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  1. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] KdaptPreacher's 1:1455 Fleet --- 141 ships and counting

    Nice ship! Very nice technique.
  2. "Death by a floor full of Legos you can't see whilst bare foot."
  3. Kage Goomba

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    I'd love me a UCS TIE Bomber :) And a UCS TIE Defender - not that crap spindly one they got lol.
  4. Oh yeah - its been a consideration for sure. I'm making sure to reinforce with struts and attach-points. Weight is going to be an issue so I'll need to sit it on a stand or a cradle. The only "see inside" parts are the cockpit and possibly Quad Gun Cannon Turrets - still thinking about that. I'm almost ready to unveil this "WIP" beast - just want to make sure its very feasible - by the time I bring it out into the open here - it will be in polish/refinement/finish phase as opposed to "proof of concept". Got 3 friendly folks helping out so far in giving suggestions. Nathan over there just helped me crack the alignment issue in getting the front of the ship to attach to the engine array. And I got one guy who loves building Mon Cal cruisers - the kind of techniques that would be helpful in making weird curved/angled hull plating so I'm hoping he has some suggestions to offer. At the moment the front of the ship is now in alignment with the rear - the framework is starting to come together. Dealing with the Left side of the ship and bits in-between. Not worried about decorations - only doing major ones that help with alignment/size/scaling. Also discovered my refinement of the cockpit area isn't going to work as the pieces don't come in "gun metal grey" or whatever the color is (ARG) Learned a lot about this - and I thought building the various UCS Sets would teach me all I needed lol. ^_^ If your willing to keep quiet - feel free to PM me and I'll show you what I have so far. :D
  5. Kage Goomba

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Took me 2 weeks myself - A month for LED Kit after that - I also had to replace the manual....as mine arrived damaged - Lego sent one that was also damaged - 3rd one was lost in the mail. So yes...I have 3. :) It's a funny story for a nice model hehe.
  6. Kage Goomba

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I went with brickmax ( https://www.briksmax.com/products/light-kit-for-imperial-star-destroyer-75253?_pos=5&_sid=066da9313&_ss=r) Took me a month - its very intensive - but I felt this was the closest to "appropriate" lighting up the Star Destroyer. If you need pointers let me know - If you DO get this kit - PM me - there are things you might want to know. :) Can provide pics if you want.
  7. Boxes are likely going to be separate for these big boys. Hopefully mine will arrived undamaged.
  8. Kage Goomba

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I've been aiming for that too - You shopping on Ebay or do you have a 'nother source for golden sets like that? Been lucky myself - grabbed the TIE Fighter (75095) and Jedi Defender for 1-200 hundred USD cheaper - missing the Box for the TIE Fighter - had to spend 75 cents as it was missing one piece (pilots blaster) LOL! - Been aiming for the UCS Y-Wing (75181) and UCS B-Wing (10227) as well. Ok ill stop - my wish list is a bit long and spendy. XD Congrats on buying your 3 Foot long beast of a beautiful set. Take your time with it - its VERY challenging - you won't forget it. I actually "lit mine up" with LED's. :) I'm jealous - mines arriving tomorrow *pouts*
  9. Kage Goomba

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    I'm currently designing a MOC set myself - and its been a hell of a trip. Almost a week straight and I've learned more than I ever thought possible in terms of legos. I've been messing with legos since I Was a kid - doing something like a UCS Style set (see my corellian transport thread for a clue - won't disclose just yet) - lets just say I can see why people shy away. Takes an extraordinary amount of patience. Total respect points to people who design "big scale" UCS MOC Sets. At least I can speak from the perspective as "noob" designer and not just a consumer - although I've been told I'm no noob based on my progress. LOL Not sure I'd be a Lego Set for parts however - that would depend on the parts needed. Modifications also vary wildly so. I guess will see what people suggest when I post my progress here once I get details sorted out. Bottom line - it comes down to detail - subjective taste - and price tag. Lego corp has some great designs that don't really need much improvement - but that depends on the individual at that rate. MOC's provided an great alternative - but it may not be as cheap if you don't have pieces on hand - or it may be rather cheap. Depends on what your looking for. There really is no wrong or right. Much like Art...beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  10. Kage Goomba

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    I think you need to highlight/bold-type/capitalize/underline this. Message isn't getting out. :P :)
  11. Kage Goomba

    UCS Mon Calamari Star Cruiser "CONFIDENCE" (MOC)

