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  1. Hum, it should be deformed on the photo, because there's a curve and it may look odd under certain angle, in fact the hull goes up 1 plate every 4 studs, from the centre towards the stern. Something bigger. Good point. Looking good! I like how you've angled the stern.
  2. I like this inn, I don't know why but its windows, with these slopes and arches, remind me of those of the last bounty (brick bounty?) and it's good to see naval design combining with land architecture. And nice pics!
  3. BoBS CMF - Series 9

    Nice selection of minifigs, there are some interesting torsos, I especially like the smuggler with a parrot on his shoulder, though I'm also a bit concerned by the story of King Philip's bear, it was supposed to be a secret, is there a spy among us?
  4. Very nice sloop Capt. Wolf, these sails look great and I like how you've built the hatch.
  5. I like my pink plates, and as a Corrie you should try them too, you can consider pink as faded red.
  6. [MMM] The Charity of Luna

    Nice house and floor. Great writing too and the gov. Guilder looks good in the traditional green costume.
  7. [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Thank you Garm! Glad you like it. As to that rascal, I think it'd be better to let some more imaginative mind to decide his fate (WTC).
  8. [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Late that night, on board of one of the ships of the TER convoy, the poor seamen, after hours of struggle with the tempest, were horrified by an unexpected spectacle – their captain has fled in a dinghy with the treasure chest. - Come back here, you coward, you’d sink with the ship! Yelled the TER sailors left on board the wind-battered brig. - Me hearties, since there’s no child or woman on board, it’s reasonable to observe the privilege of rank, I’m the highest ranking officer, it's normal I go first. Replied captain Bird. - We are doomed! Wait, I see two silhouettes approaching, two dinghies, full of bluecoats! Exclaimed a sailor leaning against the siding. He was not mistaken, the bluecoats were heading towards the brig in distress. - Put everything you got, messieurs, commanded Oliver on board of one of the dinghy, the RNTC seamen, who were already rowing frenetically, rowed even faster. Once on board, and after having tried their best to evaluate the level of damage, the Oleanders and the Terraversans decided it should be wise to fother the hull first, luckily, the bluecoats have brought fothering materials with them, they rapidly proceeded to their task, while the two dinghies were sent back to search new sails to replace the tattered ones. The men left on board hadn’t put too effort to right the ship, the hull was only slightly damaged by storm, if they hadn’t panicked, the Terraversans should be able to save the ship by themself. It seems that the departure of Mardierans had not only deprived them of able officers, but also experienced sailors. Oliver was briefly distracted by these thoughts that he didn’t noticed the new sails arrived. Luckily enough, the RNTC seamen proved to be more competent than their Terraversan colleagues, soon, new sails were hoisted. After having conversed with the Ter sailors, Oliver ordered to set cape to Westface. At dawn, the inhabitants of the harbour were surprised to see a bowsprit pointing at their windows. A blackcoat militia rushed out of the outpost to meet these unexpected guests. It was a poorly trained, undisciplined farmer-turned-soldier who can barely load a musket and is overworked due to a lack of soldiers and is so lacking in moral that he would surrender to any moderately-armed band of midshipmen. He was more or less reconforted to learn this was a TER ship, but the sight of Oleanders has aroused again his inquietude. Oliver had to explain why they are here and persuade him he needs them to unload the supplies properly.
  9. The Drunken Monkey

    A good looking ship, I like your weather deck and the top sail from the pearl, and you've got here some great minifigs!
  10. No words, absolutely no words. The dock scene is splendid but the galleon is much better, I like it a lot! I wonder why you hesitate to rig her, she's already perfect, all you have to do is to continue to build straight away.
  11. Nice shore scene Thaum, I like that crabe!
  12. She's a very elegant lady. Good for you.
  13. Another ship from me, well, still a wip at early stage. I'm trying some new techniques here, at least new to me. Basically a combination of custom hull with prefab ones, I'm not sure if this works though. I'm loving that bow! Stunning work.
  14. Minerary Office

    I echo with the others, a wonderful build, and the interior is really great!
  15. [COR-FB] New Haven Greenway

    It was an entertaining read, I like the restaurant and the coach.
  16. Nice nuild, Mesabi, and excellent photography.
  17. It's indeed an imposing building, compatible with the image of our glorious Oleon. The interior is nicely done too, I like the blue-white mosaic and that armory full of muskets and sabres.
  18. [COR WTC] Mesabi Monument

    A bust of Mesabi Are you planning a movement of independance? I can be wrong but I think busts are only for kings or fallen heros.
  19. Great to see a new two-decker is going to join the free nation of Searats. The ship looks good so far and I like her colour scheme. She has 6 midsections and classed as a class 8, I think yours has approximatively the same size than my Ardent, which is a class 7 two-decker with 5 midsections. Wow, she is gorgeous, that stern is amazing, with tons of details, nice job here. The bomb ketch is very well built too, I like her rigging and I'm also curious how you'll use her, since a bomb ketch is purely offensive.
  20. [ESL] Throwing a Hat Into the Ring

    Nice photo! The golden and green wall looks really good.
  21. Salty Shipworks, Charlatan Bay

    Nice shipyard! I like the classic looking of the scene, the trees and the hut, and you even got rails to launch the ship!
  22. Neat little build. That brown dude looks suspicious, I bet he's transporting a machine gun musket in his suitcase.
  23. New year is approaching, the newly appointed mayor Romain is busier than usual, he still has many to learn about the life of a bureaucrat, that was quite a task for a soldier, he might be the best blade of his company, but he never held a pen more than 5 minutes before. Neverthless, tonight, he decided to put a hour to visit his old friend, the former mousquetaire Lagaufre. The two friends came in front of the fireplace and opened a bottle of wine. - What a day! sIghed Romain. - Bah, you'll get used to it eventually. replied Lagaufre, so, tell me about our new King, you should know him well, since you were the captain of his mousquetaires. - Why this question? Our king is a honest and generous man. - I know that, but we've never seen him commanding an army, we don't know how he will react on a battlefield. - Let our generals worry about this, a good servant should never question the will of his master. - You are always right my friend. Vive le Roi!
  24. Nice windmill. I thought it was the same one you posted last month, until I saw the last photo. I like the rounded base, it looks awesome.