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  1. Awesome WIP. I will follow this topic with great interest)
  2. Street Buggy (MOC)

    Tiny, simple, pure fun to build i guess)
  3. Nice tinkering) I definitely should use it for my truck, that i building now.
  4. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Mack looks incredibly cool, but for me it also looks not best investment. While rally car looks awesome and i really like what parts included. Rally car feels like new 42039 in terms of ability to mod and rebuid as c-models.
  5. Great MOC. I like simplicity of the chassis. How much rebuilds was before coming to perfection?)
  6. [WIP] Unimog U 4023

    Sad, but i'll finally abandon this model( Being obsessed with my another hobby - making music, i didn't touch my LEGO for almost a year. Today i decide that i want some LEGO back in my life, put all on my table... And i don't know what to do with my unfinished U4023 now. I can share LXF or make any photos if somebody need it, but i want to make something different now. Don't have any thoughts how to finish this model - i just lose initial idea( It's not bad at all, i'm back.
  7. New car again? Another build, worth making wallpaper from photo) I like how spoiler is fixed with these weird suspension links. Agreed - overall shape looks a little bit boxy comparing to original car.
  8. Lola T70 MOC

    Great car. Looks very close to original. I like engine details) There's really weird windscreen on the original car) This model represent it well as i think.
  9. Incredible model. That flowing lines. Can't stop watching) Will be nice to see suspension and internals in details. I faced same problem with fitting too much things in too low car, and it's interesting to look at another approach.
  10. [MOC] Ugliest MOC ever

    @Ad_Astra Looks like buggy or quad. And I've seen really ugly buggies and quads. Your MOC looks nice, as i think. Agressive, with nice curves, proportional. So, i will wait for updates) @Paknaloid This makes my day)))
  11. @I_Igor My U4023 stay unfinished for few months. Can't find time for some serious LEGO. I hope that i will find time that i need to finish at least Unimog in this year)
  12. Other uses for pull back motors

    Pullback may be useful for suspension, as replacement for springs.
  13. Nice to see your Unimog finished. Realistic, cute and cool)
  14. PoC compact sequential shifter

    Incredibly small useful thing) Thanks for sharing.
  15. [MOC] Yellow Truck

    Awesome truck with awesome suspension. I like it alot) But it's not so innovative for me, i already developed almost the same double trapezoid some time ago. But it's really good suspension, works just as cool as it looks)