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Found 10 results

  1. Then I realized, that this chassis behaves really well, and started thinking about it as about my new Overland Expedition (or Kostky Trophy) truck. (later I got reminded, that buggy motor is quite hungry, so it can not be used in this kind of event. But, with bigger battery... Have to try.) So, next step was the body. You can see that I experimented with new tire-rim combo. Too heavy, but not bad. And then I finally bought Buwizz. Laziness and worries about custom RC recievers and batteries won. (hope that not for all times :D) I also installed LEDs to the truck. And bought new tires. And finally, last week I took it outside. Hope you like it. :) More upgrades are slowly on the way. ;)
  2. Hello everyone! I'm glad to introduce you my tribute to 10187 set! Long story short: I'm a big fan of the ModelTeam series, and always wanted to build a MOC in this style, but I did not find inspiration. And a couple of weeks ago, I found xx1Andi's LDD file with PF modifications of the 10187 set on the Rebrickable. That MOC did not have a front suspension, complex steering system or any other technic features, but helps me a lot in understanding how all the electrics should be placed in the chassis. So I just started building the chassis with a new Control+ electrics, keeping in mind @Madoca 1977's offroader suspension and driveline setup The main goal was to preserve the maximum appearance of the original with the maximum count of functions inside. In the end I was able to completely save the interior, all interior and exterior details and leave a place for 3 motorised functions and manual one. I'm satisfied with final performance: model able to crawl in the forest and even on some rocks. With the help of the winch Beetle can move forward in almost every situation (within reason of course, it's not a lightweight crawler). On the high gear it's fun to see how suspension fulfills little bumps on the gravel road. Red color - dual driveline via 2x C+ XL motors that are not connected to one another, which allows car to simulate open differentials (or turn around like a tank). New planetary hubs can handle with heavy weight (2250 g), even using RC4WD tires for 62mm wheels with the excellent grip properties of rubber. Yellow - steering with a C+ L motor and common gear-rack setup, nothing special. Purple - winch with 20:1 ratio via C+ L motor, capable of lifting a vehicle’s weight on a steep slope or in the air. Winch motor placed between upper front suspension arms, leaving space for some scale details under the hood (like windshield washer reservoir) Blue - torsion bar suspension. 10L axles working like torsion bar with lower suspension arms and limiters firmly fixed on them. Suspension stiffness is adjusted by changing the distance between the arm and the limiter. It's the most simple and compact solution for this scale and weight. Green color - 2-speed gearbox (1:1 and 3:1 ratios) with manual (HOG) switching via small actuator placed between rear suspension arms and driveshafts. Simple and stupid solution - just gears in the frame, that pulls them along the driveshafts with a help of actuator. Nothing special. All these technic parts are connected only by technic bricks and system plates. Mainly by plates There was not so much free space for proper bracing, but some tests and crash-tests shows me that all these system plates are tough enough to handle some jumps. But the main headache was a new C+ hub. That was very hard to hide this enormous brick into the interior, so I was used to make holes in the backrest of the rear seat to fit the C+ hub's "ears". But otherwise I’m happy with the amount of details saved. I love final ModelTeam+Crator appearence Thank you for watching and feel free to leave comments below! Hope you like it! Also you can find more photos here
  3. Hi guys! I'd start saying this thread is more to ask you some suggestions than to show you the model itself :P I think i already told you that the shop wich is sponsoring me asked me to build something that they can sell as a custom model right? At first, they wanted the fiat panda i made last year but i wasn't satisfied by it due to its untidyness... so i made something that i think it's better and wich performs better than every expectations i had As it's made to be sold (hopefully) i couldn't call it with the real counterpart name....but i think it should be quite clear where i took inspiration from :P it's really simple and it's made trying to use the less amount of pieces possible to keep everything clean and tidy performances are really good, even if the most of the weight is in the back of it, it crawls really good having some nice ground clearance and good speed as well! i don't know how many of you could be interested in buying something like this as many of you are great reverse engineers :P but let's say you have the chance to buy a custom model, how would you prefer it? i mean, do you think i should make it with motors or just ready to be motorized? what else could i change to make it more attractive? should i add more functions or just stay on "less is more" concept? ill wait for your suggestions guys! in the meanwhile have a look at some pictures of it! hope you'll like it :)