    @Kommander - I've always been a fan of Mon Cal Cruisers - and their tech. Star Destroyers may get my blood pumping when it comes to sheer size and intimidation - but Mon Cal Cruisers get the points for elegance and ingenuity. Like the fact that when they build them - no two are ever alike - unique like a fingerprint. I also chuckled when I read that they where actually intended as luxury liners/transports. I Was wondering If I could pick your brains and get some pointers - I'm working on a project that may need some clever techniques for curved/sloped hull plating for my project. - May I PM you? Not gone public with my MOC yet - you may have glanced at my YT Corellian Transport thread - to give a clue as to what I'm up too. Why reinvent the wheel when you can ask other experts how they did their tricky angels - and Mon Cal cruisers are infamous for this design. :)
  12. Kage Goomba

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Yeah I just skimmed that article. I get why people are....upset and I use that word very very loosely. But some of the reactions - insane. I also think the author/mods need to be a little more careful about the tone they are generating with the whole ordeal. I smell sensationalism and attention generating. If they are reading this and take offense? Tough...deal with it. This whole thing has grabbed so much attention its insane. The wrong kind of attention at that. People are literally making snap decisions and saying things by drawing conclusions that shouldn't be drawn. And the ones who are keeping a moderate tone - are getting accused of being "cult of lego corp" mindset. Trust me I have very unforgiving standards of conduct when it comes to businesses. This rates as a mild annoyance to me. Very mild. The Solution is obvious at this point thanks to the people have come up with some very clever ideas. Why they aren't presenting these solutions up-front in their articles is beyond me. Posting pictures to proof of concept it out..etc. The solutions people have presented are brilliant - and they are getting drowned out. Cost of said ideas? 3-5 bucks....and a trip to your local used lego shop worst case scenario. Maybe a tool that you will likely use and use and use again as a lego enthusiast. I just simply do not understand why this is becoming a bigger issue than it really is. Granted - Mine won't be here till Thursday- I'll be building it myself as I have a project for it. But still - I'm not in the slightest concerned - all it takes is careful consideration and common sense. Again - not saying Lego is "holier than thou" - but I'm not going to sweat it out and grab a pitchfork either.
  13. Kage Goomba

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Damage is already done.....which is why I've been negative about this whole drama fest to begin with. And also the reasoning about kids wanting to tear it down - I'd not buy this for a kid. It's for more mature.....people. Who know the risks involved and such. Lego did say 18 years of age and older on the box after all. And to those who are watching this considering the buy: The Issue (Air-quotes) is only relevant to those who wish to: - Tear it down to the bare parts (for whatever reason that is) => You can tear it down to its base sub components and ship it as needed. Only reason I'd tear it down to its bits is if I bought this second hand and wanted to verify it was truly 100% complete and even then I'd not risk damaging parts for that kind of thing. - Modification/Improvements => This is highly subjective - and there's only so much one can do to improve - in this context - I'd suspect the part would be replaced entirely depending on reasoning - such as motorization. - Obsessive Compulsive with a set of rules "defined by the owner" - legit or not - agreeable or not => Not getting into this one - as its too subjective. Don't let someones opinion color your response in purchasing - purchase it for your own reasons - make your own conclusions. Do the math - research it. It's a great set - I cant wait to get my hands on it - I saw one up close the other day - even with the "issue" (air-quotes again) - I'd buy it in a heart beat. Its a work of art - and I look forward to proudly displaying it next to my Star Destroyer. *queue imperial march*
  14. Kage Goomba

    [MOC] Liberator-Class Starfighter UCS

    Ahh yes...familiar with that ship in SWTOR - very nicely done....love it. I wonder - where can one get stickers like that for MOC's? I'll be needing one at the rate I'm going. (Custom tailored hehe)
  15. Kage Goomba

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    I did ask this question of an Lego Store employee when I walked in for giggles (big mistake - lost an hour there - whoops) - he had an interesting response - one he didn't know about it (yet) and two - there was a Castle (I presume Disney's Castle?) that had an similar situation with the bridge structure/component - didn't specify details - but it did raise similar complaints - He also said Lego's changed their "policies" over the years in terms of what's "legal" and what isn't (air quotes) and indicated there won't be much to do about it. Personally I totally get the reasoning - but I still fail to have the energy or gumption to do anything about it short of poking Lego with a question about reasoning or logic. I may attempt to do so - merely for entertainment. Frankly I'd not hold my breath over it.