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  1. mnpumar

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Update: my order has shipped! Expected delivery date is now this Friday !
  2. mnpumar

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    They’re cancelling the the GWP now
  3. mnpumar

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Wow! I placed my order minutes after midnight and I just got an email that it’s backordered and won’t ship until November 30th.
  4. mnpumar

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    I got my preorder in. GWP is this:
  5. mnpumar

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    When they say this will be available for preorder on November 1st, does that mean midnight? Does anyone know what time zone?
  6. Would you mind sharing the studio file with the community? It would be much appreciated. Thank you
  7. I’m not complaining, it’s a great set. This thread is about mods and improvements and I think there is a lot of potential for adding more realistic details.
  8. @M_longer used the 42030 set as the base for creating this masterpiece: It seems like something similar can be done with 42131 to create a much more realistic looking model.
  9. The blade is built separately...Perhaps we can start there
  10. I hope you will be blessing us with more of your amazing B models using the 42131 set
  11. Is anyone considering modding this set to look more realistic by getting rid of/hiding the exposed technic pieces and panels? There was an excellent looking model created by another member of this forum a few years back:
  12. Very nice! Looking forward to the video
  13. Wow! This looks great! I’m sure Ingmar would be impressed as well. Do you plan to release instructions?