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  1. Victor Imaginator

    I need to sell my LEGO

    @MAB already sold one of the sets, but only one(
  2. Victor Imaginator

    I need to sell my LEGO

    @jodawillnot ok, to be fair. my life become a mess with COVID and turned into disaster with UA/RUS situation
  3. Victor Imaginator


    lovely. my favorite anime)
  4. Victor Imaginator

    I need to sell my LEGO

    So, it's really dark time in my life. Probably the darkest in my whole life. I love LEGO, but I need to sell it. There's ~50 sets. Technic and Creator from 2013 to 2016 years. I am for Russia, so I am not sure if I can send it to another country now. I just don't know. Please help me There's ~30 not unique missing details Cheers to all who are remember me on this forum. I am not over, it's just temporary struggle. More MOC's will come later
  5. Wow! Beautiful small model with a lot of functions. Why TLG doesn't make such jewels?
  6. Fun to see how it's built using 4 hands. Also i like part with cucumber)
  7. Photos are much more detailed than what i've seen before. Thanks for sharing) Looks like some weird fractal, but it's not
  8. Not the best idea, but this will fit in given size somehow) P.s. No, it will not fit, but it's more technically correct as i think. I just need find better solution.
  9. Making similar looking (or at least similar sized) W16 driven by single crankshaft will be good improvement. Even replacing W16 with simple V8 looks more technically correct for me. At least for technic set... Triple crankshaft... Unbelievable!
  10. Followed wip topic for all time of tinkering. And result is incredibly awesome. While i'm not a fan of 3rd party parts and silicone sprays - there's so much brilliant 100% LEGO solutions inside. IMHO it's best remote controlled toy to play made from LEGO.
  11. Victor Imaginator

    [WIP] The Medium Big

    Sturdy enough for manual model. Adding 2 beams for bracing will make whole construction suitable for motorized crawler.
  12. Looks very close to original. Impressive model in every aspect i can see)
  13. Victor Imaginator

    [WIP] The Medium Big

    Thanks) I don't like front wheel arch too, trying to make it better. Axles are sturdy enough for manual model of this size. But i sacrificed ability to handle serious torque to keep axles compact.
  14. Victor Imaginator

    [WIP] The Medium Big

    Update. As anyone suggested, i make front as short as possible, keeping front lights. Also, as @Jeroen Ottens noticed - there wasn't enough space for front suspension to work) So, added 0,5 studs more. Suspension at work. There's same 5x7 frame under middle axle on the other side. And belly shot. You can see weird rear axles without 5x7 frames used. Reason - using 6.5L axles with stop, so wheels can't pop out from differential with axle. If you pull wheels, you got wheels)
  15. After building "The Little Big" some time ago i was obsessed with idea of building same truck with trailer in larger scale. And i built some chassis. Still not sure about end result) Rear tandem axles suspension is similar with LEGO Arocs, only difference - it's more compact. One stud shorter distance between axles, 15 studs total width including dual wheels. Front suspension is 3-link live axle, very close to my "Charged Offroader" front suspension. For keeping front axle width same as rear i used weird 12 pins distance between steering pivots. Steering pivot located inside the wheel, almost best possible choice. 99% proper Ackerman geometry included) But i have some problems with bodywork. Front bumper with stairs take a lot of space. And whole front looks very long for me. It looks out of proportions. What i should do? Remake front bumper to make whole construction much shorter? Or move front axle 6-7 studs to front and move engine from that tiny black cover to front of the truck? Will be nice to hear some suggestions) Thanks for reading anyway.