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  1. mnpumar

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    Are the instructions you mentioned available anywhere?
  2. Could you please share where you found the oversize load sticker? I would really like to have one for one of my trucks
  3. WOW!! That is some incredible work! I always wanted to build it in white too but I never had the time. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have a part list or instructions? I will definitely be building that when I have the time.
  4. mnpumar

    [For Sale] Huge 5571 Collection

    This lot is still available :) Send me a PM if you're interested!
  5. I am looking to sell off my entire store inventory. I spent many hours sorting these pieces and carefully adding each one to my store. Most of my items are on the first/cheapest page of search results. The total inventory value is $1941.49, and contains 12,329 items, and weighs approx 55 pounds. Included picture shows what everything looks like. I am looking to sell everything at once, for about 50% off, for $1000 usd. Everything is organized in plastic bags and sorted by color. I will include an exported xml file with all the parts, so you can quickly import the entire inventory to your own store! I have nearly 100% positive feedback from over 50 transactions, but I no longer have time to pack and ship orders. Please PM me if you are interested. You can view the store here:
  6. mnpumar

    [For Sale] Huge 5571 Collection

    Please PM offers, thanks!
  7. mnpumar

    Huge 5571 Collection!

    Thanks, I put this for sale in another part of the forum incase anyone is interested:
  8. I have 50 positive feedback from sales on Bricklink (my username is the same as on this forum). I'm a huge fan of the 5571 set, and I've been collecting for a few years, but now I would like to sell these parts and use the money for other projects. The collection includes: 24 68.8 x 24 tires and wheels 2 bags of unopened parts 2 unused original sticker sets 2 instruction manuals 2 boxes A ton of extra parts from the 5571 set. I haven't counted each piece but from the looks of it, there's enough parts to complete 1 or 2 sets. Pictures below:
  9. mnpumar

    Hi everyone

  10. mnpumar

    Hello, Lego is back!

    Welcome to the forums
  11. mnpumar

    Hello from Australia

    Hello and welcome
  12. Excellent review! Thanks for the details and pictures
  13. mnpumar

    HMS Renown

    Great work! They look so real
  14. mnpumar

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    The level of detail here is unbelievable!
  15. Interesting contest. Looking forward to seeing the submissions