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  1. Carl86

    General Part Discussion

    saw that as well and directly got one for me and my son haha
  2. I have got a few for my great ball contraptions and its a nice and easy addition. I like they use the original lego power functions connector which makes it very compatible with all my other lego. I also have put it in my sons lego train, less stress xd
  3. Carl86

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Cant wiat for the movie to come out !! :)
  4. Carl86

    [GBC] Roulette

    Only available at and the uv ledstrip: But I got the glow pack which gives a bit discount
  5. Hi @msk6003, These instructions look amazing. Thanks. had so much fun building it. What kind of program do you use for creating the building steps? Keep on building these awesome mocs! Cheers, Carl
  6. I actually meant when I want to apply watermarks automatically it doesn't let me do that. My tool says it requires pdf version 1.5. Are there different ways to export a pdf in blueprint? Hopefully @msx80 finds time to answer. I would really appreciate it:)
  7. Hey @msx80, Quick question. I want to merge the exported pdf from blueprint with another pdf file (not from blueprint). The tool I use (and I treid a couple already) wouldn't let me do this. (unfortunately it doesn't give me a reason why) So I'm in investigation. Do you know in which version the pdf is exported, e.g version 1.5? and are there any layers active on the exported pdf? Are there also other pdf specifications that you know of that Blueprint uses? Looking forward to you reply. Cheers, Carl
  8. You are correct, zooming out again to the full 100% solved the problem. I wasn't aware of this. Thanks!
  9. Today I noticed something weird with blueprint. When I export the building instructions to pdf (v26) the quality of the images is much worst then in previous versions. (not sure which version exactly). I checked with a building instruction I made a year ago and the images are much sharper. I used the same settings etc. @msx80 Is this possible? Did something happen in the export feature? Or what can I do? Cheers, Carl
  10. I always use multiple steps per page which I think is much better. Some models are really really big (4000 parts) and it will make the pdf file really huge if it was just a single step. Makes it also hard to transfer to others (larger file size). And I think it's a waste of space if you have a full page empty with just a small assembly showing on it. Also sometimes I print the instructions when I know it's the final version. No idea how hard it is in the code side but for me it would be a no go to remove this option and I really like it. Please don't.
  11. Haha @msx80, lol, perhaps a little too enthusiastic excited. I'm a beginning programmer and really fascinated by your ingenious program. Anyhow the new update works great! Thank you! Cheers, Carl
  12. @msx80, Would it be possible for you to upgrade the BOM issue this weekend? No pressure but then I can release the instructions directly fully finished and don’t have to upgrade them later. Or do you have a date estimated? Also another side note. The text color of the length indicators in official lego instructions is light blue. In blueprint its black. Would it be easy for you to change it to that color? Or is there a code with color information we can put in the .ini file? Btw, really like the square black box you put around the numbers though. Great work! Again no pressure;) And have a great weekend! Cheers, Carl
  13. Hi @msx80, This is truly amazing and looks so good. Thank you so much! I have only noticed that in the part list in the end the axle/beam numbers are not included. Not a big deal but would be nice if they were included. Also the text and arrow functions are great and really usefull now. Only one problem I noticed before is that when you click "(re)generate from steps" button (or update you model ldd file and than click the regenerate button) that all the allignment settings,, postion, text, arrows etc I made are deleted. I regenerate because sometimes I make a mistake in the ldd and have to update the ldd file. I can imagine that this is hard to solve as you completely regenerate all pages. Or would it be possible to attach and save the settings to certain steps? This request is not priority but would be really nice and usefull to have in the future. Again thank you for your fast service! Cheers, Carl