noticed that Acropolis has been raided too! How is it possible, where are our fleets! and flying proudly the ensign of the sea whales. Thank you to remind me that, it's time to pay a visit to the Mesabi land.
  24. I agree with Fraunces, more brown would look better. I don't know what type of ship you are intending to build, it looks like a brig to me, though it gives a rather chubby appearance now, have you consider to build it a bit longer?
  25. Excellent writinh up, nice work, it surely worthed the wait. And our settlement is being attacked by WTC invaders, what a scandal!