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  1. Sadly those dates don’t work for me, my LUGs annual show is the weekend after so I expect there will be a lot of last minute building that will need to be done during that time.
  2. Count me out as well.. those dates clashes with family commitments :(
  3. Could've sworn we missed Calanon for it, then I looked closer..............
  4. If Holodoc had put up a video of your car for voting you probably would have won too! Interesting that the people online weren't as impressed by both instances of the Nemo car as the folks actually in Billund were..
  5. elleana

    Event countdown 2018

    Oh crap missed all of day 7!!!
  6. elleana

    Billund 2018 trading post

    I have one. Its yours if you’ll share half your prize with me if you win (j/k )
  7. elleana

    Event countdown 2018

    (Probably scratching the bottom of the barrel but) the Bricklink part number is 30104, if you add the digits together you will get 8.
  8. elleana

    Event countdown 2018

    9th Eurobricks event attended by Holodoc?
  9. elleana

    Event countdown 2018

    I did not know these came in green!
  10. elleana

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Thank you - probably also makes sense to not buy at the airport on the way home so I do not have yet another bag to carry / worry about.
  11. elleana

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Interested in these - does anyone know if they are still available at retail in Billund / at the airport?
  12. Finally got down to building. I have new-found respect for the Speed Champions designers, it is fiendishly difficult to get any sort of detail at a 6-wide scale!!!
  13. elleana

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Haha is your mom joining again this year? What would she like in trade? Found 400 packed and ready to go. Got a dog but unfortunately the pricing of previous years' set is pretty high at the moment, bricklink is cheaper. Let me know if you're still interested though and I can track them down.
  14. elleana

    Billund 2018 trading post

    I can get Year of the Dog sets for about EUR10 and previous years' ones as well if there is any interest. Am interested in the Minifigure Factory (5005358) if anyone has spares at non eye-watering prices. Ahh, define larger quantity? I have some (probably a few hundred, not sure if that is sufficient). I have the flesh ones in both 1x2 and 1x4 probably in the thousands if you are interested.
  15. Does a Lego car count? I.e. a Lego non-Speed Champions car but made to Speed Champions specs.