  4. This MOC is almost one year old and was made to participate in Moscow BrickFest 2019 Trophy&Trial competition. According to rules of competition, models need to have differential on both axles. I wanted to make a model with independent suspension and decent drive ability and that is the main reason for engineering solutions in this model, including old differentials being shifted towards the middle of the chassis. The drivetrains are organized with swinging gear meshing which are acting like inner CV-joint. - 2 L-motors for propulsion - Servo-motor for steering - Li-Po battery block - SBrick for control Front suspension is independent and based on McPherson strut suspension. Front wheel are supported with strut and lower arms. Rubbers bands on lower arms are used as springing elements. Lower arms are made of thin liftarms to make driven axle possible with good clearance. All three motors are integrated in front suspension, being as low as possible to ensure low center of gravity and enough space in chassis for shifted differentials. Rear suspension is just another classic double wishbone suspension with pretty long travel. On the rear I used planetary hubs from 42099 set to ensure that CV-joint won't break under the load. Wheels rotation speed is synchronized via gear ratios, drivetrains to front and rear axles are separated and each one uses its own motor. Suspension is quite soft and sink a little under it own weight but keeps about middle position during driving. Overall design was inspired by Safari editions of classic Porsche 911. And some WIP-photos: WIP-photos with first prototype of strut, that was broken by rubber bands tension : And some boastful photo of suspension travel I think of this model as of unfinished, but I don't have neither time or will to finish it, especially regarding the exterior. I have plans for another iteration of "Porsche-like" offroader with another unusual drivetrain. Thank you for you attention! I will appreciate any comments.
  5. Started to build some kind baja car Battery wont be there forever U-joint once popped out. Need to gear down at motors. Won't be so fast ...
  6. Good Day. This is a small desert-rally styled offroader that was made in roughly 8-9 hours during New Year's holidays. Weight of 637g. Powered by BuWizz v1. Features: -4x4 drive with slowest output of buggy motor -Return-to-center steering (m-motor) -Independent suspension on all wheels -Over 2 studs of clearance under the car -Openable doors, bonnet and trunk. -Detailed engine bay & interior -Stickers all over the car, including rear-view mirrors & rear lights -Minor detailing on the outside (lightbar, antenna...) The suspension mechanism relies on the vertical movement of the drive input of the axle , changing main pivot point from one CV to another, allowing for each wheel's independent movement from each other. Video: Photos: Thanks for reading!
  7. Hello people, here is my WIP of the TC5 competition. It is made with the 42001 set and parts of the 8066 set. I have the 42001 set but I don't have the 8066 set so I gathered its parts from my collection. All of the pieces to recreated the 8066 are the same color and model. This is not finished and I will update this post. Here it is: I used my small camera reflector background to make a teaser/confusing effect. more updates soon
  8. Hi everyone! I recently decided to build a new MOC at the mini scale, without reference to any real car or existing set. I just worked - and that's what I got. I think it would be redundant to paint characteristics of the model. All functionality and so well seen.
  9. A while ago I made the 8110 Unimog, and it has an awesome base for cars. I made a few modifications to make it better for power functions, and stripped it down so it drove faster. I was mainly doing Mindstorms back then, and I knew that to get anywhere, you have to start by making your models look good. I'm really terrible at that but this time I managed. I put a lot of cool features in there, tow cable, lights, antennae, wing mirrors, steering wheel, etc. I made a 'few' pictures, and now that I got a Brickshelf account I started putting stuff on there. I rediscovered this model, and now I feel is the time to finally post the pictures. Edit: Jim said my images are too big , here are the ones Some of them were vertical and I forgot to rotate, so they got squashed It's 1024x768 now, every image
  10. So after a week of tinckering and improviments on the new portal hub assembly I give you the Titan! For now I have only these 2 pictures, but more will follow soon: As you can see, its powered by 4 XL motors, each wheel has one geared down 5x, giving it teh highest total torque in any of my models. The motors are also structual parts, holding the axles together. For steering there is a mini LA for each axle, capable of steering angle of 30 degrees. Due to the way axles are built I wasnt able to use the 4 parallel links to stop the axles from swaying side to side, but instead used a small panhrod. Suspension allows for a total of some 60 degrees of flex and even though I used the hardest springs, its still pretty soft. I will give more info tommorow when I eill record the Titan in action. Cheers!