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  1. doomguy

    Future Castle Sets?

    I forgot how nice Playmobil toys look, I didn't own any besides a small castle but I always wanted one of their trainsets
  2. I'm curious to see, all I can find is misc photos of Lego sections at other stores in 1970-80s.
  3. doomguy

    Future Castle Sets?

    I agree with the many posters in this thread that mention of how difficult it is to incorporate Castle into a multi media series, especially since the "Ninjago formula" has been repeated with limited success with Chima and Nexo Knights. I think LEGO's issues with some of these themes is that not everything needs an expansive storyline behind it. When I was younger, I still gravitated to themes like Power Miners and Fantasy Castle. Those themes never had expansive stories behind them (besides cameos in promotional material like Clutch Powers) but it didn't matter to me as a kid because I'd simply just fill in the gaps by myself while playing with them. Lego needs to scale back a bit, I think they put too much into themes with all this extra content slapped on top of it. They try to package everything together and then cut themes short before it can even make a lasting impression.. Not every theme needs an app to come bundled with it or a TV show on Cartoon Network that will probably be buried into bad timeslots.
  4. Might be a response to the pandemic, maybe they don't want people feeling bags and whatnot, but I think the reason is money most likely.
  5. doomguy

    Metalbeard Theme?

    I'm not a Classic purist, I view all of these Castle themes separately and I interpret them for what context they are set in. Castle is such a fundamental part of LEGO so I think we are bound to get different reimagined versions of it in the future. Nexo Knights is weird and strays far from it's original foundation, but that's why I find it vaguely interesting. I don't see it as a bastardization of a core LEGO theme, more of a one off experiment in a theme that has been around forever. Classic characters like Batman have been interpreted time and time again in different contexts, like in the future or in the past or whatever, so why is a one off experiment for Castle by Lego that sinful?
  6. doomguy

    Metalbeard Theme?

    Nexo Knights wasn't THAT bad....
  7. doomguy

    Metalbeard Theme?

    Well didn't Unikitty receive her own line of sets and Cartoon Network shorts? It wouldn't be too hard to imagine Lego giving Metalbeard some love.
  8. doomguy

    Now my Dog will Sit! (Lego Dog Moc)

    Wonderful moc, I really love the nose and mouth area, a lot of expression! But I do think the eyes are a tad bit scary...
  9. doomguy

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I suppose you're right in some ways, but I still think they are overpriced. We've gotten CMFs with the same amount of specialized molds and details on par with these new figures, I accept that they will separately cost 5 dollars a pop. But 20 dollars for basically a CMF figure, a cube piece you can probably find in Dots sets, and some tiles that work with an app that's so basic in functionality..? I'm not sure that's worth the cost at all. I'm still curious about the theme albeit extremely skeptical, do you have a link to information about the Summer wave?
  10. doomguy

    Metalbeard Theme?

    I was thinking about how Pirates could return to Lego, I don't think Pirates of the Caribbean is getting anymore installments and I'm still unsure of how Barracuda Bay's and the 3 in 1 Pirate Ship sold, but I was thinking... If Lego Castle could (awkwardly) return with Nexo Knights, what if Lego tried a similar approach with Pirates? What if they used Metalbeard from The Lego Movie to form a vaguely steampunk look? I suppose they've already done something similar with Ninjago, but maybe if they could build upon the ideas shown in the Sea Cow and Heavy Metal Motor Trike sets... I'm just forming random ideas... I'd prefer to see a proper traditional revival, but there's no harm in brainstorming.
  11. doomguy

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Personally I think the 20 dollar price tag for just a figure and some small pieces is ridiculous, for that same price you can buy a much more interesting Creator set with more pieces and value. If it was 10 dollars for everything I think it would be a little more forgiving, but 20???? Didn't Ninjago spinners retail for like 10 bucks a pop?
  12. doomguy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Couldn't of said it better myself
  13. doomguy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    LEGO Ideas is less about fan creations turned into readily available models and more about people begging Lego to make sets off pop culture nostalgia bait
  14. The cover art for the Holiday Wish Book from 1995 is horrifying, sheeeeeesh.
  15. I'm not a fan of Bionicle, I respect what it has done for LEGO and it's community but I don't appreciate it as much as typical system themes. I think logically the only think LEGO could do if Bionicle wins the poll is choose one character to make a D2C set off of. I think they'd do something like a large Brickbuilt version of Mata Nui, using those same pieces and joints used for modern LEGO mechs. Including Bionicle in the poll is such a tricky situation because almost all of those pieces have been retired for years and there's a lot of controversy behind the CBS pieces that came along side Hero Factory and the Bionicle revival. It's much easier to make a one off set based on Lego Space, Castle or Pirates in comparison to something as expansive as Bionicle.. Maybe they're gonna use this poll data to gauge interest in future Ideas decisions or D2C products?