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  1. mnpumar

    Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 with crab steering

    Looking forward to it thanks!
  2. mnpumar

    Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 with crab steering

    Wow! Thank you so much for making the stickers and instructions available for purchase, I just ordered them! Do you plan on releasing larger models like the 7 or 9 axle in the future?
  3. Just want to confirm, this can be built using only the 42100 set? No extra parts?
  4. mnpumar

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    Are the instructions you mentioned available anywhere?
  5. Could you please share where you found the oversize load sticker? I would really like to have one for one of my trucks
  6. WOW!! That is some incredible work! I always wanted to build it in white too but I never had the time. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have a part list or instructions? I will definitely be building that when I have the time.
  7. mnpumar

    [For Sale] Huge 5571 Collection

    This lot is still available :) Send me a PM if you're interested!
  8. I am looking to sell off my entire store inventory. I spent many hours sorting these pieces and carefully adding each one to my store. Most of my items are on the first/cheapest page of search results. The total inventory value is $1941.49, and contains 12,329 items, and weighs approx 55 pounds. Included picture shows what everything looks like. I am looking to sell everything at once, for about 50% off, for $1000 usd. Everything is organized in plastic bags and sorted by color. I will include an exported xml file with all the parts, so you can quickly import the entire inventory to your own store! I have nearly 100% positive feedback from over 50 transactions, but I no longer have time to pack and ship orders. Please PM me if you are interested. You can view the store here:
  9. mnpumar

    [For Sale] Huge 5571 Collection

    Please PM offers, thanks!
  10. mnpumar

    Huge 5571 Collection!

    Thanks, I put this for sale in another part of the forum incase anyone is interested:
  11. I have 50 positive feedback from sales on Bricklink (my username is the same as on this forum). I'm a huge fan of the 5571 set, and I've been collecting for a few years, but now I would like to sell these parts and use the money for other projects. The collection includes: 24 68.8 x 24 tires and wheels 2 bags of unopened parts 2 unused original sticker sets 2 instruction manuals 2 boxes A ton of extra parts from the 5571 set. I haven't counted each piece but from the looks of it, there's enough parts to complete 1 or 2 sets. Pictures below:
  12. mnpumar

    Hi everyone

  13. mnpumar

    Hello, Lego is back!

    Welcome to the forums
  14. mnpumar

    Hello from Australia

    Hello and welcome