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  1. I have to agree as well, the white is waaay too dominant because the cape is too far way/too seperated from the Torso and legs pieces (you cant wrap it around the sides of a minifig naturally). The best option they could have done in my opinion was to make a multi-layered print that includes the tan cape/full robe (which then goes through the hip on the legs as well), just like the newest Ben Kenobi Figure (which looks amazing because of it!). What also would help a great deal already would be if they would have printed that crease of robe on the edge of Torso, Hip and Legs in tan as well. His face is alright, but seems a bit off, too.
  2. I have only seen visual mods so far, soo to all the building experts: Opinions on the stability/ structural integrity of the mandibles? They were the obvious weak point of the first UCS Falcon... When I look at my model, the mandibles are dropping down a little bit downards at the front and also a bit to the side. Doesnt seem or feel instable or wobbly, but the mandibles are mostly held up by one black 2 x 8 Plate connection and I wonder about the longevity of the construction. Would be interesting to hear some opinions.
  3. I have a question regarding the parts. Those black 1 x 2 Hinge Plates with 2 and/or 3 Fingers are pretty old/rare, so they are quite expensive... even used. Arent there newer/more common parts to replace those? I was thinking about the Modified 1 x 2 Plates with the closed handle on one end and the 1 x 2 Plate with the horizontal clip (which are also featured in the build). I just dont know if they would work as exact replacement. The closed handle/horizontal clip connection is definitely thicker, maybe longer as well. Would be great if someone could test it or had another idea for a replacement. EDIT: Oops, just realized this was questioned and answered already One thing that would still be nice to know is if all these plates with fingers need to be black. Are any of them visible from the outside? If its only a few, how many exactly?
  4. Thats what everyone is hoping. I mean he is no doubt the most disered Minifig of the new Trilogy for sure. I hope he gets one minifig hand in a nice and shiny silver or even better: chrome.
  5. A new Cantina Set would be neat. I would hope they make it bigger with more pieces while leaving out the speeder, so we can have a much bigger bar and two rows of booths. Then I could actually resemble this specific bar in a decent way.
  6. So I have taken another look at my Slave 1 these days and noticed something else bending after 2 years: The stand! To be more precise, the diagonal technic beams on which the lower end of ship rests upon. Its definitely enough to be noticable on a quick look and it worries me because if the 4 technic beams continue to cave in, there might be a chance that at one point the ship simply slides off the technic arms that hold it up and it comes down crushing. But at the same time, it might be relatively easy to fix by connection the diagonal front technic beams with the vertical beams in the back and the horizontal beams on the bottom. I will take another look and try to use some of my technic spare parts to reinforce the stand. Maybe some of you, who have the ship on display for a similar amount of time could check their stands as well and give some opinion towards the general design and stability of the construction!
  7. [MOD] AT-AT Walker Redux - 75054

    Thank you! Its been quite a while but the AT-AT still stands strong the way I tweaked it (especially in terms of the head). Looking back at it I would definitely change some things, like building the laser cannons on the side of the head actually with round dishes instead of normal bricks/slopes. But hey, I really enjoy the overall look still. Interestingly enough I bought this AT-AT for the normal price shortly before it retired, and now its over 300 Euro in Europe... really tells you how many desire this iconic walker
  8. Future Star Wars Sets

    I would really like a 2nd proper version of Kylo Rens Shuttle as well, all in black with the red cockpit glass and mechanism for V-Shape Wings. But I think a good system scale would be a lot better than UCS-size... I imagine a v-shape for the wings in right proportions to a sizable center part would need to be absolutely huge, presenting many design problems in terms of stability. Also, its the overall shape/design of the craft that is truly exciting, not really the small details on it (which there dont really seem to be a lot of). And that can absolutely be done in system scale size imo.
  9. Imperial Military Forces

    He also adds some color to the mostly White, Grey and Black Uniforms of the Empire!
  10. Imperial Military Forces

    Ok so lets say the old AT-AT Pilot Colourization is true to the theatrical version of Star Wars, while the new AT-AT Pilot is closer to the up-to-date Version of Star Wars... would make both viable and "canon" to me And from there the new one wins by a landside since the latest printed design is so much better and more detailed! Regarding the tan officers: Arent they featured in Legends? I saw a couple of pictures with them, just not sure if it is fanart or officially star wars. And besides, which longtime Star Wars fan gives a damn about what Disney considers canon or not?
  11. Imperial Military Forces

    What Minifig is that Pilot with the atmospheric flight suit? Whats the official name or in which set did it came? Is it the V-Wing Pilot only with a different head? Also, I am triggered by the old AT-AT Pilot as well. The new one is just so much better. And the Imperial Hovertank Pilot might just be the ugliest star wars minifig of all time. The Helmet mold is just wrong and combined with the print it looks like his face got smashed in...
  12. After two building processes I had two 2x4 and one 1x4 plate in LBG left Of course I checked and rechecked the manual for any mistakes that I made, but in these processes these parts werent even used at all. Imagine my surprise!
  13. BTW, is there any further reliable info on the TIE Bomber that was mentioned? It sure would be nice to get a new classic version, but I worry that its going to be a TLJ Version with First Order Colourization, if it comes at all...
  14. The brickbuilt blue engine exhaust looks great and all, but in the case of the Falcon I honestly dont mind that they went with those old pieces again. Sure its less realistic and has more gaps, but one got to admire with how few pieces they pulled the look of... I mean it still looks very nice, those blue pipe pieces provide a lot of fine texture and personally it makes me really nostalgic for the OG UCS Falcon that I always wanted but never had
  15. Btw, does anyone have an idea where to get a fitting display cabinet for this monster? All I can find are display cabinets with mulitple small shelves instead of one big one...