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  1. hotdogonthebbq

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    There was actually a very easy to overlook statement made in the 2009 version of "The LEGO Book" which states that Minifigure Scale is 1:50 Scale. It says this about a stadium built for a Miniland in one of the LEGOLAND Parks, this stadium used normal Minifigures instead of the Brick Built Miniland Figures which is why they mentioned it. Other then that however there is no one exactly perfect universal "Minifigure Scale" to go by other than the fact that the build fits a Minifigure and has an environment that can accommodate them well based on the size of selves and furniture in a house or the controls and windows in the cockpit of a spaceship.
  2. hotdogonthebbq

    Mega Construx "Train Heist"

    I have to admit that for the longest time I would only get LEGO sets but the new MEGA Construx sets are challenging my brand loyalty pretty hard these days! I got a Free MEGA Construx Pokémon Meowth set as part of a promotion back in 2018 and I was actually impressed with the quality being up to par and possibly even a bit beyond LEGO in some ways, the problem is that MEGA Construx sets can cost twice what I'd pay for a LEGO set of the same size so it makes them a hard sell for me in that regard! I still am a LEGO loyalist but I do have to give some serious validity to MEGA Construx for what they've become now.