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    75309 UCS Republic Gunship

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  1. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] UCS V-wing starfighter

    Beautifully done!
  2. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] - Imperial TIE Defender (Red Star)

    As a fellow TIE Defender MOC'er - I salute you - and its cute (and badass) Very well designed and detailed for its size. Feel free to check mine out - always appreciate TIE Defender Enthusiasts. Check my signature or go here ---> https://www.kagegoomba.com/lego_moc.php
  3. Kage Goomba

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    And yet there's a Venator MOC already out there that is fewer pieces and priced better than the one Lego has. That excuse while valid - only gets you so far.
  4. Kage Goomba

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Not fading - half-baked - imho. For Example The New Venator is poorly done - mismatched decal/color just to name one of a few pet peeves. If Lego would bother to study MOC's - they may actually save money and look better - starting to think greed is getting to them. Is Star Wars fading? No - getting cheap for higher prices? Yes.
  5. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - 2023 Edition

    I tortured myself for 2 days or so before I had the nerve to say something - we MOC'ers are utter masochists I swear lol. Persistence and stubbornness are our stock in trade - I'm sure you'll find a solution soon enough. Considering my two major MOC projects - I know all too well lol. Regardless - you have a great moc here!
  6. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - 2023 Edition

    Great build -great detail. Only one nagging thought - maybe I'm seeing things - seems the neck between the cockpit section and the turrets/pod section seems squished - neck should be a tad longer shoudln't it? Other than that - this is very nicely detailed.
  7. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] Imperial Facility on Er'Kit 2.0

    even for a necro - GREAT Diorama - love it.
  8. @JaCor653 He always builds to scale of the UCS ISD - not sure if that was called out. :)
  9. Would be interested to see your work on Discord when you have a chance - maybe I'm not visualizing it right.
  10. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] Venator Star Destroyer

    Kdapt is working on one as well - still designing but def interesting. (jump to last 2 pages or so)
  11. Kage Goomba

    Anyone else slightly disappointed in the new Venator?

    It's a UCS Model - they where never meant to be play models. It's meant to look pretty and sit on your shelf. Also - UCS ISD had two Minifigures as well - not exactly a big argument here. As for the rest - yep - pretty much spot on - too many good mocs in all honesty - only thing its got going for it is its cheaper than a MOC obviously. Just tossing my 2 cents in.
  12. Could try a sliding door/hatch type - would be a trick and a half.
  13. Lego has jack all nothing on you. This isn't a matter of size or piece count - its intention. Their Venator is just a simple mock up - yours is going to be refined and focused on quality. Doesn't need to be bigger to accomplish it. :) Frankly I don't hold much faith in their structure as it looks suspiciously like the USC ISD with obvious changes - which frankly is a PITA. Id sooner grab yours anyway.
  14. Frankly - your Venator is vastly better than what Lego came up with - lately it feels like they are half assing things.