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  1. I really feel like a nitpicker but I found a teeny, tiny mistake in the instructions. On book 6, page 56, step 4 the 2x1 piece with clip should be facing the other way.
  2. All three sticker sheets (10188, 75141, 7667) are used in the interior.
  3. Freezer118

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Untill the 1st of August the Chiron will only be available at the official Lego Shops. After that the Chiron will also be sold at Lego resellers.
  4. @Raskolnikov I have a question about the build. Is the upper part of the added section at Book 2, page 148 meant to be slightly tilted? I re-checked the steps but couldn't see anything wrong. On your pictures in the first post it look like it's not tilted.
  5. Well, 28 bricklink orders later and I'm ready for building.. I thought. When you're ordering 15k+ bricks a mistake is easily made. I completely forgotten 2 lots (which are used in book 1 offcourse) and I had to re-order them so they will be delivered after the weekend. Postponing to start a build is never fun :( About the organizing part, I checked every order manually and directly separated every piece which goes into booklet 1 (thanks to the magnificent excel file from Rockpig!). I stored every order separately and when book 1 is finished I will do some sort of book 2 "order picking" at every bricklink order untill I reach book 8. This is probably 60% of the parts on the photo. Which raise the question from my side: Is there anyone who already disassembled his ISD? And did you make a big pile of lego of sorted the lego while disassembling? I can't imagine rebuilding this beast from a big, unsorted pile of lego..
  6. I've ordered al 15k pieces over the last few days and everything will be deliverd in the upcoming week! My largest build ever was about 8k pieces and I've had no idea how to organize all the pieces on the table. Does anyone has a tip on how to keep the building process organized and fluent without spending most of the time searching for the parts, building the step, and start searching again for the next step?
  7. Freezer118

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    If anyone is interested: my complete version of the Crane Truck is for sale. I had great fun building this truck but it's time to move on the a new owner. It will be sold including motors, remotes, sbricks, batteries but excluding the manual which can be sold directly from Lucio's website since it's not my intelectual property. Location: The Netherlands. PM me if your interested.
  8. Freezer118

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    I barely dare to ask it but... are you planning to make some kind of instructions when the project is finished?
  9. Freezer118

    Depreciation of Technic sets?

    I know my point of view is not the most popular, especially not on this forum. But a lot of people won't even buy LEGO in general due to the relativly high prices. I'm one of those persons but I can justify it by taking resell value in perspective. I currently own about 4000 euros worth (=cost) of Technic but the joy of building and owning the LEGO will NEVER be worth (=value) 4000 euros to ME.
  10. Freezer118

    Depreciation of Technic sets?

    Nobody specifies the number of previous owners so every set is a "second" hand set. If I would buy a second-hand 42055 for 200$ the resell value stays the same (excl. other factors like supply&demand and EOL). Thus I build and own the set for "free". But most of my sets are bought brand new because the excitement of opening a fresh box with sealed bags is worth the extra bucks.
  11. Freezer118

    Depreciation of Technic sets?

    The only reason I can justify the price for LEGO Technic sets is the resell value afterwards. I think 280 bucks is way too much for the joy I get from building a set like 42055. But the reason I buy most of the Technic sets is because I know I can resell it for lets say 75% of the original price. In this case, 70 bucks is worth the joy. But once more, this is MY reason I buy them.
  12. The RRP price is 850 euros at the legoshop in the Netherlands. I know most Lego sets will be available at different shops (amazon, toy stores) but will this also be the case with the MF? Or will it be an Legoshop exclusive like the Saturn V? The real question is offcourse: Can I expect a price drop in a couple months at the Lego resellers?
  13. Freezer118

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    This is correct.
  14. Freezer118

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    If I split the total costs it would be: Bricks: 900 euro PF: 600 euro Sbricks: 120 euro Hoses: 40 euro S&H: 80 euro Which brings it to a total of 1740 euro. Yes, it's a lot of money but I hope it has some resell value because I can sell it 100% complete without having to remove any components belonging to other sets.
  15. Freezer118

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    The final result!