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About Me

My Heroica Character and Stats


Tarn Valco (Rumble Strike) - Retired from Heroica, went to Dastan with his beloved Ella.

22 year old human male Raider

Heroica Stats

Helbaerend is a triple elemental battle axe, embued with Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice) and Topaz (Lightning), making it doubly effective against:

Fiery Monsters

Rock Monsters




Flying Monsters

Mechanic Monsters

and totally ineffective against:

Icy Monsters

Electric Monsters

(NB:- The Aquamarine weakness against Aquatic Monsters is negated by the Topaz being doubly effective against them, allowing normal damage)

The hollow blade allows a liquid item (such as a Potion or Mead) to be stored in the blade, and used in combat without the penalty of taking a turn that normal consumables have. Only one item can be stored at a time. The Hollow Blade must be reloaded out of combat, or it takes a turn to reload it in battle.

Tarn hails from a small village in the Titaan mountains. Orphaned as a child when the village was attacked, he was raised in a monastary by clerics of Valco, and now seeks to use the teachings of his wise master Rystael by being part of the famed organization of Heroica.

About Me:

I got back into Lego in late 2010 due to the wonderful Collectable Minifigs, and since then have bought a lot of Lego. Most themes usually catch my eye, and I am a sucker for cheap Lego. However I haven't been opening the boxes and building the sets faster than I buy them, which means as at the start of 2013 I have a backlog of unopened sets numbering over 50, from smaller ones like the Cars 2 individual car sets to massive sets like Helm's Deep. For 2013 I am determined to get rid of this backlog by buying a lot less Lego and opening and building more. I have built a lot of MOCs recently for the Heroica RPG, and would like to branch out into more modern things as that is very much a fantasy/medieval setting. I want to build helicopters and monster trucks! Although somewhat contradictory to this is my love of the Lord of the Rings sets!

I have also created a sig-fig called Rhian Summerfield for the theme months on Eurobricks, so far she has been a superhero, a star explorer and a horrific creature:


Current Backlog: 24 sets (coming down!)

Last Opened: Legends of Chima - Eris' Eagle Interceptor. As usual, 3 incredible minifigs, so detailed! And I absolutely adore the Interceptor. Some of the construction of the Chima vehicles leaves them looking a bit 'gappy' but this one looks really solid. It also reminds me a bit of the vehicles in Battle of the Planets which is a bonus!


When I first joined the site I wanted to hone my photography and review writing skills and the Reviewer's Academy certainly helped me to do that. I had 6 reviews graded to the appropriate standard, attaining the silver badge. I know it's only 3 more to the gold badge but the standard of reviewing and number of photos needed really shoots up, and I lost momentum once I started the Heroica RPG.

Reviewers Academy Approved Reviews (up to the Silver standard):

7188 Kingdoms King's Carriage Ambush

8092 Star Wars Luke's Landspeeder

6240 Pirates Kraken Attackin'

7948 Kingdoms Outpost Attack

3179 City Repair Truck

7949 Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue

Earlier Review:

My first new set review on Eurobricks - Pirates of the Caribbean set 4183 The Mill


I have a Flickr photostream as a place to put my Lego photography, including review pictures, Heroica MOCs or even scenery pics with Lego minifigs. When I am out and about with a camera I do like to try and take some pictures of Lego figs "in the wild", such as this one of an Uruk Hai on Timanfaya volcano:


You can find all my Lego photos in my Flickr Photostream.

EB Games - Heroica RPG:


As you can tell from the profile above, I have been an active participant in Sandy's Heroica RPG, creating a Barbarian-class character called Tarn Valco. It inspired me to make my first Lego creation in probably 25 years to show Tarn's introduction. I also used the scene of Tarn's village being attacked as my entry in the Heroica second anniversary building contest.

Tarn's first quest was Quest#5 "Cave Sounds", hosted by Sisco/cralegoboy. Tarn was chosen as party leader and successfully lead the party against Crozen Porthiar and her burial chamber friends.

Tarn's second quest was Quest#11 "A Matter of Principle", hosted by Waterbrick Down, where the party helped track down a missing boy and prevented possible armageddon.

Tarn's third quest was Quest#20: Missing Minerals!, hosted by UsernameMDM, leading a party into the Silverpick mine to find out what happened to the missing minerals. We found a strange Gobbler creature, killed it, and went back for a big reward. Heroes, eh!

Tarn's fourth Quest saw him teaming up with some well-known heroes as they became Ambassadors To Dastan in Quest#30, hosted by Zepher. This was an epic Quest lasting 4 months that tested Tarn's ability and character. Responsible for the unfortunate death of an innocent based on compelling evidence at the time, Tarn left Dastan a wiser but more sombre man.

