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  1. The reinforcements requested by the Duke d'Ablette finally at the new world, a bit late it's true, but better late than never. The troops are composed of a company of cuirassiers and a company of infanterymen, all were directed to guard the settlements of Eltina. Le captaine Hautecloche conducting his men to the city gate. They were followed by a company of infantery freshly landed. @Legostone I'd like to ask you to help me to license these two units, they will be stationed at Eltina.
  2. Bodi

    New troops at Eltina

    Thank you Thaum, I'm also a fan of french cavalry. Glad you like it, in fact the spoiler was supposed to be part of the Fatu Hiva entry but I ran out of inspiration and couldn't finish the whole scene as I expected. Glad you like the bridge, and you are right about the photos, a better illumination and a decent background should do the job. No clue, to be honest, I'll say King's Cuirassiers maybe? And looking forward to the continuation of your series.
  3. Nice little boat, it has some interesting building techniques, and an elaborate rigging, nice job.
  4. Bodi

    [SR - FB2 - OCT 618] Tortuga's City Hall

    I like your expanded version of the sand baseplate, the hut is very well built too.
  5. Bodi

    [SR - FB] Rum Cart

    Nice job with the facades, and I like the palm tree.
  6. Bodi

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Thank you! I'm impatient to see its effect in combat. I'm afraid le Fougueux hasn't been licensed yet, since I can't access google form, but if you could license it for me, it would be greatly appreciated. i think I have enough dbs for the licensing.
  7. Bodi

    [SR-FB1] - Oct '618 - Mya

    Nice ship, the tumblehome looks very good, so does the colour scheme.
  8. Bodi

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    Looking good, I like the tumblehome built with slope bricks, makes wanting to try the same. And I also like how you've widened the hull.
  9. Bodi

    [SR-FB] Vengeful Arrow

    I share the same concern for the cargo space, it looks more like a pirate privateer ship to me.
  10. Bodi

    [COR-FB] Gun barge no. 1

    A brown, square barge, make me think of a chocolate cake. Seriously, that's a very interesting design, it's good to see some varieties.
  11. @Keymonus The King, after having conferred with his ministers, has made the following decision regarding your request. For your continuous exceptional efforts for Oleon and his majesty, you are granted now the title of Marquis of Astrapi. Congrats Keymonus! Vive le Roi!
  12. Fantastic build! The cherry tree, the lanterns and the painted wall contribute together to create an oriental feel, and the geisha is a nice touch.
  13. Sayeed with a sabre, didn't expected that, I thought he was a businessman, interesting. Excellent build btw.
  14. That's a pair of superb ships Bregir. For the string, you may take a look at shipmodeling shops, they sell strings specialiazed made for the rigging, like waxed twine, and they usually come in black, tan, and brown.
  15. Nice fort! It took me a while to realize it's in fact a microbuild, well done.
  16. Bodi

    The Henri Sinks!

  17. Ships of La Royale, please note that only the rated ships are listed here. This list is not exhaustive, everyone is welcome to add his ship to it if I forgot to mention your work here. Class 10, le Royal Philip. Class 9, le Monarque. Class 9, le Fougueux Class 8, le Triton Class 8, the Tigre Class 8, le Tonnant Class 8, l'Etat de Boussac Class 7: l'Ardent Class 7: the Pearl of Loyalty Class 7, la Combattante Class ?, la Vigilante, nominally she's a 38-gun heavy frigate, size-wise she should be classed as a class 7. Class ?, la Diligente, 32-fun frigate, size-wise I think it should be a class 7. Class 7?, the Expedition, 42-gun heavy frigate Class 7?, the Lightning Class 7, le Bruyant Class 6, l'Acharnée. Class 6, la Licorne Class 6, the Tiddlywinks.
  18. Ahoy, matey! What a fine ship we got here, heavily armed and manned by a proud bunch of pirates marines. Though there's one thing, the 36 pounders on the poop deck, usually the poop deck is the weakest part of the ship, not sure if it can bear such weight.
  19. Monsieur Rimbaud The Oleander court is aware of your loyalty and your contributions to our cause, your wish has been communicated to our King, you'll be notified of the result in due time. Duc d'Ablette Ministre des colonnies
  20. That's a entire fleet you're building here, should I be worried?
  21. Nice jungle scene, and I like your version of the story.
  22. Nice statue and monument, it's surprising how Jacques and co dead so easily, I thought le Mechant was the hero of the adventure, he was a bluecoat afterall.
  23. Bodi

    Hugo is pondering (aka drinking)

    Thank you guys, glad you like the tree.
  24. Great battle scene! The underground chamber is a very nice idea, suits well to their identity of secret assassins, and it's comforting to see the legionnaires managed to keep the treasure for themselves.