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    Ideas for a CMFs

    I love these, they're all great, as one has now come to expect from you.
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    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    As a younger Afol I grew up with the So-called Fantasy era ( I just called it castle, after all that's what the logo called it) and kingdoms. I also had Bonkles but Castle was always the favourite. There is a greater spread of age demographics in castle fans as the theme is so long lived. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some people who voted for both bionicle and a castle theme and now have to choose. ( Though the only non castle theme I voted for was imperials).
  3. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm sorry, but the picture is a bit too small. Maybe trying putting it on an image hosting site like Flickr or Instagram so it can be a higher resolution?
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    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Well this poll has just made me really want a 'Legacy theme' like Ninjago legacy but for any unlicensed sets, it wouldn't even get in the way of new or revived themes cause they could just pick sets that wouldn't 'compete' as much with the new theme, like if they're having a new cowboy theme then they could do legacy sets from kingdon, atlantis and UFO or something. Let's not forget these . Superheroes, Star wars and Chima rounds off the other theme CCBS ultrabuild figures.
  5. Agent Kallus

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Do we know what the GBP price is? (Literally saw the press release pop up in another tab midway through writing this) Also I was thinking of rebuilding some of my old sets that I gutted for parts, so how well do you think the houses from Medieval Market Village would scale ot this set? This one is obviously taller, and there'd be 2 blacksmiths (though I'd just mod the one from MMV into something else) but do you think this one would dwarf the others to a ridiculous degree? I almost feel like it should, with it costing much more than the other 2 buildings combined, however it doesn't look like it would. And my hope is that with the three building's it can be the start of a little town, with me making some extra buildings and giving it a farm and a wall.
  6. Agent Kallus

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I'm finding it funny how there's a separate thread for this in each sub-forum. All saying vote for 'insert theme here'. It's like Eurobricks Civil War . It is a real shame that they're only doing one set from this vote. Though I'm sure they'll do more than this for their anniversary.
  7. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    The Flying motorbike lets minifigs access every area .
  8. Agent Kallus

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I voted for Imperials, Wolfpack and Dragon Knights. Part of me feels like bonkle deserves the win, however my bonkling days are behind me and I wouldn't have any interest in buying a Bionicle set. Had lego not divided it up so much I would have voted for Castle, Pirates and Adventurers. I wonder if the (unnecessary IMO) subtheme divisions for Castle and Space will be detrimental or beneficial to non space/castle themes. Looking at Adventurers for example, on the one hand some people, like me, would have voted for it if not for the subthemes, meaning it'd get more votes. On the other hand castle as an induvial theme would surely get more votes than any of the subthemes on there own so it would be harder for something else to beat it. Do you folks think that the pictures for each theme represent the set that is most likely to get remade for that theme?
  9. When I first saw the list, I assumed it meant that, cause it had the mortar trooper, I'd be pleased with either to be honest. Which ever one it is, either Greef or the mortar trooper is an odd inclusion but then again that's nothing new. Though for that price (unless it's a really great deal) I'd rather it be the ITT, I like the recent ship downsizing but a transport has to be able to fit a few troops right? I didn't really think they'd want to make a new part but that's exactly what I put in the suggest a minifigure box. Maybe it's a season 1 set, and the 'mortar trooper' is in the place of the incinerator trooper.
  10. Agent Kallus

