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  1. Juize75

    Factory Train 10183 Instructions

    Hello! You can find those here:
  2. 10: 10 2: 6 9: 4 11: 3 15: 2 22: 1 Hard to rank all these great ideas. Good Luck
  3. Done. Same as Jay said. Works fine
  4. Juize75

    (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    Same here, unfortunately I'dont have even one of them.
  5. 4:10 1:6 27:4 6:3 25:2 36:1 Very hard to judge. So many wonderful creations.
  6. Just finished build of Effermans great MOC (mod). I can agree with Miha, great design and very interesting building experience. This was my first build from LDD file. For me, it was quite slow but very educational build. Thanks again to Efferman for your great desing and sharing LDD for us.
  7. Thanks for an excellent review Blackbird, It was very nice to read this. Picked up mine today, nice prize in Finland 185,90 € in verkkokauppa.com (https://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/10777/hbkjv/LEGO-Technic-42055-Pyorokauhakaivinkone), that makes less than 0,05 €/peace. Got the 42053 at same time and have bought 42054 just on its release date. For finish Afols, there's alot of tecnic sets in good prizes in verkkokauppa.com and they have most of the products in storage.
  8. Thanks for great review Jim. I finished my build of this about week before review released but it was still very nice to read it and see your viewpoint on it. Great set, still love design and tyres.
  9. Would be nice if we had same prices in Finland too....
  10. Got mine from Toys'r us today. Typical price in Finland 179 €. Tires looks and feels just fantastic...
  11. Congratulation!! Made back for this project just few minutes ago. Waiting for Christmas to get two of them
  12. Juize75

    [MOC] Custom Forklift Mk II

    Finished my build of this moc today. Have to say, great design and very good instructions. Forklift it self works fine and has good lifting power and good turning rate. Thx Kevin.
  13. For me it was Volvo 42030. I had quite long dark ages, ca 28 years. I had some technic sets as I was kid. Last sets were 8660 and 8851. These were bought ca. 1986 or 1987, can't be sure :) Last christmas I was visiting in local toy store to buy a lego set for my nephew and in same time I saw this Volvo. Didn't buy it at once but after couple of days I went back and bought it. It was very fun to build lego after long time :) After that I have got more sets like 9398, 9397, 42009, 42000, 42039 and allmost like the 40 th. birthday present the 42043. I like PF elements a lot, that's something we were dreaming as a kid with my little brother.