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  1. Display stand in action. For the white & red plane I had to use additional bigger plate.
  2. I created one using my own stock (not entirely black). It serves the purpose perfectly.
  3. I made stud.io file of the stand. I did not see any particular function of part 32291 - was it used just because it was available? https://www.dropbox.com/s/247fm8uszw4wjej/Pentomind_Stand.io?dl=0
  4. Marked part is 2905 listed in part list
  5. I'd like any plants. Flower series relesed these year looks awesome.
  6. Great design. I need couple of those for my planes. Then I will have to worry about cat turning them over.
  7. emkra


    Great vehicle and box - excellent package. I also like both of your ideas models. Keep up the good work.
  8. emkra

    Ford Mustangs (Fox Body thru SN-95)

    Wow, impressive collection. Interceptor is my favourite. Did you build any of them?
  9. Another great looking models, full stop. But considering limitations it is even more remarkable. I do have extra Mustang set so I guess it will be used to build one of this two.
  10. Great design, colour combination seems spot on as well. Did the model get to the production?
  11. I built both models. They look great and also very sturdy.
  12. This one is really impressive. I like your tractor series as well.
  13. emkra

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'd love to see GMC Truck approved.