    Future Star Wars Sets

    2 out of 11 isn't bad, well yes it is but hey it's better than 0. Though I had hoped for cheaper sets with more figures but I can only be so realistic.
  11. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Agreed. There was a bit of drought of non-licensed themes in around the mid-late 2010's(ish) but you can't pin that all on Ninjago, I mean we've have both Monkie kid and Hidden side quite recently. And whilst I do like getting other action themes do not get me wrong, I must say I do like the variety ninjago is giving us, a ninjago subtheme is less of an 'investment' than a whole proper theme and I mean that in more senses than one (e.g less design cost as less new character, less sales uncertainty as ninjago already sells, etc) so they can take what would otherwise be greater risks. Ninjago subthemes based on a idea would cover that idea in much less depth however in exchange(if you get my gist) we get a much greater breadth of ideas covered. And with action themes in general, well different things appeal to different people so the greater variety of idea explored works there too. I mean say they announce a new adventure theme and It's called 'Heroes of the Leg Godt Isles' it's a heavily D&D inspired theme with a diverse cast of heroes from different fantasy races and with different skills and weapons and they travels across theses isles to exciting locales based on things like ancient Mesopotamia, living mushrooms, hell and fae gardens, where they complete quests big and small such as finding a lost dog or vanquishing and immortal (and immoral) demon empress. And I'd love that and buy a lot of it (well budget dependant tbh). Now lets say instead of this that lego announces a different theme called 'Uber Nifty Ultra Agents : RELOADED!' That was full of over the top vehicles and no much else. I would buy much from that theme, it wouldn't really excite me. Now lets say we have 3 possible futures (all 3 years long) 1- 'Heroes of the Leg Godt Isles' is a new theme last for 3 years 2- 'Uber Nifty Ultra Agents : RELOADED!' is a new theme last for 3 years 3- 3 years of Ninjago with 2 waves that are inspired by the same ideas as these 2 new hypothetical themes alongside various other waves with fun ideas. Now personally I like future 1 the most and future 2 the least, with future 3 being the middle ground. So with a new theme to replace ninjago, i could either like it more or less than ninjago, but ninjago I'll like as much as I like ninjago... Okay that sentence made more sense before I typed it up, but that matters not, because we still get new action themes alongside ninjago, and I'm sure there are people who'd prefer 'Uber Nifty Ultra Agents : RELOADED!' to 'Heroes of the Leg Godt Isles' but with ninjago running alongside our hypothetical new theme, even if it the one that less your cup of tea then you could get some stuff that is more your cup of tea from ninjago as it varies so much. What I'm trying to say is that with ninjago being so variable it gives a bit of an edge over an unspecific new action theme as it can fill different niches in different waves whereas most themes tend to be pretty similar across most waves, of course that isn't saying that I think this means ninjago is better than most potential new action themes, just that not everyone is gonna like every action theme but ninjago with it's widely varying waves (yes it's a lot of vehicles and dragons but it's also more than that) is more likely to have something for everyone, not all in the same wave but still.
  12. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Well golden legacy Zane and Nya do actually use the Nya hair and FS ninja hood (respectively), though I'm hoping Nya also has a golden facemask. You can see their silhouettes on the back of the legacy boxes, which is how we know. (picture in spoiler) As for Ninjago city 3 (since that's basically what it is)... wow, it certainly looks to be on par with the other 2, which with how impressive those were is a tough feat. I'm not disappointed with the minifigure selection, though I will admit that including the museum without 'Doctor Sanders; or the Noodle house without Skylor isn't superb. That said civilians with references to lego's history are about what was expected and the easter eggs are fun. Since they've decided that ninjago city can be an ongoing series without needing the movie, I think we'll have plenty of opportunities to get more obscure show characters,
  13. This is the one, it had just gotten a bit buried. And if you're in the mood for supporting castle themed lego ideas, I might be cheeky and plug my own project, The Dwarven mines!
  14. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Well it's not gonna be from Disney princesses because it has minifigure connections not minidoll, However the printing makes it look like a desert (pudding not plantless place) mermaid tail, what which the sauce and the waffle style print, which makes me think it's defo not a ninjago piece, but the same part with different printing could be used or who knows maybe pudding themed merpeople will be the next ninjago antagonists (but I very much doubt it).
  15. Agent Kallus

    [REVIEW] 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    Great review, entertaining and fair. The is a k- wing (because of course there is , it's pretty ugly imo), theres also an e-wing and lego made one of those, but they gave it a strange name like Jeff 40s sneaky ship ( aka JEK-14's Stealth Starfighter).
  16. Agent Kallus

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Since Mando season 2 has finished, here's a 'prediction wishlist' for the summer wave (A very optimistic one though) I'll go for the same number of sets at the same price points as the summer 2020 wave, but with 3 battlepacks as well as I'm really hoping we get some more soon. spoilers ahead. Though I would personally prefer a wave with more sets at lower pricepoints but i though it would be a better prediction if I used the same pricing stucture as lego did this year.
  17. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Maybe it's that she will probably still be one of the less prominent ninjas in the wave of sets .
  18. Complaining about complaining? What's next complaining about complaining about complaining, I guess that's what I'm doing. Mando looks good, it's not a perfect set but what is? I do hope we get some more Rogue one sets soon, for the most beloved of the Disney movies it hasn't had many sets since its first wave.
  19. Why I'm disappointed about no Cobb is because this would have been the perfect opportunity to include him in a set. That said I'm still looking forward to this set.
  20. Why I'm disappointed about no Cobb is because this would have been the perfect opportunity to include him in a set. That said I'm still looking forward to this set.
  21. Over on Instant Grandma it's been said that we'll see official pictures of the Jan 2021 wave on November the 19th.
  22. Luckily enough for me I've seen it but c'mon people, spoiler tags exist for a reason. I don't know, I mean you could say that a speeder transports it's rider and Lego set codenames aren't always the most logical things. And not to be pedantic but a sand crawler could be done for 30 but I'm not so sure that it should. That said, I'd quite like an ITT so I wouldn't complain if that was what we end up getting, though I do think I'd prefer a slightly larger one that how big I'd imagine one at this part count and price range, then again the rogue one hovertank was around that price range and that was a great set.
  23. Well, I doubt we'd get arm printing but there is the Mudhorn signet he received in the finale. And I imagine that ( though it could it obviously be removed) jetpack would come with a season 2 Mando. Though these things are there in season 1, for the majority of season 1 he doesn't have them and unless he wrecks them or loses them I'm guessing he'll keep both throughout season 2, especially the signet as jetpacks do break.
  24. Agent Kallus

    Wishlist MOC wave: A-wing and TIE interceptor physical models

    I was looking at this earlier and something seemed off with tie but I wasn't sure what, now it's got the stripe it looks even better but it still looked good before. I do see what you mean about the boxyness of the y-wing ,thought I think you maybe over did it a bit, but it still looks good and if these were real Lego sets both would be on my radar as ones to pickup.
  25. I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding here, in that Mandalorianknight seems to niche as in like an ecologiacl niche, as in a particluar space (In lego's product line) where it could work well, where as Brikkyy13 seems to mean niche as in obscure, like where the lego designers implied that the Tie bomber was too niche for a large lego set.