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  1. It's great to see your different interpretations of xebec here, I like all of them and among the four models, I have to say Kurigan's last hull, the one built with grey plates is the most promising one, too bad it hasn't been completed. An update of my frigate wip, it was left on shelf for nearly half a year, the photo doesn't show it but it's covered by a fine layer of dust, so the next step will be probably dust cleaning. I'm not happy with the rigging neither but considering the current progress, I think I'll leave it like that.
  2. Bodi

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Nice vignette, great presentation and clever use stud-shooters.
  3. A nice looking ship, black goes well with blue. Personally square masts don't pose a problem to me, I've also masts built from plates on larger mocs, and they look just fine. It's hard to say from this angle but it seems that the hull could have more curves, but this depends on parts availability.
  4. Bodi

    [GOC] WTC Rising Sun

    I missed this ship somehow, hope it's not too late to say that you've done a nice job here. Bregir has made some good points here, and I totally with him about the custom rigging and sails, they add to the realism of a ship moc. if you don't mind, me too I'd like to say few words about junks, in fact the word "junk" came from cantonese, which means simply "boat", but this pronunciation differs greatly from mandarin, so when you say "junk", most Chinese won't understand what you meant. Secondly, junks usually didn't have tumblehome, nor ratlines. But don't imagine the job will be easier, :Lego hasn't provided us with a junk prefab yet, all must be done from scratch, and I think the 70618 Destiny Bounty is a good rendition of Chinese junks, basically we can copy its hull technique when building our own version. Concerning the sails, as Bregir said, paper is a good choice than cloth, because most of Chinese junks used to have rigid sails, but there were exceptions too. That's all.
  5. Bodi

    [SR - FB] Tortuga Quayside

    Looking good! I like the warehouse and the minifigs.
  6. A nice little scene, the wood-masonry tower looks quite good and the simple and effective use of parts reminds those sets I used to play with 30 years ago.
  7. Interesting text, accompanied with a nice dock scene, and that man pointing a rifle behind the window illustrates well the hostility between the pirates pirates and free traders.
  8. A house built on water, the angled door and the plank road/balcony give more life to the build, and there are even some plants beneath the bridge, nice job.
  9. Bodi

    Fire and blood!

    Great writing and excellent photo shooting. It was a enjoyable reading. The fort itself looks quite good, my favourite part is the sloped wall.
  10. Impressive work Blackbird! Like others said, nice colour scheme, and elaborately decorated windows.
  11. Bodi

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    This looks to be solid fort. The green structure with red roof goes well with the white walls, and the wooden tower is my favourite part of the build.
  12. A sturdy build, and a good representation of a armory workshop, the funnel looks good and I like the funnel build of studs and plates, and I also like the alternance of grey on the roof.
  13. A very, very nice ship, I'm impressed by the amount of details you managed to reproduce at this scale.
  14. Bodi

    Angélique and Dame Fortune

    There's a pair of good looking boats, I like the use of wing pieces as sails, and the overall colour scheme fits well to Oleon ships.
  15. Thumb up to the editors of KPA monthly, great writing. Lotus is the name of this southern Kingdom? An oriental empire I guess, their attack will have repercussions from the New World, this should give a chance to see more exotic builds. The reporter will be released in short time and the "amiable" servant of Force Publique will be punished for the misuse of power.
  16. Bodi

    Civilization is Returning

    It's pleasing to see these rows of proud Oleanders, with their blue plumes. Nice roof technique, and I share Keymonus' remark about the petite piece.
  17. Looking good, it proves that we could build a nice waterline model with some hinges and bricks.
  18. Bodi

    [GoC] Gunboat

    What a nice little boat, i particularly like the gun mounting, the rigging and sail are nicely done too.
  19. Bodi

    [GoC] 14 Gun Brig HMS Ymir

    A fine ship you got here, Wellesly, the rigging and sails are astonishing, the custom made flags add also to the realism, the hull is nicely shaped, and the black and red work well for a corrish ship.
  20. Bodi

    A new vineyard

    Nice moc, great to see you building again.
  21. I was going to say "nice tree", then I scrolled down and realized that there's a cave underneath, nice job!
  22. @Bregir The bow of your two decker looks quite good and I don't think you have to mend its shape, maybe except for the 2x2 blue tiles, 2x1 should look better IMHO. I understand your hesitation about the bow, it's hard to obtain the right shape with conventional building techniques and in my last two ships, i.e. the large two decker and the wip frigate, the bow is composed two row of hinge bricks connected with technic axles, since the bow was inclined both horizontally and vertically.
  23. Bodi

    Boardwalk Talk

    Nice photos! The curved path looks amazing and good job with the foliage. And the ship in the spoiler is very well built too, I know it has been posted before but it's still pleasing to see it again.
  24. Bodi

    [Mystery Island 10] Never Alone eyed-bananas The crew is well equipped, with blunderbuss and backbags.
  25. Bodi

    [SR - FB] Delivery

    Nice house! I like the use of clips.