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  1. Minifig Leia against Big Leia: "Aren't you a little bit big for a minifig?" She looks really great, especially with the cape?
  2. Wout

    [L4 - Dantooine - PA] Patrolling the Farms

    "Somewhere, In a Galaxy Far Far Away, In a Hole in the Ground, There lived a Hobbit." Does that mean there is a space Gollem too? What a nice build.
  3. Wout

    [MOC] Great Coral Reef

    This is so amazing great. And there is so much Nice Parts Usage. Well done.
  4. He looks great and even a more alienistic than he was supposed to be . Where are the eyes from? I don't remember that piece with a black dot on it.
  5. Wout

    [Concept Art] - Battle of Hoth

    Oh, this is so much better than Lego official Brick sketches. Well done!
  6. Wout

    [MOC] Gorillaz Geep Buggy (mini)

    That's a nice moc. I love the picture with the moon.
  7. Wout

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    Thank you, Bob De Quarte for reviewing this set. (political mode on) Although I want avoid anything political minefields I still imagined an old man who claimed that when he was a young lad, a rainbow flag stands for Greenpeace. (political mode off) What a nice colourful set with so many monochromic minifigs. Some hair pieces are in a complete new colour and I would never expect they would make that. It is also not too expensive which makes a nice addition to your monochrome/minifig/same pieces in different colours collection. When I see it in my local Legostore I maybe pick it up. The only thing I miss is Emmett and Unikitty dancing in front of this set while singing: Everyone is awesome, Everyone is cool when you're part of a team!
  8. Wout

    [MOC] Orang-Utan with Baby

    So they're actuallly a sort of Forestmen. Actionfigure, This is as usually an amazing work of you. I like how you put the baby on the neck of the parent.
  9. Wout

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just saw the golden figs on Brickset and they look nice. Maybe the golden turban is usefull for something else. But I would be happier with common background characters that were never or almost never made.
  10. Wout

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    A move Tom never expected.
  11. We had last year 75939 Baby Dinosaurs breakout from Jurassic World, and they're cute but triceratopses and ankylosauruses are not so useful for the common City farm or City jungle. Still I'm very happy with the news about new animals and young animals.
  12. Wout

    [L4 - Dantooine - PA] Old Friends, Once Foes

    A nice build and a nice story. Well done!
  13. Wout

    A bijou Batcave

    Very impressive. I really like the gothic parts build in the cave.
  14. Wout

    Classic Town-style Ferry, inspired by Playmobil

    A cute little ferry. I think it looks nice.