Tarn's fifth Quest saw him attempt to defeat the 108 Stars of Destiny in Quest#50, hosted by the creator of the Heroica RPG, Sandy. Sadly this continuous battle proved too great, and Tarn and his companions failed about two-thirds of the way through the mysterious pagoda.

Tarn's sixth Quest saw him exploring a strange and lethal remote island populated by fearsome dinosaurs giant lizards in Quest#67: Nova Tertia.

Tarn's seventh Quest saw him face off against the remaining 108 Stars of Destiny in Quest#75: Falling Stars. He redeemed his earlier failure leading the team which saved Jun Ji Pei and defeated the Constellation, the inner circle of the rebels.

Tarn's eighth Quest sees him link up again with Princess Ella Septrine of Dastan as he helps her search for a lost book of fairytales in Quest#92: The Prophetess and the Warrior. The Quest was successful, and he realised he wanted to spend his life with the princess, so went back with her to Dastan, retiring from Heroica.

I also was lucky enough to be accepted as a Quest Master and hosted Quest#13: The Darkstar, in which an intrepid group of heroes were fooled by their mysterious yet ultimately duplicitous guide into releasing a long-dead scourge back onto Olegaia, failing the Quest but setting it up for a sequel down the line. I had a lot of fun making the sets and it has been a good learning curve for me in terms of creating MOCs, something I have very little experience of as an adult.

I also hosted Quest#32: The Lost Children, in which a rookie group of heroes took on the enigmatic Maginastra and his eerie Guardians to rescue some missing children.

Quest#52: Tower of Doom began just over a year after my first Quest, with the heroes of Heroica once again pitting their wits against the Dark General Haroka and the evil Sorona. They killed everyone and saved the city of Miranda. Good job heroes!

Cruel Angel's Thesis ~ Downfall of Heroes

I also took part in Sandy's Heroica/Mafia/bloodbath gaming mashup celebrating the second anniversary of the Heroica RPG:

catava-skirmisher.jpgSir Rubinstein (Rumble Strike)

- 47 years old male human Skirmisher
- As a Lion Knight, you considered yourself a hero by default even before you joined Heroica. You feel it is your duty to protect others, but they sure as heck should show some gratitude for it every once in a while. It is absurd to you that they haven’t made a Veteran out of you yet, despite your major contributions to the organization.
- Uses: spears, swords, shields
: 34
: 34/34
: 1
: 10
(Tool: restores full health and ether and removes negative effects whenever used.),
(Consumable: causes poison to the target, depleting it’s health by 1 per every phase when used.)
Phalanx Attack
: Cause damage equal to WP + SP.
: Protect yourself or someone else from damage for the duration of the current phase. Usable only with a shield equipped
: Temporarily double own or someone else’s WP for the duration of the next phase.
: Temporarily double own or someone else’s SP for the duration of the next phase. If the target has none, it will gain 1 SP.
Use Item
: Use a consumable item or tool from your inventory.

Your allegiance is with Heroica, so you and the other loyal heroes need to find and kill all Nephilim hiding amongst your organization in order to win.

Sir Rubinstein survived as the heroes of Heroica found all the evil Nephilim lurking in their midst.

EB Games - Mafia:

Last game:


After a break of years and years, I won as vanilla loyal pirate Harper "Sea Salt" Lawson aboard the Black Seas Barracuda in Pirates Mafia IV, hosted by Bob.

Previous games:


I won as vanilla Innocent Alice aboard the cruise ship The Pearl, hosted by Bob.



I won as loyal vanilla Yakuza family member Akio in badboytje88's Yakuza Family Mafia.


I was shot by the Joker on Day Three as heroic Undercover Agent Deadshot in ADHO15 and The Penguin's Gotham City Mafia. The Criminals eventually found all of the Undercover Agents despite our best efforts and evil reigned. Booo!

I also played as Townie bouncer Ram Strut in def's The Coming Darkness Mafstery Game, and it didn't end well for the Townies after the darkness came! In the conclusion all the Townies died, including Ram, as the Dark Ones rose up once again.


I had a great time playing in Hinckley's Fabuland Housewives Mafia School, in which I played Gregor Goat, who died of a broken heart on Day Three as the loyal Town Doctor. I did pass the Mafia School and am able to play in more advanced games, if picked.

EB Games - Mystery Games:

I participated in Bob's "Surburbia" Mystery game as Mr Winston Robertson, an elderly art collector.

On 12/17/2011 at 1:54 AM, Bob said:



Winston Robertson, played by Rumble Strike

Rumble Strike answered everything correctly, except for the accomplice.

Congratulations to Rumble Strike for winning the game!

I correctly guessed two of the three answers and won the game. Yay!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! You have far too much time on your hands! :tongue: