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  1. Since I love brickheadz...
  2. fatum

    Brickton harbour

    Is it possible that I've seen part of this in Skaerbaek at the Lego fan weekend?
  3. My interpretation of a Christmas tree on Mars: under a dome with no green (it's mars, the red planet) and lot's of lights :)
  4. Amazing entries, hard to make a selection. But here a my favorites: 4: 10 13: 6 7: 4 18: 3 1: 2 10: 1
  5. The first one is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  6. Some time ago I saw a mod for an 8885 remote control that allows you to easily control tracked vehicles. It had 1 steering wheel that, when pushed forward or backward, moved both sticks in the same direction, but when turned moved 1 stick forward and 1 backward. Ideal for controlling tracked vehicles. Off course I forgot to bookmark this and now I can't find it anymore. Anybody knows what I'm talking about and has a link or picture?
  7. Manatee E has arrived in Belgium, thanks Copmike. And done as requested on the card :)
  8. fatum

    [MOC] Modular Jedha Collaborative Build

    Amazing builds, love the different colour schemes and the greebling. On a related note: what are the criteria for a building to be classified as modular?
  9. I don't think E & F have already shipped. Copmike will probably post here when the last 2 waves have shipped.
  10. A & B already look wonderful. Very curious now to see what the other ones are :)