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  1. MOC Rollercoaster Tycoon Buildings

    You have excellent buildings 'Yooha'. Every morning I check this thread, to see if there is a new model. Today there wasn't. Does it mean you're not going to make new models anymore, or did you not had time to make a model today? I'm looking forward to see new MOCS you've made, and also to see them in real bricks built by other members. :)
  2. Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your welcome! There are really some Dutchman unable to speak English, but I can understand you never heard about it Castle? I'm more into City and Modular Buildings, but Castle looks nice too.
  3. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself: My name is Mark. I life in the Netherlands, in a small town called 'Ommen'. I'm 21 years old and I collect LEGO since I was a kid. I never had a dark age. I don't speak English very well, but I'll do my best. :)