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Just playing around with a few ideas for a Treebeard moc.  Thinking if I can get him done I might put it on Lego Ideas as a "UCS" version. He's not really based on the movies, more my interpretation of him from the books.  Except for his moustache, he's surprisingly sturdy, clips and bars hold everything in place pretty well.

 At the moment I'm not sure about his eyes - they're pearl gold but I think they need to be brighter... or maybe I've overdone his eyebrows.  Here's a slightly earlier version...

Treebeard tablescraps

Part of me prefers them slightly simpler.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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That looks awesome! What about this Lego Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Studs on 2 Sides, Opposite would it stick out to far for the mustache? i do like the second version for the eyes what a bout a white technic pin on the inside? it will give it a highlight and still have the dark inside hole. Or tan or some other off white color.

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3 hours ago, thewatchman said:

Looks phenomenal!

 Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks - I'm not a quick builder, but I'd better get to it!

3 minutes ago, natesroom said:

would it stick out to far

Hadn't thought of that, I'll give it a try, cheers :thumbup:  If it does stick out too far I think I have an alternative using a modified plate with ring (ID 4081). Just need to pick up a few of them in brown.

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