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  1. Razzer

    UK Sales

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll probably check it out later this Summer and I'll make sure to let you know.
  2. Razzer

    UK Sales

    Hey guys, do any of you know whether you need a ticket to get to the shop in the Manchester Discovery Centre? And whether their PAB/ Build a Minifig is any good?
  3. Well, I don't live in the US, but if this will help make just one person's Christmas then count me in!
  4. Razzer

    Vader's Red Helmet

    Yep I have this too which was quite annoying considering it was with my first Leia from the X-wing. . Lucky then that TLG has an excellent customer service department and they sent me a replacement straight away as well as an Indy Keyring and I got to keep the mis-molded hair! Not a bad haul I would say .
  5. Razzer

    MOC: Forester's House

    Very Nice, I love the tranquility of this scene (well until you see the gun closet ) and I think that this is by far the best MOC I've seen from you Klaus-Dieter!
  6. Razzer

    MOC: Realistic Tree

    Very nice trees! In my opinion the trunks could still use a bit of improvement however. I would reccomend looking at the tree that was included in Medieval Market Village, but if you want it to stay completely your design then I understand EDIT: While writing this I had a look at the tree in the medieval market village and I actually prefer yours! Keep it up!
  7. Razzer

    Sandy's Castle Project of Doom

    That really is a shame about the death of this promising looking project, but I'm pretty confident that this happens to all of us. No matter how many peices we have we will always try something that is a bit too ambitious and find that we don't have enough parts and that its pointless buying parts to complete it as we have stretched our current parts too thinly and would have to start again completely. Well maybe that's just me, but I'd like to think I'm not alone . That being said, I think that this was an awsome MOC and I hope you revisit it in the future because I can see it being a truely EPIC castle .
  8. Razzer

    Vignette with no name D: :)

    Very nice, I like the effect that the hands create as corn fields and the plane adds action to the scene to prevent it from being boring. By the way, if it wasn't a coastal scene you could call it 'North by North West'
  9. Razzer

    The poor, poor little minifig

    Well, on the common land next to my house I and my parents have found loads of old Lego minifigs, which my parents keep giving to me thinking they're mine, but they are definately from sets that I've never owned, I guess thats kinda lucky !
  10. Razzer

    Happy Star wars Day!

    The 4th of May is just called Star Wars day because of 'May the fourth be with you' which sounds like 'May the force be with you'. I don't think anything significant to do with Star Wars happened, though I could be wrong...
  11. Razzer


    I love Coldplay too! I'm actually listening to 'Yellow' as I type this, ooh and 'God put a smile upon your face' is next.
  12. Razzer

    Lego.com UK strange.

    Doubt it, UK wasn't get space Police last time I checked but who knows maybe Lego will change their mind... I noticed the Agents 2.0 pic this morning and so I just hit up the American version to see all the new stuff, not long now!
  13. Razzer

    REVIEW: 8968 Agents River Heist

    Nice review, this is definately my favourite of the Agents 2.0 sets and I especially lurrve Dollar Bill. Although I think you'll find 47/10 is not 94%
  14. Razzer

    Zombie Hunter Preview

    Awsome painting as usual, and is that a BA prototype I spy?
  15. Razzer

    Post-Apoc Marauders

    Very Nice! I'm really interested in Post-Apoc but I've never actually built any, you sir may have inspired me to do so! I the Pickup truck, its beuatiful (and so are all dem dere perty ladies )