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  1. Mutak, have you seen this:
  2. ToukoJapani

    42043 mercedes motorized need parts

    I recommend to watch the following videos. Among them you will find all the necessary parts and instructions. For A-model: For B-model: I have build both models with those instructions.
  3. ToukoJapani

    Lego & PayPal

    It's so wrong. Everyone should have the same options.
  4. ToukoJapani

    Lego & PayPal

    Where did you find that PayPal? I don't find it. This is only what I got:;
  5. I did just like that. I printed all I needed from the pdf to the sticker sheet and then cut them out. Works ok to me and did cost about 1 €.
  6. ToukoJapani

    New Powerfunction Switch Module

    The hole in side is also increased. It is now loose for the axle.
  7. ToukoJapani

    New Powerfunction Switch Module

    I have also two of these new switch. And I have bought them direct from The Lego Store.
  8. I did just made that earlier this week. Now it drives and turns. Last year I did also the B-model with these instructions
  9. The cheapest price in Finland is 169 €. Unfortunately, I bought it earlier and I paid it a lot more.
  10. ToukoJapani

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Yes. I made this today.
  11. ToukoJapani

    [C-MODEL] 42009 Flatbed Tow Truck

    You can buy instructions for this from here: http://www.mrtekneex...ing42009.html The price is 10 euros.
  12. ToukoJapani

    Cleaning LEGO "aggressively"

    I have used Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover, it removes also glue from plastic parts with no harm. http://www.autoglym....ive-tar-remover
  13. ToukoJapani

    What got you into collecting Lego as an Adult?

    I by myself wanted to try something new in my "old days". I had a lot of Legos back in the sixties, but in the seventies it was all over. Now I'm building Lego Technic things and I like it. Btw. I will be 60 next year.
  14. ToukoJapani

    [MOC] Scale Lowbed Trailer

    Pat: I will when it's the time for that.