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  1. andrzejl

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    Yes, it works perfectly now.
  2. andrzejl

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    I bought new Arocs in October last year and had similar problems - most functions worked (albeit quite slow) but it couldn't lift the crane at all. Faulty pump was the problem, Lego sent me a new one and it was the newer version.
  3. It could be an opportunity to use the "dumb" technic hub that should be much cheaper, and maybe introduce the PU Medium motors to technic? Osprey was supposed to be 140 EUR set with PU and 1636 parts. Agree, I also prefer this approach :)
  4. I would love that as well but I'm also scared to see the price LEGO would put for Powered Up + pneumatics... And here is the link to the catalogue (Technic pages): Weird that Liebherr is not in?
  5. I took a few parts from my Chiron to check the same place - it seems that the part of construction where the pin is is offset one stud to the back in relation to the blue beam that it is supposed to connect to. But taking into account complexity of this model it is almost impossible to find the problem remotely. I guess that comparing the build with the instruction is your only option to find the error :( Not sure if this is any help but here is the picture from my model: